10 Celebrity Graves Turned Tourist Attractions That Prove They Are Still Remembered

These graveyards of celebrities have become a tourist attraction and draw large crowds from around the world.

4 years ago
10 Celebrity Graves Turned Tourist Attractions That Prove They Are Still Remembered

People follow the lifestyle of their favorite celebs and get inspired by their stories of struggle or homelessness. While only lucky ones are those who get the chance to meet their favorite personality when they are alive, others pay them tribute after they die by visiting their graveyards or final resting place.

Be it a movie or musical performances: these celebs have become an important part of ordinary people. They not only make a strong impact when they are alive but also after their death. Celebrity graves are becoming a tourist attraction, and people are adding to visit their favorite celebs graveyards on the bucket list.

Today people not only search about celebrity pets and how rich they are but also about their final resting place. So, are you ready to know where the celebs like Clark Gable and Jimmy Steward are buried? If yes, then scroll below.

1. Clark Gable

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Born on February 1, 1901, Clark Gable was a popular American actor and was referred to as the King of Hollywood. His early life was confusing and struggling. His mother died when he was very young. He did many jobs for his survival.

He gained training in the stock exchange by a woman who later became his wife. He began his career as an extra in silent films and then played as a supporting role. He became a lead actor in 1931 in the film Dance, Fools, Dance, and then there was no looking back for him.

On 6 November 1960, he was sent to a medical center in California, where doctors found that he suffered a heart attack. By the morning, he was recovering but died in the evening from an arterial blood clot. He was buried at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California, in a closed casket. Do you know Gable was married five times?

2. Jim Morrison

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Jim Morrison was a songwriter and poet. He was regarded as one of the most influential and iconic men in rock history. Along with popular film director and American musician Ray Manzarek, he co-founded The Doors (American rock band) in California. He wrote many songs for The Doors, including The End, People Are Strange, Riders on the Storm, and more.

He was ranked at number 47 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. He developed an alcohol dependency that affected his performances on stage. Unfortunately, he died at the young age of 27. An autopsy was performed, but the reason for his death is still not known. He was found by Pamela Courson (long term companion of Morrison) in a bathtub. Jim Morrison was homeless once and then earned fame.

Jim Morrison was buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. It is one of the most visited places in Paris. Jim Morrison is not the only celeb buried here, but celebs like Edith Piaf and Irish Poet Oscar Wilde are also buried at Père Lachaise. In 1990, Morrison’s father, after consultation with Professor of Classics and Humanities, placed a flat stone on the grave. On average, 3.5 million people visit the site annually.

3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an influential composer of the Classical Period. He was a child prodigy who was an expert in playing violin and keyboard and used to compose songs from the age of 5. He composed over 600 songs, many of which are recognized as pinnacles of choral music and chamber.

He died in 1791 due to rheumatic fever and was buried in an unmarked grave alongside other people in St. Marx Cemetery in Vienna. The reason behind his death is still unknown. Recent findings suggest that he died due to the plague because the plague was prevalent in Europe at that time.

His funeral arrangements were made by his friend & patron Gottfried van Swieten. The cemetery was closed in 1784. After a few years, the location became a protected listed monument and was reopened to the public. He was only 36 years old when he died.

4. Princess Diana, Althorp, Northamptonshire

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Princess Diana was a member of the British royal family and the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. Around 27 cakes were ordered at Diana and Prince Charle’s wedding reception. It was on 31st August 1997 when Princess Diana died in a car accident in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris. In this accident, her driver, Egyptian film producer Dodi Fayed, and acting security manager of the hotel died.

The sudden death of this popular personality brought statements from senior figures and tributes by millions. People left flowers, letters, candles, and personal messages outside her palace for several months. Diana’s coffin was draped with the flag and was brought by Diana’s sisters and Prince Charles from Paris to London.

Source = Telegraph

Millions of people gathered on the route from where Diana’s coffin was taken to Althorp. The burial took place the same day. Her former husband, son, and a close friend were present. She was buried on the grounds of her childhood home at Althorp, England.

Initially, it was decided that she would be buried in the Spencer family vault at the local church in Great Brington. But later, Lord Spencer said that she should be buried where her grave could be visited in privacy by relatives.

5. Bruce Lee

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Seattle’s Lakeview Cemetery, in Washington, is the final resting place of Bruce and Brandon Lee. The site is a popular tourist attraction and is visited by millions of people every year. The location is covered by evergreen shrubs. You would be amazed to know that this Cemetery is not only a tourist spot but also a global pilgrimage site. Lee Jun-fan, or professionally known as Bruce Lee, was a director, martial artist, philosopher, and instructor.

