10 Interesting Facts About Coffee That You Might Not Know

For millions of people the best way to start their morning is with a sip of coffee.

6 years ago
10 Interesting Facts About Coffee That You Might Not Know

Even bad coffee sounds better than NO Coffee at ALL. Are you a coffee lover? Are you also the one who is unable to function properly in morning before sipping a coffee? You know how much you love the coffee and how does it give a smooth finish to your great meal. Apart from being the most popular beverages on the earth, besides the reviving taste and exotic flavor, coffee contains a bunch of benefits and some interesting facts that even a coffee lover like you do not know.

1. It was First Discovered by Swedish Botanist Carl Linnaeus

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The genus Coffea was first discovered and named in the 18th century by the Swedish Botanist Carl Linnaeus. It was also first described in his book Species Plantarum from 1753. Coffee Robusta is now the second most coffee species and is discovered more than hundred years later in 1897.

2. Caffeine Protects the Plant From Insects

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Another interesting fact about your favorite drink is that caffeine is a natural pesticide, it functions as a natural defense against insects and pests. That is it protects the coffee plant from insects and other pesticides.

3. It Comes From Berries

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Do you know this fact? Majority of people love coffee but very few of them knows how coffee bean looks like before it is purchased. Coffee beans actually start as bright red berries which are called as coffee cherries. The trees can grow up to 30-35 feet tall but they are cultivated to grow only 3-5 feet to make harvesting easier. (7.1)

4. Coffee Plants Requires Excessive Amount of Water

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According to the studies, the pound of beef requires 1800 gal of water while one pound of coffee requires 2500 gal. Even the coffee plant can live up to 200 years. Yes, you read it right, when they are sprouting the top of the coffee plant looks like a cute little seed, which grows into a plant that can live for centuries. (7.2)

5. Coffee is the Most Widely Consumed Psychoactive Drug

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According to the studies, nearly 80-85% of adults consume coffee in one or the other form. An overdose of coffee cause excitement, gastrointestinal disturbance, irregular rapid heartbeat and may even cause death.

6. There Have Been Attempts to Ban Coffee

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Just thank god that it didn’t happen. Earlier five countries have tried to ban coffee forever. Mecca in 1511, Sweden in 1746, Venice in 1615, Prussia in 1777 and Constantinople in 1623 tried to ban coffee. Today, it is nearly consumed everywhere. (7.3)

7. Scientists Are Working on a Special Cup for Astronauts

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Scientists at Portland State University are continuously working to create a special cup so that astronauts don’t have to drink their coffee out of a bag. And of course, zero-gravity cup comes so expensively, they cost nearly $500 to print in a 3D printer. (7.4)

8. European Initially Referred Coffee as ‘Arabian Wine’

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The word coffee originally came from the Arabic “qahhwat-al-bun" or "wine of the bean." The phrase then turned into qahwa which later modified into kahveh in Turkey and finally became Koffie in Dutch and caffe in Italy.

9. You can Even Swim in Coffee at a Spa in Japan

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If you are bored of drinking coffee and want to try something exotic out of it why not swim in a pool of coffee? The Yunessun spa resort in Hakone, Japan has spas that allow their customers to take bathe in sticky liquids such as coffee, or wine. With an admission price of about 27 dollars, you can have coffee pour over you and can even stroll over the newly ramen bath to swim among the noodles. (7.5)

10. Coffee is the Best Beverage to Improve Your Productivity

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Just like any other energy drink, coffee also improves productivity. The caffeine found in coffee helps in alertness, improves your performance and ultimately enhances your mood. It makes you attentive and makes learning easier.


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