15 Food Hacks That Would Make Your Cooking Life Easier

It is not necessary that every delicious food you eat takes hours to prepare and serve. Sometimes all you need is to know some food and kitchen hacks that can save both time and money.

4 years ago
15 Food Hacks That Would Make Your Cooking Life Easier

You have mastered the art of cooking. You know how to prepare complex dishes like Beef Wellington, Coq au vin, Macarons, and Turducken. But what if someone says that these dishes can be prepared easily? How would you react to it? While cooking can be a hobby for some, others find it as the most difficult task.

Today, everyone is so busy in their lives that they don’t get time to prepare healthy food and pick several unhealthy foods from the market. Just like parents look for the parenting hacks to make their life easier, sometimes chefs also check for the kitchen hacks to prepare food in less time. If you are also looking for the same, we have compiled food and kitchen hacks that would help you live your life in a better way.

If kitchen hacks are not your choice, we have posted on a selfie, nail polish, and computer hacks too to manage life in a better way. Hacks are something that you wish you should know before. They increase productivity and efficiency in all walks of life. And learning something is always fun.

Whether you are a chef or only want to master your cooking skills, food hacks save both time and money. These are those people who look for kitchen and food hacks to make cooking fun. So are you ready to explore your inner chef? Here we go!

15 Food Hacks That Are Oh-So Useful

1. Use a Vegetable Peeler to Cut Thin Slices of Onion

You need thin slices of onion for sandwiches, pizza, salads, and for other dishes. Next time, when you want onion toppings for any dish, don’t waste time cutting it with a knife, instead use a peeler.

I haven’t tried this, but I am wondering does this hack brings tears in eyes (of course, it is an onion)? You can use the same trick for other vegetables too.

2. How to Store Eggs For a Longer Time?

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If you want to keep eggs fresh for a longer time, spread vegetable oil on them before keeping them in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you can also keep eggs in a sealed container if you don't have a refrigerator. This process keeps eggs fresh for over five months.

3. Getting Rid of Extra Fats Has Become Easier

Now you don’t have to make a diet plan to get rid of extra fats. The idea is to wrap a few ice cubes in a paper napkin and to move it across the dish. The ice cubes and paper solidify the fats that get absorbed in the towel. This is amazing.

In case you need the best diet plans according to science, here are the diet plans you should follow for a healthy life.

4. Make the Best Banana Bread With Overripe Bananas

Source = Loveincorporated

Do not throw away bananas, if they turn brown or black, instead, use them to make banana bread. Do you know overripe fruits are sweeter and easier to mash? To make it tastier, add cocoa nibs, coffee, or dried fruit slices. Find other ingredients that you could use to make bread tastier.

5. Grate Frozen Butter for Easy Spreading

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If you have frozen butter, use a grater to soften it. The butter gets soft when you grate it and then spreads easily on bread or toast.

Do you know most of the chefs use this method to make croissants? When you are getting late for the office, use this hack to soften the butter fast without breaking the bread.

6. Here’s the Secret to Triple the Life of Herbs

Source = Learningherbs

Keep the cut herbs like green onions, mint, coriander, basil, and more in the jar of water to smell fresh for a longer period. Make sure that you keep them upright about 2 inches of water and change the water regularly.

7. Microwave Lemons to Squeeze Them Easily

Source = Epicurious

The simplest way to get more juice out of citrus fruits is to microwave them for 10-15 seconds. This easy trick works best for lemons, grapefruit, and oranges.

When you invite guests for the party and want to serve lemonade as a welcome drink, try this hack to get more juice in less time.

This is cool. I wish I knew this before.

8. Make Nutella Shake in a Minute

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If you are a chocolate lover like me, you know how precious a chocolate drop is. When you want to prepare a chocolate shake, you need chocolate, ice cubes, cocoa powder, and ice cream. But what if you don’t have anything and only a Nutella jar? I have an idea. Pour milk into the jar, shake and yay! Nutella shake is ready to drink.

Sometimes I wonder if I could have a job to taste different chocolates.

9. Keep Cake Soft and Moist With Bread Slices

Source = Ergochef

Preparing a good cake takes time. So, the last thing you want is it should look nice and remain soft for a longer time. What’s the hack here? After you cut the cake, use bread to cover the cut portion to keep it soft and fresh.

10. Cutting a Mango is So Easy

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Sometimes cutting a mango becomes difficult when it is soft. So how about knowing easy steps to cut a mango? Try the above steps and cut a mango like a pro in no time.

11. Keep Half Avocado Fresh With Onion

Source = Thrfun

If you are the one who can’t eat the whole avocado at once, this hack is for you. Put the half cut avocado with onion to keep it fresh with the same taste.

12. Healthy and Delicious Frozen Herb Butter

Source = Ourbestbites

Herbs are beneficial for health in many ways. But they become dry and go bad in a day. This hack would make a delicious herb butter that you could spread on butter and toast for better taste.

How to prepare it?

Chop and mix fresh herbs with oil and butter in a bowl. Pour the mix into ice cube trays, and you are done. Use this delicious butter wherever you want – spread on bread, or give along with toast in your kid lunch box.

13. Keep Sliced Apples in Lemon Essential Oil to Prevent Them from Browning

Source = Cdninstagram

I have a habit of eating a half apple.

14. How to Check If an Egg is Fresh or Not?

Source = Squarespace

Check the above picture, and you will know which eggs can be used to prepare a meal and which are not good to eat.

15. Wet Your Fingers to Remove Egg Shells

Source = Helpmebake

I didn’t know removing egg shells can be this easy.

Final Words

Have you ever used these hacks in real life? If you think these hacks are not of your use, then here are more kitchen hacks that might help you. Sometimes people not only impressed us with their cooking skills and talent but through their smartness. Check how these people used their smartness to get solutions to the problem.

Whether you are a beginner entering into the world of cooking or an experienced chef, use these hacks in your everyday lives to spice up your kitchen game.

I wish I knew these hacks before. The next time you are alone at home, and there’s no one to cook for you, try your hands on cooking and you will wonder how cooking can be so easy.

Is there any other food hack you have used and is worth experimenting? Do you know other hacks like online shopping or survival hacks to live a better life? If so, drop your comments below.


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