12 Weird But Delicious Ways Regular Foods are Prepared in Other Places

You are probably wrong if you think that there are rules to eat a particular dish. Here are weird ways how people eat ordinary food like bread and meat in other countries.

4 years ago
12 Weird But Delicious Ways Regular Foods are Prepared in Other Places

You will not disagree with the fact that how people eat food has changed over time. During medieval times, people usually ate food prepared from barley and consume wine.

Cereal products were common among both lower and upper class, and bread served as the most affordable source of calories in ancient times.

Today, bread is eaten in different ways. While some people mix bread crumbs with seasonings as a stuffing for meat, others fry bread in olive oil to prepare croutons.

Let us take a look at bizarre ways people eat ordinary food in other countries.

1. Tamago Gohan

Source = Seriouseats

Eggs are consumed all around the world, and there are several ways to eat them: scrambled, boiled, or fired. However, a popular breakfast in Japan uses raw eggs in a dish. The breakfast called ‘Tamago Kake Gohan’ (Japanese rice is mixed in a bowl) is prepared, and a raw egg is served over the rice.

The rice can be recently cooked or preheated, and the egg is broken directly into the bowl or beaten beforehand. It is eaten while mixing the egg using the chopsticks.

Have you ever tasted this scrumptious dish? If not, plan your trip to Japan, and eat this yummy recipe in your breakfast. Is it yummy? Really? No! I guess! Here are some surprising facts about Japan you should know.

2. Beef Tea

Source = Br

You might have heard or even tasted black, green, fermented or herbal tea. But do you know there’s something called beef tea? The recipe was known during ancient times but was forgotten as the time passed. It was in a 1760 edition of the Dublin Courier when it was described as a health-focused drink.

During ancient times, the beef was usually eaten in a home but was also considered as the healthiest drink for unwell. When medicines didn’t work, the patients were given beef tea to cure the diseases. Though the recipe is not interesting particularly as a medicine, it is better than the medicinal practices used in medieval times. If you are a tea lover, I am sure you will love this new flavor. Tell us have you ever thought of preparing a tea with meat?

3. Ice Cream Served With Green Onions (Scallions)

If you are an ice cream lover, you can’t say this flavor is my favorite. Though vanilla is secretly everyone’s first choice, this dessert from China is famous for its topping and not for the flavor.

You must have seen choco ships, or nuts topping on ice cream, but have you ever seen ice cream served with green onions as its topping? A recipe in China has ice cream topped with scallion. I didn’t know that vegetables like spring onions can be put to garnish the desserts.

Next time when you plan to visit China, don’t forget tasting this weird yet the scrumptious dish. If you love ice creams here are the most famous ice cream flavors served around the world.

4. Spaghettieis

Source = Pinimg

At first, you would think it is pasta, but what be your reaction if I say this is ice cream? What? This German dish (Spaghettieis) is an ice cream that is made to look like a plate of spaghetti. In the treat, vanilla ice cream is pushed through a potato ricer to make it look like spaghetti. It is then served over whipped cream and topped with coconut flakes, white chocolate, and sometimes with strawberry sauce.

Fontanella, the son of an ice cream parlor owner, experimented with parmesan cheese, spaghetti by feeding vanilla gelato through a chilled spaetzle press. Try this Spaghettieis recipe when you have a party at home and serve it with your favorite sauces (chocolate, mint, white chocolate) and impress your guests. Summer is here, and you have several sweet summer snack to soothe your taste buds.

Tell us did you like this new version of Spaghettieis served with strawberry sauce?

5. Dondurma

Source = Lakshmisharath

While you know that Turkey is famous for coffee and apple tea, little do you know that it has a recipe that is weird but irresistible. I am talking about the Turkish ice cream, Dondurma.

You might be thinking about what could be weird in an ice cream served in Turkey. It would be cold and served in cones or scoops. But do you know Dondurma do not melt and can be eaten holding the cup upside down?

This Turkish ice cream is creamy, stretchy, and sweet at the same time. It is available in an array of flavors and is savored by locals. The street vendors and stores sell Dondruma, where the mixture is churned with long-handled paddles to make it thick.

The main ingredient added is salep which thickens the ice cream. The stronger the salep, the thicker the ice cream. It is also heard that sometimes ice cream becomes so thick that both fork and knife are needed to cut it. Can you imagine eating ice cream with a fork? I can’t. But must say, it would be a fun tasting Dondruma. I wish I would have tasted it.

If you don’t want to risk your health, some fruits taste like ice cream and are delicious at the same time.

