6 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Could Become Your Friend in Awkward Situations

You have brought a pair of shoes, and they are not comfortable to wear. Now what? Would you throw them away or would find a solution to make them comfortable?

7 years ago
6 Amazing Shoe Hacks That Could Become Your Friend in Awkward Situations

After smartphones, shoes are the next thing that you use the most. You have ordered shoes online or brought your favorite shoes from the store; unfortunately, you found that you couldn’t walk a few steps comfortably wearing them. 

What would you do? Would you return your favorite shoes or give them to the cobbler to repair it? You look for travel hacks and food hacks, but have you searched for shoe hacks? No? You would be amazed to know that several shoe hacks work in awkward situations. 

So here are a few magical hacks that you could try with your shoes.

1. Prevent Shoe Crease by Ironing it

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Grab a wet cloth and put it on the creased shoes. Rub the steam iron over it. You won’t believe that your shoes are crease-free. Preventing shoe crease is better than fixing it. Next time you see creases in your shoe, try this hack and see the difference.

2. Prevent Blisters by Using Deodorant

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Blisters suck! Once you get blisters on your feet, you do everything to get rid of it. But what would you do when you have to attend a dance party that can’t be missed? Would you wear slippers and go to the party? Of course not. 

You might not know, but rubbing deodorant could help you out. Rub the deodorant on your feet. This would provide a smooth surface for the shoes so that they could glide across smoothly. 

3. When Your Shoes Stink

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Shoes stinking is the most common complaint. Who would walk around all day with the stinky shoes? Keep your shoes in the sun. This would prevent bacterial growth; plus, it would dry the moisture. 

Alternatively, you could also use lemon peel to remove the awful smell from the shoes. Put lemon peel in your shoes overnight. This would provide fragrance to smelly shoes. If you have tea bags at home, then you could also keep them inside your shoes for 2-4 hours.

4. Make Your Shoe Waterproof

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You are leaving for a walk, and it’s pouring. Would you ruin your favorite shoes? No! If this happens, you can convert your sports shoes into a waterproof shoe. Rub a candle on your shoes. This would coat a thin layer of wax on shoes. Now blowdry them from front to back to create waterproof shoes. 

Try this amazing shoe hack when it rains. You could also use waterproofing spray that is available in the market. Spray on the upper part of the shoe and wipe off the excess spray with a towel. Let it dry overnight. 

5. Loosen up the Tip of Your Shoe

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Unfortunately, you have ordered a shoe that is smaller than your foot size. Before returning them, try this trick. Fill two airtight bags or zip locks with water and place them inside your shoes. Keep the shoes in the freezer overnight. Take your shoes out and remove the airtight bags. You could now wear shoes comfortably. What happens is water expands when it turns into ice, and the shoe tips become wider than before. 

Would you be okay keeping your shoes in the freezer? I won’t do this. But you could try if you do not want to return them. 

6. Dry Your Wet Shoes

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Walking in wet shoes is not comfortable. So, when you have to leave for a walk, and your shoes are wet, try this hack. Put your shoes in the sunlight and keep a few sheets of paper into it. The paper will soak the water and would make shoes dry in a couple of hours. 

Final Words

Apart from shoe hacks, these simple life hacks could add comfort to your life. Follow these hacks and wear them without any complaint. 

Have you ever followed these shoe hacks? Did they work for you - Yes or No? Do you know other shoe hacks that could make everyone’s life easier? If so, then drop your comments!


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