An Artist cum Mother Turns Healthy Food into her Son’s Favorite Cartoons

Who would miss eating a meal if your favorite cartoon characters are joining you at the dining table? Jacob’s mother is an inspiration for the moms who think their kids do not prefer eating healthy foods.

5 years ago
An Artist cum Mother Turns Healthy Food into her Son’s Favorite Cartoons

Is there anything that a mother cannot do for her child? Right from preparing a meal to educating them, she does everything for the child and sacrifices her dreams. A mother does everything with perfection. But there’s one thing that troubles her the most, that is her kid not eating a healthy meal. Making kids eat proper food is the most difficult job for her.

Do you also have a child who doesn't like eating food and makes excuses for not finishing the lunch? At a young age, they do not know about healthy food items and diet plans. All they want is, delicious recipes and junk food served on the table. They like eating pizza, pasta, and other high-calorie foods. Eating these foods once a week is fine, but what if they demand you to prepare the same meal every day? Do you have any alternative to serve them healthy food?

If not, a couple did something creative to make their kid eat healthy food. Do you know what they did? They prepared dishes uniquely to keep their son and daughter eating healthy food. They said they turned their meal into several decorative designs to attract them to eat. Surprisingly, this worked, and they started taking a proper diet. They observed what their favorite cartoon characters are and decorated the dishes similar to that of the characters.

Even the adults don’t like eating exotic foods but, for a 5-year-old kid Jacob Mohmedi, these are a fun-filled meal. An artist mother from Melbourne named Laleh Mohmedi thought of a way to create healthy food uniquely. Rather than serving food on his plate, she designed the food in a way that resembles cartoon characters that Jacob (son) likes. In an interview, she said, once she decided to turn spelt pancakes into a lion. The day she served him that dish, Jacob started telling her which character he likes the most from a book, a movie, and what he would like to eat in the next meal.

She says Jacob enjoys eating all dishes even the octopus. What’s surprising is Laleh has never been an artist, but she always enjoyed painting when she was young. She said-

“My friends said I had to get Instagram, I had no idea what it was. I didn't know about hashtags or anything!”

Her colorful creations have garnered over 50,000 followers on Instagram with fans going crazy over the meals displayed like Po from Kung Fu Panda, crush from finding Nemo, Charlie Brown, and more.

Do you want to know what and how she created these amazing designs? Let’s check her creations below.

1. Beast from Beauty & the Beast

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Celebrating #redroseday with the most romantic guy we know ???????????? BEAST from BEAUTY & THE BEAST Waffles with spelt chocolate pancakes, dragon fruit, blueberres and banana It has been crazy in the JFD household this week! We spent all weekend filming Jacob's our show - Jacob was such a little trooper! And today we spent filming an amazing collaboration in celebration of the man mouse himself- which we just can not wait to share with you! Not long now till we launch - nervous and excited at the same time! ???????????????????????????? xx Stone: Neolith Estataurio from @cdkstone . . . . . . #foodstyling #foodart #foodforkids #foodphotography #healthychoices #beautifulcuisines #pixarpierchallenge #thechalkboardeats #happyandhealthy #kidsfood #glowlean #onthetable #organicmoments #colouryourplate #eattherainbow #wholefood #feedfeed #foods4thought #lovefood #glutenfree #organicfood #sundlivsstil #disney #nemmad #disneyfood #beautyandthebeast #fruitplatter #funfood #ALDICreativePlates

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The food looks delicious when it is garnished beautifully. Jacob’s mother created this beautiful portrait with waffles, dragon fruit, banana, and blueberries.  Every ingredient she used in the dish is healthy in many ways. I wonder how one can be so creative. I wish I could eat this now!

2. Nemo! This One is So Cute

Source = Boredpanda

The cute little Nemo is diving in vegetable and noodle soup. I  particularly don’t like vegetable soup.  But if this cute Nemo would give me company, I would have it all.

