Check Out Some Good Reasons Why Lazy People Enjoy the Wintertime

While some people get winter blues, and for others, wintertime is the season to enjoy holidays. It is the chilliest season that makes you want to stay cozy inside a blanket all the time.

7 years ago
Check Out Some Good Reasons Why Lazy People Enjoy the Wintertime

It’s winter! And, of course, the temperature is too low in this chilly season. Many people across the world enjoy the winter season by keeping themselves covered in blankets and sipping hot coffee or drinks of their choice. The sunlight is less, and the days are shorter in the winters. The season might push you into leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Some people are too lazy, and the winter season gives them reasons for getting mood swings, feeling like doing nothing at all, saying no to work and exercise, or being less productive.

Here are some good reasons why lazy people enjoy wintertime.

1. No Issues if You are Keeping Your Beard or Hair Long

No-Shave November is what lazy men can enjoy throughout the winter. They can choose not to get a haircut and keep their hair long. Also, women may feel like keeping them hair long and get them cut short.

2. Delay in Arriving at the Office 

One of the most common excuses during the winter season for being late to the office could be there was snow on the way down to the office. Just blame the snowy roads! 

3. Don a Hat to Avoid Styling the Hair 

Feel lazy enough to style your hair? Just put on the hat and enjoy the chilly nights.

4. Not in the Mood to Go Out!

Well, you can escape it by blaming it all on that chilly evening. Everyone knows it’s very cold outside, so you can enjoy your favorite movie at home while lying on the couch.

5. Wear Whatever You Find Comfy & Put on Something Woolen 

Whether you’re going to the office or a party, you could wear a non-party or informal dress without being caught by putting on a fancy or professional woolen coat over it. Nobody would know, and you could be at your comfy best. 

If you like being lazy, then no problem! But if you don’t and want to get over this lethargy, then you could identify why it is happening and how to fix it. The deficiency of Vitamin D during winters can be a reason to feel sluggish.

So here are some ways to become more active and less lazy.

1. Try Group Workouts, Cooking Sessions & Other Activities  

Doing things alone and all by yourself can be both boring and tiring. So why not go for group activities? You could call up a friend and ask them to join you in various activities like cooking, gymming, or any other that you like. If one of you slacks, then the other can knock some sense and get going.  

2. Get Yourself a Routine to Follow Daily

You could start small by following a minor routine like a 20-minute workout, meditation, prepare a smoothie, clean the room, or an enriching activity. If you begin now and proceed gradually, then you can surely overcome your laziness and eventually push yourself to do more. 

3. Feeling Good After Being Productive

Be more mindful and start realizing that you are feeling good after making efforts to get into a productive lifestyle. Try bringing about a change in the regular lifestyle if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Shop new jackets and sweaters, get a gym membership if you don’t have one already, or cook healthy meals.

Besides, you can choose to spend the holiday money on the items that might help in making you productive and more confident. Also, if you’re a young kid, ask your mum or dad to reward you for your efforts. They could either extend the curfew or slightly raise your allowance.   

Final Thoughts

It’s up to you how you want to spend your winters! You may choose to fight your laziness and become productive or try to be a healthier lazy person. Whip up some comfort food, take more naps, inhale bath gel, stretch a little, breathe in the fresh air, or cuddle up to a book.  

Some may even become affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression that is associated with season changes. It usually occurs due to a lack of sunlight. Also, it changes your internal clock and lowers serotonin levels.  


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