9 Best Ways to Tell Your Bestfriend You Love Him/Her

No wonder, Friendships are crazy, especially between men and women. Right? But it get even more complicated when one of them falls in love and try to express it. Well, not to worry this article has covered 9 different and unique ways to say your best friend about your feeling.

6 years ago
9 Best Ways to Tell Your Bestfriend You Love Him/Her

You might be heard that friendship, the best friendship often ends with love. Being in a relationship with your best friend can be the most beautiful thing in the world.

Have you ever feel different or special about him/her? Are those little butterflies of romantic love and friendship is making you blush? Is their presence is sufficient for you to enhance the aura of your surroundings? Do you miss him/her when they are not around you?

Well, keep your finger cross and take a deep breath because that is LOVE, the most powerful emotion a person can experience, a feeling you get only when you meet the right person. But, what if he/she is your best friend?

If you have been best friends with him/her for a while, you might start to feel those special feelings and something different when you are around them. But, telling a best friend about your feeling can be a daunting and scary experience as it’s possible that he/she doesn’t feel the same way. But, hiding your feelings not going to work instead it is best to express it.

However, how you are going to tell him/her will make a big difference. There are plenty of ways to express your feelings without disrespecting your friend or making him/her uncomfortable, let’s find out here...

1) Be Honest

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Honesty and loyalty are something that come along with love. Always be honest with a person you love. Obviously, you both are good friends and you often share things with each other, don’t let it change instead try to enhance it with full honesty. Remember secrets and lies are the two things that can destroy your relationship. Love is not about how expensive gift you give to each other or how creative you are, it's about how genuine and honest you sound to him/her.

2) Send Him/Her Love Quotes

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Send him/her a quote, hold on not friendship quotes obviously! Send him/her love quotes may be from his favorite author or favorite book. Remember saying directly that I Love You is too old fashion or mainstream right? Instead, play with words and images, send him/her quotes that show that you are thinking about them, let them feel special.

3) Action Speaks Louder Than Words

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Action speaks louder than words, probably the oldest mantra but remember old is gold. You both are really good friends and care for each other. But now what? If you want to take this relationship to next level then, you must have to enter in love zone. Showing love is the purest form of saying I Love You.

Do something you have never done before to make him/her special. That probably amaze them, because they know your limits so, just surprise them with your action. It will probably raise curiosity to them, maybe some good one!

4) Watch Their Favorite Movie

So, you don’t like watching action movies or horror movies or any sports but maybe your best friend really enjoys watching these types of series or movies. Well, whether you like it or not, make a plan with him/her. It will sound kiddish but it will work pretty well. Just imagine a bowl of popcorn with some drinks and only two of you are enjoying his/her favorite stuff. What else you need?

5) Some Social Media Love What say?

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People often share their life and events on social media. Why not try this? Upload the cute selfie you two clicked followed by a cute caption to it. Or as we know these days people are really crazy about meme things, tag him/her in some cute and lovable meme. They might not say it, but they will love it!

6) Do Something Unexpected

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You both are best friends, you know each other really well, even your routines, habits and what you can do and what you can’t. Right? In this case, do something unexpected stuff can melt their heart. Something unexpected requires thought and extra efforts, it is a great way to show how much you love them. Or you might be told them in your friendship time about some surprise or thing which you want to do only for your partner. Why not go for it?  Maybe it will click something, well you never know.

7) Listen to His/Her Heart

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Try to listen to his/her heart, maybe they don’t say anything to you just listen to their heart. Try to find out what they want and how they feel for you. This will help you to express your love in a better way.

8) Prepare What you are Going to Say

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Prior to express your feeling it’s better to go in prepared with what you want to tell him/her. Like it will help you to reduce your nervousness. But, don’t go with some exact lines; just try to find how will you say and what will you say. This thing will help you in actual event spot.

9) So Are you Ready to Tell Him/Her?

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Don’t plan a date yet instead keep it simple. Take them to some peaceful place where you can talk without any disturbance or maybe their favorite place.When you tell your best friend you love him/her, try to make him/her calm and comfortable first. Start with some casual conversion (maybe related to love life or something like that), you can go with healthy flirting either and wait for the correct opportunity, take a deep breath and just say it and calmly accept the outcome.

Combination of love and friendship is the best combo you can ever get, pamper it with full emotions and try out these tips to express your feelings to your best friend. Good Luck!


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