10 Most Famous Spy Agents in Hollywood

Nothing can escape their super-alert senses, they’re spy agents. James Bond is our all-time favorite, but here are some other famous spies who’ve upped the thrill quotient in Hollywood movies.

6 years ago
10 Most Famous Spy Agents in Hollywood

Spy genres make for incredibly head-spinning storylines, classic whodunnits, and twist endings. This genre rose in Hollywood during the silent era, blossomed during WWII, and peaked during the Cold War. Fear, thrill, and adrenalin rush make a spy film worth a watch. 

Here are the 10 most famous and memorable spies of Hollywood who are known for their sly tactics, easygoing performances, and elegant attire.

10. George Smiley

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is an adaptation of John le Carre’s spy novel. British Intelligence Officer George Smiley (played by Gary Oldman) is a spy agent who has exceptional cerebral skills rather than athletic. Oldman even bagged a much-deserved nomination for an Academy Award for his outstanding rendition.

9. Jimmy Tong

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Jimmy Tong, played by Jackie Chan, is the spy character in the 2002 comedy-action film ‘The Tuxedo’. He plays an ordinary taxi driver who gets transformed into an urbane spy agent in the James Bond by a feat of technological magic.

8. Evelyn Salt

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In the 2010 action thriller film Salt, Angelina Jolie plays the enigmatic character of Evelyn Salt. She appears to be a spy but whose side she’s on - US or Russia - is the real mystery. With great direction and writing keeping the question dangling, Jolie’s sly traitor-ish performance makes it so compelling to watch.

7. Phil Coulson

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Spy agent Phil Coulson happens to be one of the most popular supporting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clark Gregg’s likeability and his portrayal as an agent for one of the world’s most powerful organizations made his performance unflappable.

6. Napoleon Solo

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Portrayed by Henry Cavill, Napoleon Solo is the spy from the 2015 feature film “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”. A former war profiteer, WWII soldier, and art thief, he later gets hired by the CIA after his 15-year prison sentence.

5. Harry Hart

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Harry Hart featuring Colin Firth as a combat-ready spy agent was surely a treat to watch. Kingman has a 60s influence for the retro glasses, costly tailoring, and precise hair. As the highly-publicized barroom fight scene shows, Hart has the ability to deliver a punch or kick quite like a modern action hero.

4. Ethan Hunt

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Mission Impossible series’ protagonist Ethan Hunt is the modern action cinema’s all-smiles spunky spy. He’s also an expert in impersonations and a sly tactician for he effortlessly makes his way through high-tech impossibly fortified buildings.

3. Agents K & J

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Agents J and K in the “Men in Black” films are sci-fi’s most famous spy duo. Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) move around stumbling upon on weirdest of jobs in the world and keep a watch on the activities of extraterrestrials on the planet. Even when the alien effects and action go ridiculously out of control, Smith and Jones render the franchise's rock-solid center.

2. Jason Bourne

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The Bourne franchise fame Jason Bourne emerged as a refreshing and absolutely distinct spy agent of Hollywood when it made its debut in 2002. Bourne’s identity crisis, the habit of hustling with pens and books or driving around in shabby cars make him stand out and markedly different from others.

1. James Bond

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Ever since his debut in Dr. No, James Bond has been part of the cultural landscape. The elegant choice in attire, liquor, and quips of his is quite a statement and has been appreciated as well as parodied around the world.

For over 50 years, this all-time legendary and most famous spy has been portrayed in different forms: the bold & flinty Sean Connery,  the suave & poised Roger Moore, and the thoughtful and aggressive Daniel Craig.


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