6. Trekking Burger

Source = Newatlas

What first comes in your mind when someone offers you a fast food? Burgers or Pizza? Whether you think of a burger or a pizza, both are delicious and can be eaten anytime. You might have eaten a cheeseburger, green-chile burger or Minetta burger, but have you eaten a burger in a can? The trekking burger is not available everywhere and not shipped to the US.

The can is boiled in water, and the burger is ready to eat in minutes. What’s amazing is the can has a shelf life of a year without refrigeration. You can enjoy the world's first can-burger (trekking burger) on mountains and other extreme conditions.

Next time, when you plan of trekking or want to enjoy outdoor meals, put a few cans of trekking burger in your bag. If you are looking for the best hamburgers to eat, here are a few restaurants from different corners of the world that serve irresistibly delicious burgers.

7. Chip Butty

Source = Fnstatic

Have you ever thought that both of your favorite snacks sandwich and French fries together could make a delicious recipe? Chip Butty, a customizable recipe, is a favorite of millions and is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Chip Butty is known by several names – chip sandwich, chip cob, chip muffin, or chip butty and is a popular dish across Great Britain. It is a sandwich made with buttered bread and French fries drizzled with sauce. Add whatever you like, curry sauce, fried egg or baked beans and eat in a lunch, breakfast or dinner. One variation is the chip barm which uses cake instead of sliced white bread.

Would you like to try this amazing combination of french fries and sandwich?

8. Spaghetti Donuts

Source = Foodandwine

People of all ages love donut. This new spaghetti donut has become popular food on Instagram and has been attracting foodie from around the world. If you love pasta in all its all variations – from cheesy to green, this new combination of donuts and spaghetti would impress your taste buds. It is a doughnut-shaped spaghetti filled with cheesy goodness.

If you are wondering how spaghetti stays together without falling apart, let me tell you it is prepared with a binder of eggs. So if you are bracing yourself for the best street food experience of time, try this exotic combination of spaghetti and donuts. Did I tell you that this donut is not sweet, but it is savory? This is a super dish to serve and a good treat for picnics.

9. Tavuk Göğsü

Source = Yemek

Did you ever think that chicken which you prepare as a spicy dish can also serve as a dessert? Tavuk Göğsü may sound weird to you, but it is the tastiest of all the desserts served to the Ottoman sultan. The dish is prepared by softening the meat (by boiling) and separating it into rillettes. It is then mixed with sugar, cracked rice, and flavors to give a scrumptious taste.

Have you ever prepared a chicken as a sweet dish? If not, try this chicken cum pudding at next eve and impress everyone with your cooking skills.

The chicken in the dish is well cooked, so you don’t feel like eating a chicken when you eat Tavuk Göğsü. The only thing you will notice is the fine shreds of chicken which makes this pudding unique.

10. Sankaya

Source = Rachelcooksthai

If Italian bread bowls are your favorite, why not give it a try to pumpkin bowls? You might find pumpkin bowls tastier than normal bread! The next time you see Sanykaya in a menu, don’t hesitate to ask what this is, instead order one and enjoy the treat. I found this recipe interesting, did you?

Tip: To prevent pumpkin from cracking, put in a bowl that fit around it. Avoid excessive heat and leave it to cool before you remove the custard from the steamer.

11. Fried Butter

Source = Wikimedia

You might be wondering why the butter does not melt when it is fry? The thing is the butter which is frozen beforehand is fried after covering in a dough. The deep fried butter flavor is compared to the French toast and is described as ‘the most buttery bread you have ever had.’

It can be prepared using whipped butter and melts into the mix when it is cooked. It is a snack made of butter coated with bread and then deep-fried. There are several versions to fried butter; one popular is prepared using frozen butter dipped in honey-cinnamon and fried until it turns brown, it is then served with a sugar glaze. Another popular version is when deep-fried butter is paired with chocolate-covered bacon. This dish is proof that not only potatoes or chicken are meant to be fry, but people can fry anything.

12. Martabak

Source = Tstatic

When you can’t decide what to eat first chocolate or cheese, Martabak can help you. This Indonesian dish has covered both cheese and chocolate in a delectable recipe. While there are several variations of Martabak, the popular one served is a mix of cheese and chocolate.

If you want to taste spicy version of Martabak, add green onion and minced meat or any spicy flavors to it.

TBH, I didn’t find Martabak a weird recipe, but scrumptious of all. I would surely taste Martabak anytime soon. Will you?

Concluding Thoughts

What do you think- are the above recipes mentioned healthy? I don’t know, but these are the new versions of the ordinary food that we eat.

Do you know more weird recipes prepared out of regular food? Have you seen anyone eating ordinary food strangely? Would you like to try any of these dishes? Drop your comments below.


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