Know What the Length of Your Ring Finger Reveals About Your Personality

Did you know that your ring finger reveals a lot about your personality? Well, it does! Research shows that the ring finger’s length depends on testosterone levels.

7 years ago
Know What the Length of Your Ring Finger Reveals About Your Personality

We inherit most of the features of our looks and appearance through genetics from our ancestors, and certain traits and bodily features reveal interesting and unique aspects of our personality, according to science. 

The studies suggest that the length of the ring finger depends on the levels of testosterone (the male hormone) to which you’re exposed to in the womb and can directly impact the development of your personality.  

Let us look at how the length of the ring finger affects the personality and find out more about yourself.

Source = Guff

A. When Ring Finger is Longer Than Index Finger

A person who has a ring finger longer than the index finger suggests that he/she is very confident about his/her decision. They are attractive and charming and are often flirted with. They are great communicators and risk-takers. 

When something doesn’t happen as per their wish, they do not feel disheartened and thus succeed in life. They are high achievers and set big targets for life. Some may call them too aggressive, but they’re not so. They excel in math, puzzles & endurance activities and are less likely to be faithful to their partner.

The ideal professions for these people would be CEO, soldier, or salesperson.

B. When the Index Finger Longer Than Ring Finger

People having longer index finger than ring finger are very ambitious. They are considered to be cool-minded, quite confident, self-sufficient, resourceful, and super-efficient towards their targets. 

They are naturally good leaders and are calm and even-tempered. They’re not initiators and do not take the first step when it comes to launching a new business or starting a relationship. And when they do, they choose to be in-charge and stick with it. They are analytical, not spontaneous, and always think about the possible outcome before decision making. 

The ideal professions for these people would be a self-help book author, politician, or teacher. 

C. When the Length of the Index and Ring finger is the Same 

People having the same-sized ring finger and index finger indicates that they are balanced and think twice before they speak. They make other people comfortable and appreciated and don’t let others down. They are peaceful, caring, warm, compassionate, and down-to-earth. 

People often share their deepest secrets with them, even if they do not know them well enough. They tend to be serial monogamists, have an excellent memory, are at a higher risk of getting anxiety & depression, and are more likely to be married. 

They are gentle souls and try to avoid any conflict situations and risks. The uncertainty makes them comfortable. 

They make good friends and are always ready to help others. They are loyal and faithful as a friend, colleague, and partner. They are optimistic and look for something good in every situation.   

The ideal professions for these people would be a social worker, nurse, or therapist. 

Concluding Thoughts

So this is how the length of your ring finger can define you and speak volumes about your personality and also hint about the ideal job for you.  

Now tell us- does that ring a bell? 


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