The Real Truth Behind These 14 Overpriced Lingerie Ever

Fashion! We can't even wonder how many bucks a women can spend over her apparels. Women’s fashion and lifestyle are the ones t...

7 years ago
 The Real Truth Behind These 14 Overpriced Lingerie Ever

Fashion! We can't even wonder how many bucks a women can spend over her apparels. Women’s fashion and lifestyle are the ones that cost a huge hard cash. Talking about the simple two piece lingerie wears, have you ever wondered of buying a lingerie worth of $30 million. Well, as it turns out not only women party wears or ethnic wears hikes with the fashion but innerwear could worth this much dollar too.  Moreover, there also exists men’s expensively pair of underwear’s too.

List of Most Expensive Lingerie Wears That Really Exist

Sports Bra -$1850

BodyRock Sport united with the popular designer Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer to make the lingerie wear of worth $1850. It’s a three pieces in one with a chain detached to make a necklace and a beautiful bracelet.

The Silk Kimono Robe - $2,398

The Silk Kimono Robe designed by Carine Gilson costs for $2,398.

Back Lace Push-up Bra - $3,050

A custom made black lace push- up bra is supposedly worn by Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich costs around $3,050. The matching thong and the push-up bra were auctioned by Nate D Sanders in 2014. The gold star sticker is the highlight in the “Certificate of Authencity” that has been claimed by the Universal Studios.

Lingerie Worn by the Late Anna Nicole Smith - $2800

In 2008, the Late Anna Nicole Smith BF Larry Birkhed paid $2800 at an auction to buy a set of lingerie worn by her girlfriend.

Roxelana Girdle Crystal Dress - $4,700

Roxelana Girdle Crystal Dress worth $4700 was created by Bordelle in 2013. She created several master pieces for Christmas capsule collection for U.K department store Selfridges and this dress was one of the fabulous outfits designed for the department.

Red La Perla Lingerie Set - $7950

Kylie Minoge wore red lingerie set for her calendar in 2012. An anonymous bidder bought this lingerie in $7950.

Monica Lewinsky Black Negliee - $12000

A floor length black colored negligee once belong to Monica Lewinsky was bought by a bidder for $12000. 33 piece part collection of memorabilia was submitted as an evidence during the Lewinsky scandal.

Chastity Belt - $2000

Gold, pearl and a diamond chastity belt was once designed for a private client in the year 2000 by jeweler Uwe Koetter. 

Yellow Gold lingerie – $26000

In the year 2007, this bright yellow colored lingerie was on display for than 3 weeks and took around 5 months to give a finished look. Shockingly, the piece was not sold coz that lingerie was not worn by any of the popular celebrity. Really!!!

The Sheer lace dress, Bra and Briefs Worn by Kate Middleton - $125000

Bra and briefs worn by the sexiest princess Kate Middleton were sold at an auction for over $125000 in a St. Andrews University Fashion show. This auction was even attended by Prince William. 

Diamond Bustier Worn By Malaika Arora - $1 million

Malaika Arora wore a designer ORRA diamond bustier styled by Anamika Khanna in 2010 worth $1million. Can you even imagine???

Diamond encrusted bra worth $12.5 million

Victoria secret has created a bulk number of bras worth more than $2million, but this bra is the most expensive as $12.5 million in their collection worn by Heidi Klum in 2001 Victoria’s secret fashion show. 

Most expensive Lingerie Set ever by Victoria - $15 million

Although the above bra worn by Heidi Klum cost around $12.5 million, this lingerie set by Victoria is the most expensive that holds a record of price $15million. The lingerie set was showcased in the Victoria’s secret fashion show.

A Diamond Bikini Designed by Susan Rosen - $30million

Can you ever imagine a lingerie wear of worth $30 million!!! In 2012, a diamond bikini was styled by Susan Rosen was showcased by model Molly Sims costs around $30 million. This bikini has also entered in the list of Guinness World Records.


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