14 Celebrity Pets That Are Richer Than You and Are Leading a Lavish Life

Check out celebrity pets that are famous as their owners and have thousands of followers on social media. No doubt, they are richer than you and are living lavishly.

4 years ago
14 Celebrity Pets That Are Richer Than You and Are Leading a Lavish Life

When it comes to owning a pet, right from a celeb to ordinary people, everybody is animal-loving. While some people look for horses or cats to own as a pet, others search for low maintenance dog breeds as their family member. It is believed that dogs are humans best friend. However, not only dogs but animals like Sugar Glider and Dragon Lizard are also humans’ best companions.

You may find celebrities posing on the magazine covers and clicking a picture on the streets, but do you know some pets are more famous than their owners? Celebrities are like us. Right? But this is not true when it comes to their pets. Whether they have a kitty or a cute pup, their pets take everything to the next level. They share the spotlight, are pampered, and even become a part of the movies.

So, if you keep searching for the best photos of your favorite actor or model on the internet, stop a bit. Look for celebrity pets and see how they are attracting everyone from around the world. But before you plan to own a pet, read these common traits shared by a pet owner for a better experience.

Here are a few celebrity pets that are adorable and might have a share in their owner’s property (who knows)!

1. Tom Hardy - Woodstock

Source = Boredpanda

Tom Hardy is a brilliant actor and has delivered several blockbuster films. He is such a dog lover that he has created an Instagram account that is dedicated to dogs and his love for them.

After his pet Woodstock died in 2017, he shared an emotional tribute to his pet and called him the best friend ever. He rescued Woodstock from the roadside, and since then, this pair was inseparable. He even joined him on the film sets and in events.

Tom Hardy later joined PETA to share the message of animal adoption and to find a shelter for them. You can find Woodstock’s pictures on Tom’s Instagram account.

Well, you don’t have to be a celebrity to do this, see how this man recycles old tires and creates a comfy bed for stray animals. Do whatever you think is best for stray animals.

2. Kristen Stewart - Jack

Source = Pinimg

You might find this celebrity pet shocking. But, the popular vampire love story Twilight fame Kristen Stewart finds him adorable and sweet. Her mom has four hybrid wolf-dogs, and she gave one to Kristen on her 24th birthday.

In 2013, she was spotted with a black pup that looked similar to bear. She named the dog Cole after her character’s name in the movie Camp X-ray.

Bernie is another pet that Kristen adopted in 2012. She also has a cat named Jella. She says in her free time, she spends time with her pets.

3. Reese Witherspoon - Honky and Tonks

Source = Raremirror

This Oscar-winning actress owns two donkeys, three goats, 20 chickens, and three dogs. She is a great pet lover and has a separate farm for pets. Check her Instagram, and you will see her love for animals. In almost every role that she played, she is accompanied by a dog. In 2019, she adopted a blue-eyed dog named Lou, after the death of her dog Nash.

While visiting her friend’s farm, she finds them cute and later bought them for herself. Not everyone is a fan of farm animals. Her neighbors frequently complain about the noises they make. She is madly in love with them and plans to adopt another. Can you guess who it could be? You will know with her Instagram post.

I find her collection of pets a bit weird. What are your thoughts?

4. Sophie Turner - Waldo & Porky

Source = Perezhilton

Sophie Turner loves animals. She recently adopted a new puppy after the death of her beloved dog Waldo. Waldo died in an accident. The couple was devastated by the death of their pet and got matching tattoos inked in honor of their dog. Check out more celeb tattoos and the stories behind their inking.

Source = Timesofindia

While the couple along with their family enjoying in Miami, they were spotted with a new golden retriever. They still have Waldo’s brother Porky, who luckily got safe during an accident. Their pets travel internationally, have passports, and even get dressed occasionally.

Both dogs were the stars of social media. Jonas also posed with them for People’s 2018 Sexiest Man Alive Issue.

5. Kim Kardashian - Sushi

Source = Etonline

Kim Kardashian’s journey from being a TV star to an entrepreneur is known to all. She is crazy about animals and owns several pets. Kim gave a cute Pomeranian to her daughter on her 4th birthday, which she named Sushi. I find it cute!

Besides Sushi, Kim earlier adopted a boxer puppy, who she named Rocky. In 2009, Kim got the cat as a gift from Kanye West and named her Mercy. While Kim’s daughter has Sushi with her, she is also a friend to five goldfish, namely Sky, Zuma, Little Mermaid, Chase, and Shopkins.

6. David Beckham - David and Elton

Source = Pinimg

Now, this is one of the weirdest celebrity pets on the list. Who could own pigs as a pet? Well, David Beckham can. These two cup-sized pigs weigh about 9oz at birth and can grow up to 65lbs when fully grown. He named them after his family friends David Furnish and Elton John.

These cute pigs live in Beckham’s county in England. The pigs were bought by his wife during Christmas in 2009. He also has two dogs named Olive and Coco. Coco’s claws are painted in bubblegum pink and look cute. The Pedigree pigs have joined the farm situated within his property. The pigs are adorable and enjoy the dog’s company.

When it comes to a celeb like David Beckham, it is not surprising to hear about his pets living a luxurious life and lavish choices. After his picture with pet sleeping on his chest went viral on the internet, people googled about the price of that blanket. And guess what! Its price was above four lakhs. While some admired the dog’s style, others find it weird to spend so much on a dog’s accessory.

