10 Worst Cities To Live In Around The World

The terrorism threats and socio-political disorder impact a city’s education, stability, culture and environment, healthcare and infrastructure. Here are 10 cities with worst living conditions.

6 years ago
10 Worst Cities To Live In Around The World

All across the globe, it’s becoming tougher to dwell in many cities because of the ever-growing terrorism threats and socio-political disorder. Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other Islamist militant organizations are continually impacting the peace, stability and livability of the cities with their aggravated terrorist attacks.

Considering various factors, the Economic Intelligence Unit released a ranking of 140 world’s most and least liveable cities. These cities were rated and ranked on a scale of 100 based on stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure facilities.

While cities of Australia, Europe and New Zealand rule the top 10 most liveable cities with Melbourne at top, the cities of Africa, Asia and Middle East fall among the worst cities with Ukraine’s Kiev at the extreme bottom position.

This survey includes selected cities or business centres where people might want to live in or visit. It doesn’t include cities like Kabul in Afghanistan or Baghdad in Iraq, but does rate or rank Damascus and Tripoli that are unlikely to lure tourists but were considered somewhat stable some years back.

Browse through this list of world’s worst cities to live in 2017.

1. Damascus, Syria (Rating: 30.2)

Source = Aljazeera

Syria’s capital city Damascus has witnessed the second biggest fall in liveability and significant drop of 16.1 points. Despite the stabilisation in the city’s sharp decline in livability, it continues to stay in at the bottom in list of 140 most livable cities.

2. Lagos, Nigeria (Rating: 36)

Source = Wordpress

The Sunni Islamist muslim organisation Boko Haram’s persistent threat restrict stability in Lagos, the largest city of Nigeria. Lagos fetched least score of 10 points among all countries in terms of stability.

3. Tripoli, Libya (Rating: 36.6)

Source = Wikimedia

Among all the cities surveyed, Libya’s largest city Tripoli had the third biggest fall in the living standard with a drop of 6.2 points. The increased rate of violence and threat to stability from Islamic State has resulted in a steep decline which can still be witnessed across the Middle East and North Africa.

4. Dhaka, Bangladesh (Rating: 38.7)

Source = Thedailystar

Dhaka, the capital and largest city of Bangladesh, fetched mere 26.8 points in terms of infrastructure. However, it does hold second highest points ‘50’ for stability among the 10 least livable cities.

5. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (Rating: 39.6)

Source = Wikimedia

Port Moresby, the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea, fetched least score of 30 points in terms of stability. However, it earned a good score of 50 points for education and 47 points for culture & environment.

6. Algiers, Algeria (Rating: 40.9)

Source = Venturesafrica

Algiers, the capital and largest city of Algeria, scored just 30.4 points for its infrastructure and 50 points for education.

7. Karachi, Pakistan (Rating: 40.9)

Source = Dawn

Karachi fetched score of only 20 points in terms of stability. However, scored 66.7 points in terms of education and 51.8 points in terms of infrastructure, best among the 10 least livable cities. It’s also one of the most horrifying cities in the world.

8. Harare, Zimbabwe (Rating: 42.6)

Source = Pindula

Zimbabwe’s capital city fetched lowest score among all of the least liveable cities in terms of healthcare with just 20.8 points. However, it scored somewhat higher in terms of education with 66.7 points.

9. Douala, Cameroon (Rating: 44)

Source = Gettyimages

The largest city and economic capital of Cameroon has been a victim of crisis resulting from tensions between English-speaking and French-speaking regions. In terms of healthcare, the city’s significantly low score was just 25 points.

10. Kiev, Ukraine (Rating: 47.8)

Source = Dailymail

Kiev, the largest and capital city of Ukraine, witnessed the biggest decline in terms of liveability, scoring just 21.4 points among all 140 surveyed cities. Moreover, it’s the only city among the 12 European cities to score less than 50 points. The ongoing civil war in Donbass area and threat due to social disorder and economic instability continues to be in recovery. (10.1)


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