3.The Unconditional Love between Carl & Ellie is Now on the Plate

Who doesn’t love this popular romantic cartoon character? Jacob’s mother designed Carl and Ellie with potato, noodles, and chicken. Look at the specs that both are wearing. This is damn cute. Don’t you think this is a perfect meal for Valentine? Try this Carl and Ellie design with bread, potato, and noodles for kid lunch box. I bet, he won’t share his food with anyone.

4. Hey! It’s Minion

Minions are super cute. Jacob’s mother prepared a dish from cucumber, blueberries, apples, cheese, and dates. I bet your kid won’t resist eating this dish if he is a fan of minions. Would you try this scrumptious dish?

5. Spongebob Squarepants - A Perfect Dish for Birthday Treat

Source = Lifebuzz

Now, this is something very cool. The amazing combination of coconut, blueberries, spelled puffs and raspberries turned into a SpongeBob Squarepants is worth tasting. Prepare the dish and surprise your kid with his favorite cartoon character. You can also take other ingredients to prepare this delicious snack.

Have a kids birthday party tonight? Make the waffle sandwich with healthy ingredients and let them enjoy this nutritious meal without sharing the recipe.

6. When Piglet Turned into the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Piglet- the famous character is the best friend of Pooh. So, how about making Piglet a close friend of your kid too?

Jacob’s mother knew he loves piglet but hates chicken. So, she took chicken, asparagus, carrot, and potato mash dyed with beetroot to give the recipe an amazing twist of Piglet. Look at the picture, don’t you find this a yummy creation?

7. This is How Po Looks When Dressed in a Costume

Are you searching something unique for Halloween season? Jacob’s mother created this yummy and beautiful Po from Kung Fu Panda with avocado sushi and cucumber to give him a perfect Halloween look. I am finding this Po quite tasty. Look at the carrot pieces designed on the theme. I will surely make it soon. Here are more snacks to prepare for Halloween party.

And when are you trying this dish?

8. Never Thought Kermit the Frog Could Look and Taste So Amazing!

Wow! This looks so cool.

Can you ever imagine that the muppet character and Jim Henson’s creation Kermit the Frog could turn into a delicious dish? But Jacob’s mother did this and prepared a tasty meal from avocado, eggs, and bread. Wow! This looks so cool.

9. Abu from Aladdin

She created this with wholemeal wrap and slow roasted lamb shoulder. But you can try this exotic combination from different vegetables by wrapping them with a wholemeal so that they could easily bind in a figure. Why am I not so creative?

10. Winnie the Pooh, Get it?

Laleh designed this delectable dish from mash potato, veggies, and turkey meatballs. Whoever imagined that turkey meatballs could taste so delicious? I need classes on this so that I can also make my kids happy.

11. Charlie Brown

Source = Lifebuzz

A combination of chicken and mash potato can never be delicious. But Lalah turned this exotic combination into a scrumptious dish. She designed Charlie brown from black bean pasta, chicken, and potato. I wish I could eat this platter now.

Final Words

Don’t you think this is the best idea to serve healthy foods to kids? Have you ever tried preparing these kinds of dishes for kids? If not, try these delicious dishes and let your kids know that you are the best chef in the world.

Her colorful creations have garnered over 174,000 followers on Instagram with fans going crazy over the meals displayed like Po from Kung Fu Panda, crush from finding Nemo, charlie brown, and more. She used all kinds of foods, vegetables, pasta and everything that would be healthy for her kid. When most parents scold their children for playing with food, this clever mind made a career out of it. Now she inspires and promotes healthy eating for children.

Did I mention these dishes can also be prepared at a birthday party? Invite your kids’ friends on any occasion, prepare these amazing sweet treats, and surprise them with your cooking skills. You will see kids saying bye to junk foods and preferring healthy characters over pizza and burgers. Just like Lelah, this girl also bakes beautiful pies that are inspired by pop culture.

But before you start preparing dishes, make sure that you are using healthy ingredients and natural dye to make the dish tastier. Do you know any other cartoon character that she can make from vegetables and fruits? She is an inspiration to all the mothers who search for the new dish every day to make their kids eat healthily.


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