7. Mike Tyson - Pigeon

Source = Timeincapp

Dogs, cats, and even parrots are common pet animals. But pigeon! I find this Mike Tyson’s habit unusual. Back in the day, Mike Tyson was a popular boxer. Today, he has a new hobby of pigeon racing. During his boxing days, he used to collect pigeons. After retirement, his collection of pigeon grew and now owns thousands of pigeons. He even has hired a pigeon trainer to understand them better.

Mike Tyson also owns Bengal Tigers and kitties. It is reported that this former boxer spent $70,000 on each kitty and even more on their living and food expenses. You won’t believe that these cats eat around 40 pounds of meat every day. He spent $125,000 a year for tiger training with a coach. Unfortunately, he had to give some of his exotic pets due to money trouble. Before giving them, he was featured in The Hangover.

8. Leonardo Dicaprio - Tortoise

Source = Dnaindia

When talking about unconventional pets, Leonardo Di Caprio has a tortoise and a bearded dragon named lizard. He has a Sulcata tortoise, which he bought in 2010 for $400. He was only 38 pounds at that time and can grow up to 200 pounds.

It is rare to have a pet that can live more than his/her owner. He picked this tortoise at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show in Anaheim, CA. Leo might find it difficult to commit a woman, but his commitment to animals is worth praising. He also owns a Rottweiler named Baby.

9. Michael Jackson - Bubbles

Source = Timeincuk

Michael Jackson’s beloved chimpanzee, Bubbles, was rescued in the 1980s when he was a baby chimpanzee. His pet lived with him for long 26 years. Unfortunately, in 2009, when Michael died, he was shifted to a special conservatory in Florida. His death is still a subject of controversy.

Source = Collider

When he was young, he lived lavishly. He used to sleep in the baby and was photographed eating biscuits with Michael. Not only this, he even used Michael’s toilet and ate candies in the theater. People believed that Michael used to treat him like a lost sibling, and through him, he lived his childhood.

10. Nicholas Cage - Octopus

Source = Celebritypets

Nicholas Cage reached a new level when he purchased an Octopus. He believed that his pets helped him in acting and rehearsing dialogues. I wonder how!

Experts state that keeping a pet like Octopus needs extra care and maintenance. Also, they have unique dietary needs. He was dealing with money troubles when he spent $276,000 and purchased an octopus and two snakes.

Beyond several assets, including pyramid tomb in St. Louis Cemetery, Nicholas also has a collection of dinosaur skulls and two king cobra named Sheba and Moby.

11. Usher Raymond IV - Poppy

Source = Peopledotcom

Usher named his Goldendoodle as Poppy at the Second Annual Pencils of Promise Gala in Guastavino in New York. Poppy is a cross-breed dog that is a mix of retriever and poodle. He bought this cute puppy at a heavy price tag of $12,000 in an auction.

Source = Pinimg

The amount was used in a social cause, but people found it ridiculous. His sons love playing with Poppy and are bowled over his cuteness.

12. Paris Hilton - Tinkerbell

Source = Lifeandstylemag

Paris has a lot of pets. A few of them are a pig, sugar glider, pony, dogs, munchkin cat, and more. Her dog Tinkerbell was her best friend, but she died. She was often spotted sitting in Hilton’s purse. She is crazy for her dogs and even bought a two-story mansion for them.

Source = Bbvms

The mansion is designed in a Spanish colonial style and features a beautiful balcony on the second floor. The room has walls painted in pink and has a black chandelier. Can you guess at what price Hilton bought this home? She purchased this beautiful house at a price tag of $325,000. Not only Paris, but these people also have built a home - cum-mansions for their dogs.

13. Miley Cyrus - Bubba Sue

Source = Glamour

It seems that celebs love pigs very much. Miley is fond of her pets and keeps posing with them. You can check her Instagram account to see their adorable pictures.

She has a pig, seven dogs, two horses, and two mini horses. She dresses them beautifully and cuddles with them on her bed. She adopted Rottweiler-beagle with her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in 2012.

Miley Cyrus has tattooed kitty emoji inside her bottom lip.  No wonder, this is bizarre, and celebrities have hilarious choices when it comes to tattoos.

Source = Pinimg

She also adopted a dog named Milky and urged people to adopt stray dogs. Miley has a cute pig named Bubba Sue. She even dressed pig as bacon for Halloween. She also owns a cat named Lilo. Her sister adopted another cat, and now the two of them are great friends.

14. Taylor Swift - Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson

Source = Pinimg

Just like Taylor Swift’s songs are a huge hit, her pets are super-famous.

She has two Scottish fold cats named - Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Taylor loves them the most and spends most of her spare time with them.

Taylor also owns two Dobermans called Baby and Bug and a Ragdoll kitten named Benjamin Button. She frequently features her pets in her pictures and posts their videos on social media.

Final Words

Be it a dog or a donkey, every animal that is owned should be well cared for and loved. Animals are the best companions. They understand you and are loyal. While some pets need more attention, others are happy being alone.

If not these adorable pets, then how about owning wild animals? Don’t forget that they are animals and might need a good training initially. Have you ever planned to own a pet? Which of the celebrity pet do you like the most? Do you know any other celebrity pets that are famous and are living a lavish life? If so, share them with us below.


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