20+ Non-Poisonous Foods Which Can Kill You

It will leave you staggering when you will hear that the food you use daily can even kill you. Believe it or not, there is food which can literally end your life or can leave you terribly sick.

6 years ago
20+ Non-Poisonous Foods Which Can Kill You

Most of us are a foodie, isn’t it? For many people food is love. You might be thinking why it is. But have you ever wondered why it cannot be? We all live for eating but we are unaware of some non-poisonous food which can avert into poison and can take away is life. You may not believe us, but the apple which keeps the doctor away can take you to the hospital as well. Surprised? We sure you might be.

So if you are thinking that you are eating healthy then better to have a thought over it because things which might please you can have deadly effects or it may even take away your life.

You might have never even thought of that the food which you prepare daily or are present in your kitchen can lead you to the deathbed. We have a concern for you all and we do not want you to lose a life just because of eating something which you should not have eaten.

Therefore we have collected some foods which are not poisonous but can be poisonous for your life. Have a look at them:

1 ) Cherries

Source = Pixabay

Cherries seem to be non-poisonous but these little ones can actually damage you. Seeds of cherries contain a cyanogenic compound which can turn into hydrogen cyanide which can kill you. So whenever you eat them be aware that you do not chew it seeds as they can take away your life. Harmless looking cherries have harmful pits.

2) Wild Almonds

Source = Baysidejournal

There are two types of almonds present in the environment. One of them is sweet and the other bitter or wild. The former one can be eaten while the latter contains hydrogen cyanide which is harmful to the health thus it is advisable to have only sweet almonds in your diet. Consumption of bitter almonds can cause problems to adults and can even leave children fatal.

3) Potatoes

Source = Taste

The stem, leaves, and sprouts of potatoes contain glycoalkaloids which can even be present in the potatoes if are kept under light for a long time. Consumption of such a potatoes can result in diarrhea, headache, cramping and can even make a person dead. Thus it is advisable to avoid potatoes which greenish tinge on it.

4) Tomatoes

Source = Bbci

Bright red colored tomatoes which have a luscious taste is considered under the category of food which can result in poison. The stems and leaves of tomatoes contain alkali poison which can cause stomach agitation. Even this alkali poison is present in the raw tomatoes which are green in color. You would not have high effects of it but must not consume it in large quantities.

5) Rhubarb

Source = Huffpost

Rhubarb is a bright red leaf vegetable stalk used in dessert and pies. This leafy vegetable contains oxalic acid which is used in bleach and rust removal. Those who eat Rhubarb may develop kidney stones. Eating leaves of Rhubarb can induce side effects such as vomiting, nausea, burning in mouth and throat and even death. Better be aware of them.

6) Nutmeg

Source = Webaly

Nutmeg is said to have myristicin poison in it which can make a person fatal. Symptoms of poisoning include dizziness, headache, hallucinations, nausea and much more. If you eat 0.2 oz of nutmeg could lead to convulsions and one whole can induce a sense of impending doom. It would be best to make it away from your daily diet.

7) Mushroom

Source = Discovermagazine

Mushrooms are added mostly in Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza. Although there are some kinds of mushrooms which are poisonous while some are edible. Thus one must have proper knowledge of mushroom before adding them in food items or preparing its own dish as they can even kill humans with its poison. If you do not know about them we will suggest you not to stay away from them.

8) Peanuts

Source = Fitandhealthyexercise

One of the most allergenic foods for some people. It has the capacity to shorten breath and can render you unconscious. The most common food can cause anaphylaxis which can take a person’s life. According to a report, around 3 million people in the United States are allergic to peanuts. So to be on safer side avoid them or else visit an allergy specialist before you pop them in your mouth.

9) Elderberries

Source = Shopify

You might have been told by your grandfather or grandmother about berries, which are safe to eat and which are not. In that case, you are lucky. Elderberries contact glycosides which turn into cyanide during digestion thus consumption of raw elderberries is dangerous for your health. Leaves of elderberries, when eaten, can result in an upset stomach. Cooked elderberries are safe to be eaten.

