20 Awkward Situations & How to Deal with Them When You Face Them

Once in your entire life, you must have experienced some or the other awkward situation that may have landed you into trouble. ...

7 years ago
20 Awkward Situations & How to Deal with Them When You Face Them

At least once in your entire life, you must have experienced some or the other awkward situation that may have landed you into trouble. But relax, you are not the only one. Facing an awkward situation can sometimes be inevitable but your reaction is what makes all the difference. 

Think of a moment when you texted the wrong person or the one when you got trapped in boring family conversations. We all have been there, feeling if we could press a rewind button make a quick exit. Isn’t it? Every such situation has two escape routes: you can either handle it smartly or make a fool out of yourself. 

So here’s how you can handle these 20 most cringe-worthy awkward situations like a boss.

1. Waving at someone you think you know but they are waving at someone else

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Seriously! Nobody wants to be trapped in this embarrassing situation. And it gets even worse when someone else notices this. So now what? Just smile at your poor timings!

2. Conversing with someone who is busy talking on Bluetooth

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Aargh! It makes you irritated, right? You’re having a conversation with someone and suddenly he or she gives a random answer and you’re like “What???” Somehow later you come to know that their Bluetooth device was ON and that the reply wasn’t for you. 

Ever happened with you? Say yes!

3. Asking some random person for a different apparel size in a store

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Ever asked a random person to change the size of the apparel and then suddenly realized that they don’t work there?! Don’t know how that person feels like but it is actually awkward!

4. Especially for girls! Two girls wearing the same outfit.

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You probably think that they’ve bought it from the same sale you went to. Coming face to face gets really awkward spoiling your party mood.

5. Laughing out loud or smiling alone in public

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It often happens when you are traveling alone. You may laugh out loud as you read something funny in a book or smile over a friend’s text in public and then everyone looks at you.

6. When no one gets your joke!

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Really, we all hate it! People may usually get most of your jokes and laugh at them. But what if they don’t and you’ve to elaborate so much that you just get tired of explaining, it kinda kills you from inside. Doesn’t it?

What’s more, you feel like a total mess when people begin looking at you as if you’re mad. And all you can do is fake a smile rather than getting frustrated.

7. Pulling a door that clearly says ‘PUSH’ & vice-versa!

Now, this is the most common awkward situation we all have faced at least once in life. And what’s funnier is that you’re trying to pull it again and again without noticing that it says PUSH and vice-versa.

8. Girlfriend gifting a dress that you didn’t like at all

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All you can do is pretending that you like the gift. After all, you have been taught to accept all the gifts with a broad smile. And if you say no, she might get upset.

9. If you are firing an employee

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What to say? We are not satisfied with your work! But then what about his contribution to the project and you did appreciate his work once! Your HR department might advise you not to speak anything positive about him as it may backfire against you. On the closing note, you can just say – wish you good luck and thank you for your services to the company.

10. When someone keeps on asking some irrelevant question only to put you down

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Don’t worry how hard you try, you will never be able to answer them correctly. Making weird faces may feel like the only option left. 

But if you can handle this situation smartly too. Even though deep down you are bitching that person, you can smile here (even faking a smile will be ok) and rather than answering his question, ask him how is his family doing? Or just say, 

“I have to rush, we’ll talk later!"

11. When you have entered the wrong restaurant

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You step into a restaurant, are served with water & offered a menu card. But you just realized that you’ve come at the wrong restaurant. This is really awkward now as you’ve to think of a reason to leave the restaurant. You can ease the situation by apologizing to the manager and telling him that you accidentally entered the restaurant or that your friend ditched the plan.

12. Telling a joke to friends and then forgetting the line halfway through

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Now, this may feel terrible but that’s okay. This ruins the excitement of the joke and also makes you feel awkward in front of others.

13. When you have to decipher the texts of your drunk friend

It nearly took more than an hour to decipher the weird and cryptic texts sent to you by your drunk friend! Actually, it doesn’t make any sense but you just have to convert the texts anyhow to make them understandable.

14. Enjoying the walk thinking there’s one more step and suddenly falling

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Ever happened with you? Thinking of one more step to get down but unexpectedly falling off the ground. Ouch, it hurts!

Did that just remind you of the day? We’re sorry!

15. Avoiding those annoying telemarketer calls!

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Attending the telemarketer calls is always irritating. What you should do is make them understand that you know that this is their part of a job, but you aren’t really in need of a loan now so please don’t call.

16. How to keep the conversation going?

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A: How are you? 

B: I am fine. What about you? 

A: Good. Thank You! (Argh….what to ask next!) 

This type of conversation is a part of daily routine especially when you meet some stranger or a friend of yours after a long time and are clueless about what to ask next!

17. Going for a handshake but that person gives you a random hug!

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Yeah! It feels awkward when you just want to shake hands with the person and he suddenly pulls you and gives you a tight hug.

18. Telling someone a joke and later on realizing that he is the one to tell it to you in the first place.

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Now what? Nothing, just give a fake smile as the joke has already been blurted.

19. A sudden nap in the office

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You were all up preparing the presentation for the next day and you just can’t focus or stay awake. So you accidentally had a nap and everyone’s watching you and still can’t open your eyes.

20. Accidently holding someone’s hand in a public transportation

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Happens when you’re trying to reach out to support on public transportation but then you realize, you held someone’s hand instead!


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