10 Movies With Truly Interesting Plots to Watch if You Haven’t Already!

A great script not only makes the movie a superhit but also truly unforgettable. Here is a quick compilation of movies with the best surprises and interesting plots.

6 years ago
10 Movies With Truly Interesting Plots to Watch if You Haven’t Already!

Among the movies with predictable plots, there is some extraordinary cinematic art that breaks the mediocre plots and attracts the audience. The Hollywood industry continues to deliver film lovers an interesting storyline and surprising tale behind the characters. But there are some which leave us talking for years and have booked their place in the film history. Needless to Say, they are “The Best”!

1. Atonement (2007)

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Briony Trail has a crush on the son of the family housekeeper (Robbie). When she catches her sister Cecilia having sex with housekeeper’s son, Briony misunderstands the situation. She blames Robbie for an assault on her cousin even though she didn’t witness the attack.

Robbie was sent to prison and later joins the army to fight in WWII, while Cecilia became the nurse. Briony felt guilt for derailing both lives and visits them to apologize.

And here comes the twist – both Robbie and Cecilia don’t happen to spend a life together as Robbie dies in the war and Cecilia dies in bombing in London. Briony turns old and writes a book in which they both live happily together after as repentance.

2. Citizen Kane (1941)

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An American mystery drama film by Orson Welles opens up with newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane on his deathbed. His final word on the deathbed was ‘Rosebud’. This last word of Charles inspired a journalist to discover the meaning of his final word. He wanted to uncover the ruthless quest for power and fortune of this famous business tycoon.

The twist comes when the audience think that Rosebud must be something tricky or unusual, but it was actually the name of Kane’s childhood sled. This proved that how this business tycoon had a touch of sentimentality inside him.

3. Saw (2004)

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This low-budget movie attracted the audience with the intense blood and gore. ‘Saw’, directed by James Wan, seems practically unusual when compared to the rest of the series. It is still the best of all series with interesting plot and storyline. What kept the audience talking about the film was that Jigsaw himself was in the room with the two men playing the game, the whole time! The film truly deserves a place in the horror film history.

4. Planet of the Apes (1968)

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When you are talking about movies with amazing plots, how can you forget to mention the directorial by Franklin J. Schaffner ‘Planet of the Apes’. Three astronauts land on an unknown planet after traveling for 2000+ years. They come on a new land where chimpanzees, gorillas and other non- human primates rule the world and homo sapiens were tagged as the second class citizens. While the audience was loving the film in the same plot, it was revealed that the surviving astronauts that stumbled across a half sunken renowned statue the Statue of Liberty on the shore, were actually spending the whole time on EARTH.

5. Friday the 13th (1980)

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The plot revolves around the camp Crystal Lake which closed 20 years ago when Jason Voorhees drowned and two counselors having sex were murdered. The body of the young boy was never found and even the counselors who tried re-opening the camp were murdered one by one.

Jason’s mother was responsible for all deaths as he believed that her son died because the counselors were having sex. She disclosed this to the only surviving counselor who then successfully killed Mrs. Voorhees.  While waiting for help from the police, Voorhees was attacked by the decaying body of Jason.

6. The Prestige

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Directed by Christopher Nolan, ‘The Prestige’ released in 2006 is another movie in the list with a really interesting plot that features Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman in lead roles. The action takes place in the 19th century when the mystery is all around and the focus is kept on magic tricks. The story starts with two old-time friends Robert and Alfred who are illusionists but their career path turned them into adversaries. Time flies and both sniff out the trade secrets and become enemies. The film throws many twists and turns for all those who love fresh stories and unpredictability.

7. The Usual Suspects

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The Usual Suspects, directed by Bryan Singer, is truly an interesting movie for those who love to play detective. The plot revolves around the bad guy’s assaults that compete with other bad guys. After the clash, there is only one survivor left which tells the twist and the events leading up to the horrific battle on a boat.  He tells an interrogator about the events that leads the partners in crime to the boat and about the mob boss Keyser Soze who commissions their work.

8. Déjà Vu

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The name itself reveals everything about the plot. Both the scriptwriter and the director are in it to make time traveling as feasible as they can. Doug joins FBI to investigate about the Ferry explosion using the technique that allowed him to look into the past. He also tries to save a woman he knows. Overall, the film is really good with interesting picture elements and amazing storyline.

9. Inception

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Featuring Leonardo diCaprio, ‘Inception’ is an absolutely riveting stuff. It is a complex, intense story and a complete entertainment package. The plot revolves around the con who steals the data from the targets by entering their dreams. He is wanted for his role in his wife’s murder and his only chance to be saved is by performing an inception.  If you are really looking for something extraordinary to start the weekend with, ‘Inception’ should be your choice.

10. The Game

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The combination of the interesting plotlines and the dynamic elements make ‘The Game’ a true masterpiece of all. Though the climax of the movie is predictable, it doesn’t spoil the fun in between. The way the director and the writer have demonstrated the story is really fine and conventional.

This was a list of some of the best movies with truly interesting plots so far. If your favorite one is not featured on the list, share in the comments and we will create a second part for it.


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