10 Berlin Wall Facts You Might Not Know

Built by the communist government of East Berlin in 1961, the Berlin Wall was erected in order to prevent people escaping from East Berlin. Berlin Wall Facts

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10 Berlin Wall Facts You Might Not Know

The Berlin Wall was built to completely cut off and to separate the Eastern Side of Berlin from Western side. It was actually a guarded concrete barrier that divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989.  For nearly 30 years the wall stood as a concrete presentation of the Iron Curtain, preventing the citizens in East Germany from escaping to democratic, capitalist West Berlin.

Here are some lesser known Berlin Wall facts

1. Berlin Wall Began On August 13, 1961

Source = Historycooperative

The construction of the Berlin Wall began on 13th August 1961. The wall separated the three zones controlled by Britain, America and France from the zone controlled by the Soviet Union. All the three regions (France, Britain and America) became West Germany and the Soviet controlled zone became East Germany.

2. More Than 100 People Died Trying To Cross The Border

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People attempting to cross the wall were treated as the traitors and the security guards were ordered to shoot at them if anyone tries to cross the wall. It was reported that 135-200 people died crossing border.

3. Only The West Side Is Covered In Graffiti

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The West side of the Berlin Wall was covered mostly by graffiti, while the East side was not.  (8.1)

4. More Than 5000 People Escaped Through The Berlin Wall

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The Berlin Wall measured more than 140kms long. Nearly 57 people escaped from under the East German border guards through a tunnel under the Berlin Wall. More than 5000 people escaped by going under or over the Berlin wall.

5. Security Measures

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This 140 km Berlin Wall was loaded with 302 observation towers, 11,000 soldiers, 20bunkers, 259 dog runs and more than 79miles of electrified fencing. (8.2)

6. Berlin Wall Was Actually Two Concrete Barriers

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It was two concrete barriers with a 160-yard’death strip’ in between which included flood lights, watch towers, trip-wire machine guns and anti-vehicle trenches. (8.3)

7. The last Person Attempted To Escape In An Hot Air Balloon

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Some people escaped the wall by going under the tunnel, while some bravely crossed the Berlin wall, but the last person who died at the wall attempted to flee in a hot air balloon, unfortunately he fell to his death. The death of the last person crossing the Berlin Wall is the rarest fact known.

8. It took a year to become officially reunified

It took nearly a year for both the sides to become officially reunified. Meanwhile, wall peckers chipped away at the defensive wall and took pieces and memorials. You can buy the wall pieces on eBay. 

9. A piece of Berlin wall stands in Las Vegas Casino

After the demolition of the wall, more than 40,000 wall sections were recycled to use them in reconstruction projects, few were auctioned and now scattered around the globe. There’s a section of the wall in the bathroom of a casino in Las Vegas.

10. 9th November Is An Important Date In Germany

Source = Wikimedia

It was in 1918 when Germany became a Republic, in 1923 the Bier Hall Putsch in Munich, later in 1938 Kristallnacht and in 1989, the Berlin Wall fell.


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