Top 10 Funny Super Heroes who Are Known For The Comic Timings

As per the superhero movies and stories what we know is the life of superheroes are so serious. Everything is just too grim and...

6 years ago
Top 10 Funny Super Heroes who Are Known For The Comic Timings

As per the superhero movies and stories what we know is the life of superheroes are so serious. Everything is just too grim and there is no space for personal life. Superheroes are only meant for saving individual’ life. There are still times when a character will add comic in a story. Be it a lead character defined by sarcasm or the auxiliary character, there is a hidden tradition of funny superheroes you may not have scanned in the comics.

Superheroes who are known for their Comedy Styling’s

10) Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

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One of the funniest superhero books is the Justice League written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis. Ted Kord in the series was the hilarious character that jokes with the ridiculous expression. Inseparable from his buddy Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, was like the kid making hilarious jokes and comments that the teacher couldn’t hear.

9) Plastic Man ( Patrick O’ Brian)

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Created by Jack Cole, Plastic Man has an interesting story of his own. The plastic man used his powers to create strange and humorous shapes out of himself while managing to fight with bad guys in the process.

Apart from these funny superheroes, there are many other characters with a great sense of humor that can be listed here, but who do you think deserves to be tagged as the funniest superhero? Share your thoughts below.

8) Flash (Wally West)

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Wally West contradicts from his predecessor Barry Allen. Just like Barry was a hero in silver age sense, Wally was a former kid flash – a modern character and a funny superhero. This hilarious version of Wally West was captured in the Animated series Justice League from Bruce Timm and company. There are many funny moments captured of Wally West in books as well.

7) Spider-Man

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The list of funny superheroes is really incomplete if we don’t mention kids favorite Spider man. Spider man usually encounters with villains. Since the Amazing Spider-man was so famous and heroic that his hilarious side didn’t come as a part of his character.

6) Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)

Source = "Esteban M"

Quicksilver is the Marvel Comics fame superhero who appeared for the first time in the comic book X-Men #4, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Starring in 2 self-titled limited series, it is historically depicted as a regular team member in superhero “The Avengers”.

In 2016 “X Men: Apocalypse”,  the above scene is the most epic, rather say show-stealer, of the movie. The moonwalk, the slow-mo effects, the blazing fast and everything else is all so cool and just so much fun to watch!

5) Iron Man (Tony Stark)

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Iron Man does not appear witty from any angle. Not at all! Rather he looks more like a terrifically powerful robot. Well, it’s the may playing that character who’s actually funny ‘Tony Stark’. To add to the humor in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. has played a crucial part in screenwriting process and adding fun element to the genius billionaire playboy character.

Downey reportedly said to MTV about the character’s transformation, “When someone used to be a schmuck and they’re not anymore, hopefully, they still have a sense of humor.” So this ideology led to lines like “Give me a scotch. I’m starving.”

4) Rocket Raccoon

Source = "IGN"

Rocket raccoon can be wild, cute and even a pest sometimes. But if you’re just scratching your head and wondering how he’s funny, let me tell you that part because he’s a raccoon and partly because he’s just that way. Being an anthropomorphic raccoon, he is as much of a raccoon as he is a person. That’s because he possesses all the normal abilities of a regular raccoon. And can also strategize, talk, handle a gun like a human.

Even though he debuted in the '70s, he didn’t really shine through until he teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in 2008. He has a knack at making practical jokes that too in a perfectly timed manner. His amusing dialogues are a juxtaposition of being both a smart-alecky and a raccoon.  Recall the scene in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ when Rocket sees a Xandarian citizen and says, “Can you believe they call us criminals when he’s assaulting us with that haircut?”

3) Ant-Man

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Ant-man is the personification of silliness. The way he shrinks down to the size of an ant and communicates with ants is plain ridiculous. While 4 different characters have donned the Ant-Man suit in the comics, 2 of them namely Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) have featured in the film.

Best known for his comedy chops, Rudd has brought those skills to the film as the lead actor as well as co-writer. This has resulted in lines like, This led to lines like, “Sorry I’m late, I was saving the world. You know how it is.” And for once he even gave a try at his own name, telling the villain Yellowjacket, “No, I’m the Ant-Man!… I know, it wasn’t my idea.” And he cracks the pop-culture-savvy line in the comics, “Hey when you’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark twenty-seven times, jumping from one speeding object to another becomes second nature!

2) The Mask/ Big Head (Stanley Ipkiss)


Any and every funny superhero would be incomplete without our very own and favorite ‘The Mask’! The feeble and neurotic Stanley Ipkiss discovered the magical mask in 1989 Dark Horse’s Mayhem series for the first time. Ipkiss wasn’t really a funny guy but whenever he’d put on that mask, he’d turn into a wild and zany guy.

Named ‘Big Head’ in comics, he was named ‘the Mask’ in 1995 movies that starred wildly, comically insane Jim Carrey. Overall, his humor was a combo of bizarre transformations, flatulence jokes and influenced by pop-culture. A sequence in the movie illustrates all of these, the one when he’s shot at. He’s seen escaping bullets by magically twisting his body and transforming into random characters (from a matador to Elvis Presley), blurts out classic movie quotes during his “death” swoon, farts and accepting fake Oscar for the act.

1) Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

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Wade Wilson is a character that took fun to a different direction. Deadpool has always been a humorous character, whether it’s appearing to teeter on the sanity lines or any character in a comic book Deadpool has re-established the meaning of superhero in the modern age.  Every time he tries to be a superhero, it shows the ugly scary face and that makes him funny and crazier.


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