10) Cassava

Source = Ytimg

You may not know that the leaves and roots of cassava contain cyanide. Cassava is a vegetable popular grown in South America. But it is popular in Africa where people drink its juice known as worry. But since it contains cyanide it is harmful to you. So stop yourself from eating this vegetable.

11) Ackee

Source = Tqn

Ackee a pear-shaped fruit found in tropical West Africa. They look funny in their appearance and belongs to soapberry family. Consumption of raw ackee can literally be harmful to you. It can only be consumed when it fully ripe We know that it is a hard to deal to wait for it to ripe but it contains some toxins which when eaten raw can kill you.

12) Unpasteurized Honey

Source = Organics

Raw honey which has not undergone the process of pasteurization contains toxins in it. Raw honey, when consumed, can cause dizziness, vomiting, nausea, sweating that last for 24 hours. As it contains grayanotoxin in it which is harmful to everyone. Just one spoon of it can cause the symptoms mentioned above but if a person consumes more than that it would be a bad idea.

13) Castor Oil

Source = Stylecraze

Castor oil comes from castor beans which contain poison ricin in them. Thus they are not used as other oils such as sunflower, olive, groundnut and coconut oils. It is so dangerous that one single bean toxins have the capacity to take away the life of 1000 of people if it is injected or inhaled. This oil is used as food additive and flavoring agent. One must not use them in food items.

14) Cashews

Source = Homegymr

The cashews which you bring from the market as raw are not actually raw as the raw cashews have a content of urushiol a chemical similar to ivy poison. Thus they are steamed before bringing them to the market. If you are allergic to ivy then you are even allergic to raw cashews.Therefore it is advisable not to eat raw cashews as they can leave you fatal.

15) Lima Beans

Source = Sndimg

The beans which you grow in the cup contain linamarin which when consumed can convert itself in cyanide. If you really wish to have them then prepare them in the uncovered vessel and drain the water. The little seeds which glorify the kindergarten are poisonous for humans. We must thus remove them from our food list.

16) Cinnamon

Source = Cnn

You might have heard about the cinnamon challenge. American Association of poison control has kept it under the category of poisonous food as its can lead to inhalation can lead to vomiting, choking, coughing, gagging and may even a person to death. Thus it is recommended to only use it in limited quantities in oat and coffee not more than that.

17) Casu Marzu

Source = Wikimedia

It is one of the most dangerous cheese on the planet. It is popularly known as rotting cheese and if it is kept in the open it can make the flies lay eggs over it. So the eggs after being hatched eat the cheese and person the fermentation process along with it. When maggot survives in the stomach of the person who has eaten the cheese can suffer from severe problems which may include diarrhea, vomiting etc. One must not consume it.

18) Plums

Source = Eatingrichly

Plum is perfectly fine as a fruit but its pit contains a cyanogenic compound which can, later on, can be converted into Cyanide. Apparently, there are only a few people who eat plums thus it is not an issue much to tell you about.

19) Apricot

Source = Organicfacts

This fruit itself is fine and is healthy but the pit contain within them is poisonous and thus one must be careful while eating them so as to avoid the chances of being affected by the pit which can lead a person to death.

20) Apple Seeds

Source = Tqn

Although Apple is considered to be the healthiest food its seeds contain some toxins such as amygdalin, a cyanide and a sugar compound which degrades itself into hydrogen cyanide. Thus if a person ingests its seeds it can result in a damaging situation, therefore, a person should not consume apple seed along with the fruit.

21) Peaches

Source = Halegroves

Peaches are similar to apricots and they contain pits which are larger in size thus these are rarely eaten by the people. These pits contain poison it. Therefore it is advisable to be careful about pits while eating peaches.

Better be aware of food which you eat because nobody wants to die unexpectedly from this beautiful world. And the phrase goes well here for all of you that is “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”.


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