Know Easy Makeup Tips that You Never knew About

Enhance your beauty with ama...

7 years ago
Know Easy Makeup Tips that You Never knew About

Enhance your beauty with amazing makeup partner ‘Maquillage’. It is an ideal supporter to enhance your beauty and makeup. Everything that you prefer, either it is liquid foundation or a Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick, everybody has to know about a correct manner to apply it and then you are all set to go out.

We are showing here 7 easy makeup tips that will help you out.

Under Eye

Now a day’s eye makeup is very difficult makeup to apply. But with the help of proper and easy methods you can get rid of this problem. You should apply foundation and cream very carefully. So that there should be no line left between your foundation and obscured, both should mix up correctly.

Foundation Methods

Foundation is used for skin tone, but we should not apply it on the face on a daily basis. It should be applied only when you need it. For using foundation take a brush for the application and start from the nose and then move downwards. This method will help you avoid stiff foundation lines.


Blush is used to bring a shine and glow to your face. Without blush your whole makeup seems unfinished. So use it carefully.

Making Lipstick Color last longer

First apply lip balm for at least 10 minutes before on your lips. After sometime use a cotton swab wipe your lips, then using a liner, outline up your lips. After that you can use your favorite lipstick color on your lips.

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