15 Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

Animated movies are a great source of entertainment for children. The characters and background animation excites them. Over the...

7 years ago
15 Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

Animated movies are a great source of entertainment for children. The characters and background animation excites them. Over the years this means has developed a lot. A wide variety can be seen in the animation cinema. Some of them have also started coming up with real time actors while others are animated. However, both the kinds take a long while in their making. For quite some time, animated movies have been on the rise and many people are working hard on creating a great visual experience for children from all spheres of life. 

Good animated movies with great storyline and superior effects can be found in abundance. Unfortunately, there are also films that lack fine animation and voice acting. They could not please the children. They were either too cheesy or absurd for the viewer’s eyes. 

Here are 15 worst animated films till date.

15. Mars Needs Moms

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A 9 year old boy is not very appreciative of his mom. During one of their arguments, she is taken away by Martians. On this journey to save his mom, he meets several characters.

The film gives a great message on the appreciation of moms all around the world. However, it could manage only 37% with rotten tomatoes score. With a budget of $150 million, the film earned only $39 million, ending up to secure its place in the biggest box office bombs in movie history.  The story was generic and the 3D motion animation did not please the viewers. 

14. Happily N’ever After

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Happily N’ever After features popular characters in a jumbled fairy tale. The residents of Fairy Tale Land are threatened by the stepmother of Cinderella. She wants to take over their realm along with other evil villains. Now, Ella (Cinderella) must find a way to stop her stepmom. While many people enjoyed the film, a lot of sites didn’t produce great ratings for the film. 

13. Spider’s Web: A Pig’s Tale

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The movie had one of the cutest story lines but the animation could not create its impact. It had extremely low ratings. Walter is a mischievous pig who always blames others for all that happens to him. The film appeals to those young children who do not understand much about the greater concepts. Adults will agree that the film has much to make up for.

12. Get Squirrely

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Get Squirrely could not even receive distribution in the U.S. despite the voice acting by the like of Will Forte, John Leguizamo and John Cleese. This is enough to judge about the film’s reputation. With awful animation and generic story of a squirrel plotting for the robbery in giant nut factory, you and your kids will fall asleep in 10 minutes. 

11. Dino Time

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The movie had a huge budget of $125 million but failed in the collections. Rotten Tomatoes gave only 33% rating. The story did not go too well. It lacked the imaginations required for children. Three kids find a time machine similar to an egg. They went back in time landing up in the nest of a T-Rex mother. They need to find their way to home before the eggs hatch. There are many things about the film but the first one is the title of the film. 

10. Strange Magic

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Strange Magic comes on this list because the potential of the movie was high but it generated mediocre results. It is the best looking animation on this list but the plot was ridiculous. The movie had various pop songs in musical sequences but there was lack of laughs which shall be consistent in kid’s genre. This was a passionate project by George Lucas who co-wrote the story. The movie is a proof that Lucas’s magic has gone.

9. Doogal

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Doogal had its own American voice cast and a new script. But it turned out to be a downfall. The plot became non-existent and abundant jokes were not presented in the way they were expected. The characters suffered because crucial were cut and replaced by pop culture references. The trailer also took references from Lord of the Rings even which did not generate better output.  

8. Norm Of The North

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This was an epic misfire from the Lionsgate’s animation division. The animation of the movie is nowhere near the level Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks. The movie follows a polar bear who travels to New York City to cease the intentions of a selfish developer in the Arctic. It also includes the voice talents of Rob Schneider and twerking moves.

7. Kiara The Brave

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The movie’s title will remind you of the famous Disney movie Brave but they are different. Kiara’s evil uncle plans to overthrow her father and rule the kingdom. She must save the kingdom. It has been considered a knock off with Brave for many reasons. Many children have loved the movie but it still lacks better story and visuals. One must look beyond terrible graphics and voice acting to appreciate the film. 

6. Sir Billi

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Sir Billi (titled as Guardians of the Highland in U.S.) turned out to be the final acting role for Sean Connery. A skateboard veterinarian is on his mission to save the beaver. The terrible animation of the movie is matched by its dull story. 

Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw writes 

“Even the vocal presence of Sean Connery can’t lend interest to this tedious, crudely animated, bafflingly conceived cartoon feature, liable to please neither children nor adults.”

5. The Little Panda Fighter

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This was an attempt originated from Brazil to capitalize on Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda which released the same year. The animations were terrible and plot was taken from Kung Fu Panda. It still did not have any good portions. The movie is also quite boring to watch.

4. Delgo

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The poster of Delgo looks amazing and the concept is also not bad. A war takes place between two races; warrior falls in love with the princess of enemy state. There are also magic stones and the focal character is given Freddie Prinze Jr.’s voice. It’s kind of a shame that in the budget of $40 million, the film could not even manage $700,000 at the box office, thus becoming one of the worst bombs in history. The plot was a mess and animation was too lazily rendered to compete in the respective animation techniques and levels.

3. Food Fight!

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Actors like Charlie Sheen, Chris Kattan, and Hilary Duff have lent their voices for the movie. The plot is very similar to Sausage Party. It features horrible animation, worst jokes, product placement and the mid 90's video game scenes. And its making cost was $45 million.

2. Bolivar: El Heroe

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Bolivar: El Heroe (Bolivar: The Hero) is a Colombian film. The movie supposes that kids are too stupid to make out differences between the past animation and current animation. Remember that it was released in 2003 and not 1975. Their decision to choose anime inspired visuals is still a mystery. Bolivar is the central character depicted as a flaming haired man lady. The trailer shows him performing a finishing move similar to that of the Naruto video game. Overzealous voice acting and near static animation makes the movie a curious internet mystery. 

1. Titanic: The Legend Goes On

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Every list of worst animated movies begins with the Italian film Titanic: The Legend Goes On. The movie was created in a span of two years. This was an obvious attempt to capture the success of James Cameron’s Titanic which released three years before this movie. Everything that can be done to offend the viewers has been done in this movie. 

These misfires include talking animals on Titanic which also includes a rapping dog, stereotyped Mexican mice and tonal inconsistency. The movie doesn’t seem to respect or emphasize on the actual tragedy. 


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