Funniest Beards From Around The World In 2017

From bike’s handlebar to a salad bowl like beard, these funny beards will leave you in splits.

6 years ago
Funniest Beards From Around The World In 2017

Wherever you go around the world, you will find some amazing things that will either take you by surprize or make you laugh hysterically.

Beard is makeup for men, there is not a lot of things that men can do to look good except for growing a magnificent beard.

But some people go to crazy extents, just to take their beard love to another level in this list of funny beards from around the world in 2017.

Amish Jumanji Player

Source = Dailymail

This Sportsperson has been hiding his gigantic neck behind the dramatic beard curtain.


Source = Squarespace

Nothing to look here, he is just trying to catch some chicks with his classy beardcage.

High Handlebeard

Source = Akamaihd

Flobots was referring to this guy when they said that 

“I can ride my bike with no handlebars no handlebars no handlebars”

Back Face Beard

Source = Xinhuanet

Eyes in the front, eyes in the back, he will make the best disguised detective like ever.

It Would Be A Crime To Not Mention This Incredible Moustache Among A List Of Facial Hair

Source = Xcitefun

And now, for the final trick I will make a pussy appear out of nowhere.


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