10 Unusual Fruits That You Should Taste at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Mangoes, bananas, and cherries are too common. Explore some exotic fruits from around the world that are rarely available in the nearby supermarket.

6 years ago
10 Unusual Fruits That You Should Taste at Least Once in Your Lifetime

When you see a variety of fruits in the supermarket, you think there are more to choose from. You are right but little do you know that the range which you see in the market is just the beginning of fruit offerings. The grocery stores these days are continuously diversifying their collection to make customers aware of the fruits ranging in different countries. 

But still, many unusual fruits are out there that have never reached the supermarket nearby you. So today, let’s explore some more unusual fruits from around the world.

1. Durian

Source = Livemint

Durian fruit is a combination of the awful smell and unique taste. It is a popular Chinese exotic fruit that is also called called ‘king of fruit’. This unusual fruit contains organic sulfur and tastes like cheese with flavors of different fruits. Regarded as the king of fruit, Durian is known for its large size, strong odor, and thorn-covered rind. Though the smell of this fruit is not liked by everyone, it is in fact very nutritious and healthy.

2. Miracle Fruit

Source = Organicfacts

Miracle Fruit is small but has the power to make sour fruits sweet with its magical taste.  Miraculin, a taste modifier, has the ability to manipulate tongue in a way that it interprets any sour food as sweet. And because of this chemical, this fruit is named as miracle fruit. It has even been tried as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. For instance, try mixing berry juice with lemons and you will get a new delicious drink.

3. Rambutan

Source = Mnn

Rambutan is another unusual fruit that initially looks dangerous but once peeled it's deliciously sweet. It is one of the most important fruit trees of SouthEast Asia and is traditionally cultivated in Malaysia and Thailand. The Rambutan fruit is usually used in making jams and jellies. This myriad colored fruit makes a beautiful landscape. (7.1)

4. Mangosteen

Source = Stylecraze

Mangosteen is grown in Nilgiri hills in the southern districts of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is well protected by its hard exterior but the fruit is soft inside with a tangy taste. In each fruit, the edible flesh surrounds each seed with an endocarp, i.e., the inner layer of the fruit. The fruit has been used as the traditional medicine for a very long time and was once bought from around the world so that it could be sampled by Queen Victoria.

5. Red Bananas

Source = Healthyfoodhouse

Have you ever seen Red Bananas? Well, you know about yellow bananas that they are rich in potassium and should be consumed daily. The red bananas, on the other hand, are a combination of raspberry and mangoes and contain more potassium and Vitamin C than regular bananas. When ripe, red bananas have a flesh that is pink in color. It is mainly exported by producers in South America and the United Arab Emirates.

6. White Pitaya

Source = Babaminbahcesi

White Pitaya or Dragon Fruit is a colorful red fruit with white flesh spotted with black seeds. It resembles the texture of Kiwi. Dragon fruit grows in Latin America and in Asia. Sour pitayas are refreshing with a stronger taste. It is low in calories and has a nutty taste. White Pitaya is also used to flavor alcoholic beverages and juices.

7. Longan

Source = Ethnicseattle

Longan is another unusual fruit in the list that resembles a common fruit Lychee. It is a small round fruit with a shiny black seed. This fully ripened fruit is thin, firm, and has more moisture content. It is aromatic in taste and is often used in Chinese cuisines and in Chinese food therapy and herbal medicines. In contrast to the fresh fruit, it is juicy and the flesh of logans is almost black.

8. Mulberries

Source = Ibsrv

Mulberries are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is native to the Gulf Coast and the eastern United States. The fruit improves digestion, increases circulation, helps in weight loss, and improves the metabolism of the body. It is possibly known to have originated in China and is highly praised for its flavor and excellent composition of nutrients.

9. Jujube

Source = Wadsam

Jujube is an oval and sweet red fruit that resembles date when it matures. The freshly harvested Jujube is often eaten with a snack. The name might sound strange but is full of nutrients. The most amazing health benefits of this fruit include its ability to improve skin health, boost immunity, increase bone mineral density and protect the liver.

10. Water Apple

Source = Dnull

Water apple or popularly known as jambu is a small, round and juicy fruit. The fruit can be consumed as a part of the diet as it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Water Apple is beneficial in controlling diabetes, balancing cholesterol levels, and in improving the immune system.

So these were some unusual fruits that are found across the globe. Tell us if you have tasted any one of these fruits and how was your experience?


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