30+ Star Wars Memes You Would Relate to ONLY If You’re a Star Wars Fan

Let us see how well do you know every character of Star Wars. If you are a fan of it and have not missed a single episode, then you will relate to these Star Wars memes. Let us begin!

4 years ago
    30+ Star Wars Memes You Would Relate to ONLY If You’re a Star Wars Fan

Star Wars is a popular American epic space opera media franchise created by a philanthropist, an American filmmaker, and entrepreneur George Lucas. The first film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope released in 1977, and soon it became a pop-culture phenomenon. It starred Anthony Daniels, Alec Guinness, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and others. Initially, it was released in a limited theatre, but after it became a blockbuster hit, it was expanded to a much wider release. 

If you are a Star Wars fan, then you would know that this franchise has now been expanded into other media including, comic books, video games, theme parks, novels, and how I can forget television series. 

One of the most amazing things about Star Wars is it starts endless debates and opinions on a range of topics. Do you know that the franchise holds a Guinness World Records title for the ‘Most successful film merchandising franchise’? In 2018, it was estimated that the value of the Star Wars franchise was around $68 billion. 

Summarising this popular epic space opera film would be easier if there would be only one film. But, now it has an original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, two anthology films, and TV series. Its two animated series released in the 1980s, and then further series was released in 2000. 

We know that Star Wars television series, novels, and everything about it should be taken seriously, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do fun with it. Nowadays, everyone is an expert in taking screenshots, creating memes, and posting them on social media, and this epic series is no exception. Besides being a popular series, Star Wars filming locations have also attracted people and are now turned into famous tourist-destinations. 

So, here is a quick compilation of Star Wars memes based on its movies, novels, and more. 

But before you scroll below and try to understand these memes don’t forget to watch Star Wars films and television series, if you haven’t. (You won’t get it unless you watch them). Here are a few popular films and television series of Star Wars.

Star Wars Films:

Original Trilogy

Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)

 Prequel trilogy

Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002)

Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Sequel trilogy

Episode VII – The Force Awakens (2015)

Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Television Series:

Animated series

The Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour (1985–1987)

The Clone Wars (2008–2014, 2020)

Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018)

Star Wars Resistance (2018–present)


Clone Wars (2003–2005)

Star Wars Forces of Destiny (2017–2018)

Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures (2018–present)

Star Wars Roll Out (2019–present)

Live-action series

The Mandalorian (2019–present)

Untitled Cassian Andor series

Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi series

So, recall your favorite series of Star Wars and be prepared to laugh out loud because these Star Wars memes are hilarious. Whether it is a joke on Meesa Jar Jar or Luke’s Unintelligence, we bet these memes would make you forget your Monday blues (at least).

1. Do You Know Why?

Source = Acdn.list25.

I was also thinking the same. 

2. If You Have Watched it, You Have Wasted Your Time!

Source = I.ytimg

So you better don’t watch the three episodes of Prequel Trilogy. Because the summary is the entire episode could be sumarized as Calm Down Anakin. 

3. Haha! This is Epic.

Source = Img.buzzfeed

Who do you think is the hottest?

4. No. I Cared for You

Source = Fsmedia.imgix

I don’t care who you are - Darth Maul or Bane, you are my favorite. 

5. This Happens With Me

Source = Fsmedia.imgix

Do you know what is going on?

6. This Happens With Me Every Monday

Source = Acdn.list25.

Mom, please let me sleep for five more minutes.

7. Is This Allowed?

Source = Acdn.list25.


8. Yes, I am Single

Source = Memesjar

That’s okay! I am happy being single. (I wish I had a girlfriend)

9. I Always Blame Jar Jar Binks (*Wink)

Source = Sayingimages

But that’s not fair.

10. This Would Be a Comedy Movie, I am Sure.

Source = Img.buzzfeed.

Would you watch it?

11. Yes, He is my Best Friend.

Source = Acdn.list25

How much did you score? 

12. Lmao! This Looks Like a Trash Can

Source = Static.boredpanda

I looked at this picture twice. 

13. Oh! Really?

Source = Fsmedia.imgix

My father is a murderer!? Yes.

The lightsaber or a laser sword is used by the Sith, the Jedi, and the other forces. If you are interested in knowing more about this sword, then read the different types of lightsabers in the Star Wars and who wielded them to know them better. 

14. This is Hilarious!

Source = Acdn.list25

One piece of advice- keep your system always up to date. 

15. I Think He Has This Problem.

Source = Fsmedia.imgix

Let me die peacefully, you moron.

16. Do You Like Taller Man?

Source = Acdn.list25.

Yes, but it doesn’t have any relation to Star Wars. Oh! I see. 

17. Are You Talking About My Best Friend?

Source = Img.buzzfeed

No. I am talking about your neighbor.

18. It Took Me a While to Get This

Source = Img.buzzfeed

Did you get this?

19. I Never Check the Weather Forecast

Source = Sm.mashable

But I will check it next time. 

20. Yes, I Know You.

Source = Pics.awwmemes.

Oh! That’s great. Thanks.

21. Do You Understand This?

Source = I.pinimg.

Yes, Anakin and the Jedi are common in these pictures. Lols. 

22. Same Pinch, Dude.

Source = Static.boredpanda

Don’t worry! We will figure it out something together.

23. We Have Star Wars in Our Blood

It looks so.

24. Would You Buy This?

Source = Static.boredpanda

Give me some time. 

25. You Would Understand if You are a True Fan of Star Wars

Source = Cdn.vox-cdn

Did you get this? No, I am not a huge fan of Star Wars.

26. Keep it With You. I Don’t Want to Know Even.

Source = Star Wars Memes

 I don’t care. 

27. Point to be Noted.

Source = Thechive.files.wordpress

I am serious. 

28. He is the Best.

Source = Cdn.ebaumsworld

29. How Many Faces Do You Have?

Source = Cdn.ebaumsworld

I have only one, and that is real. 

30. Okay, Better You Do That Now.

Source = Cdn.ebaumsworld.

But what is their number? 

31. There Could Be Only One Jedi.

Source = Cdn.ebaumsworld

Okay, I am not trying to be like him.

32. Because We Find Each Other Cute. Maybe.

Source = Cdn.ebaumsworld.

Yes, this could be the reason. 

33. When Cat Hides Itself Under the Blanket

Source = I.imgflip

Aah! This Look Scary. Do you know who he is? The Jawa from Star Wars. Do you want to know how Jawas look like? No, I am no interested. Okay. 

34. I Used to Do This When I Didn’t Want to Go to School.

Source = Cdn.ebaumsworld

You are a smart kid. 

Final Words

The Stars Wars is one of the epic sagas that need explanations and theories to understand it. After 40 years, several TV shows and movies of Star Wars have become one of the favorite sagas of everyone. Behind all the movies, some characters would never be outdated and would be loved forever. While some people use Star Wars theme on their kids’ birthday party, others use Star Wars stencils in Halloween.

Fans love Star Wars but are also good at making fun of it. People even didn’t leave Donald Trump and made memes on him. Watch out these Donald Trump memes that are hilarious as hell. You might have come across the Star Wars memes, but I find these memes funnier than the word funny itself. 

Don’t worry, if you didn’t find these memes hilarious, read these memes that made laugh everyone. I hope you will find them crazy (fingers crossed). 

How many Star Wars memes from our collection did you find relatable? Have you come across other Star Wars memes that made you laugh harder? If so, drop your comments below. We would love to share them in our next section.


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