20 Funniest Dares: Ideas For Your Next Party

No party would be complete without a round of Truth and Dare game. It is a game that is flirty, exciting and fun at the same time.

6 years ago
20 Funniest Dares: Ideas For Your Next Party

Truth and Dare is an excellent game to break the ice with your closed ones. Not only ‘T and D’ makes you chuckle but also unfold many dirty secrets of your friends. Meanwhile, if you are partying with your friends or planning for playing some sexy games tonight with your bae, truth, and dare can always make you laugh ( it may embarrass you at a time), but chill it’s just a game and can be enjoyed by kids, adults, and teens.

So, before you directly jump in searching Dare ideas for tonight party, let’s know what the game is all about (for those who are new). Truth and Dare is a game in which each participant has to choose whether he/she would like to answer the truth or complete a dare.

Truth can be any question while dare is a challenge that needs to be completed by the participant. So, here’s how all these funniest dares can make your game exciting and memorable. One of the best things about truth and dare game is that you really get to know your partner very well. So, what will you choose? An embarrassing truth or you have guts to complete the dare? (9.1)

These dares below will definitely make your get together fun and exciting!!

I Dare You To…

1. Do a striptease for 45 seconds.

2. Take off the socks of a person sitting right to you using only your teeth.

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3.  Talk to a pillow like it’s your first crush.

4. Sniff everyone’s feet in the group and make them stand according to the rank freshest to the stinkiest. (Do only if your friends are cool enough and don’t get mad)!!

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5. Kiss randomly anyone in the group.


6. Everything you will say for the next 30 minutes should be synchronized in the tunes of ‘Jingle Bells'

7. Perform gymnastics in your tight clothes and that too in the society’s garden.

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8. Swap clothes – wear socks on your hands, exchange shirt with opposite gender (male/female) and run around for 5 minutes.

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9. Sing a real party track into the most romantic voice.

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10. Shave a place you never shaved before. Be careful ;)

11. Put the most embarrassing and the funniest pic of yours as your WhatsApp and FB profile picture.

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12.  Soak your pants in water, put it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour and then wear it. ( the best winter dare)

13. Smell pepper and you are not allowed to sneeze.

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14. Do a prank call at the random number and say you can’t help in falling in love with him/her.

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15. Walk like that you are walking on a ramp outside your house on the footpath.

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16.  Act like a monkey and horse at the same time.

17. Drive your car in reverse gear, for 20 minutes without stopping. (Drive carefully and don’t meet with accident)

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18. Do makeup without looking in the mirror.

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19. Be the kid, doorbell prank your neighbor’s door for next 10 minutes.

20. Call a pizza place and complain about the pizza without toppings.

What do you think, are the dare listed above are good enough to add to the funniest dares list? If you have some more interesting and funny dares, do share with us. Comment below. (9.2)


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