Bruce Lee was also the founder of Jeet Kune Do, and also the most influential martial artists of all time. He was only 32 years old when he died. On 10 May 1973, he collapsed during an automated dialogue replacement in Hong Kong. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found that he was diagnosed with cerebral edema. After the treatment, he went well and resumed his work.

After a few months, he again complained of a headache and lied for a nap. When he didn’t come down for dinner, the producer Chow called the doctor, but he died. The reports revealed that his brain was swollen from 1400 to around 1550 grams.

Even after 46 years of his death, on his birthday, his fans and followers come to his grave and wish him by putting letters and flowers. Once its was reported that Kurt Cobain was not allowed to be buried there, as several people come to visit Bruce Lee’s grave.

6. Bob Marley

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Robert Nesta Marley, or better known as Bob Marley, was a songwriter and Jamaican singer. His contributions to Jamaican music made him a popular personality around the world for over a decade.

In July 1977, he was found to have a malignant melanoma under the nail of a toe. He consulted a doctor who advised him to have his toe amputated, but this would hinder his career. He didn’t agree, and instead, his nail and nail bed were removed, and skin was taken from his thigh to cover the area. He continued doing performances and shows.

His album Uprising that released in 1980 was his last album. He, along with his team, completed a tour of Europe and played the biggest concert to over 10,000 people in Milan. Then they went to the USA and performed two shows. He collapsed during a tour in Central Park. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors said that his cancer has spread to his brain.

After a few months, his health started deteriorating as cancer spread throughout the body. He took treatment and then boarded for Jamaica. While he was flying from Germany, his vital functions worsened, and the plane landed in Miami. He was taken to the hospital;  unfortunately, he died on 11 May 1981. He was buried in a chapel with his guitar.

After his death, an expensive mausoleum was erected nearby from his village of Nine Miles. His family named it Bob Marley Mausoleum. It is now turned into a popular tourist spot and is managed by Bob’s family. The site has several historical artifacts, including his photographs and awards.

7. Sir Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton was an astronomer, author, physicist, and an English mathematician who was regarded as one of the best scientists of all time. Isaac Newton’s book Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica laid the foundation of classical mechanics.

It was claimed that Newton got engaged; however, he didn’t get married. It was on March 20, 1727, when the physicist died in London. He died at the age of 84 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Sir Isaac Newton is considered to be the man with the greatest minds throughout history.

After his death, his hair was examined, and the reports found that it contained mercury. He grew mostly alone, and for the rest of his life, he focused on studies and writing. Other popular personalities who were buried here are Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, and William Wilberforce.

8. William Shakespeare

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Is there anyone who doesn’t know who William Shakespear is? He was a popular English poet, actor, and the world’s greatest dramatist. His extant work includes 154 sonnets, 39 plays, and a few verses. His plays are still translated into several languages and performed around the world.

He died in 1616 when he was 52 years old. He was survived by his wife and two daughters. He died within a month after he signed his will. Half a century later, the vicar of Stratford - upon Avon, John Ward wrote in a book,

"Shakespeare, Drayton, and Ben Jonson had a merry meeting and, it seems, drank too hard, for Shakespeare died of a fever there contracted."

Shakespeare’s funerary monument is a popular memorial that is situated inside Holy Trinity Church at Stratford-upon-Avon. It is the church in which William Shakespeare was baptized and buried in the chancel two days after his death.

This famous quote All That Glitters is Not Gold has been derived from his play The Merchant of Venice. But do you know that the word Glitters was not used, instead Glisters was used in the 17th century as the synonym for Glitter? Here are more famous misquotes that people believe to be true.

9. Mark Twain

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, was a publisher, entrepreneur, lecturer, and American writer. He was called the father of American Literature by Nobel Prize Laureate Willian Faulkner.

Mark Twain lived his later years in Manhattan. He was depressed after his daughter Susy died due to Meningitis. In 1909, his close friend died suddenly. In September, he started publishing chapters from his autobiography. Mark Twain’s house is considered to be one of the historic homes in the world.

On April 21, 1910, he died of a heart attack at the age of 74. His death-premonition turned out to be true. Mark Twain’s remains were transported to New York to be buried with his wife and other family members. He was buried in his wife’s family plot at Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, New York.

The two bronze plaques on the structure are of Ossip Gabrilowitsch (son-in-law) and Mark Twain. You can also see three photos on the right edge of the monument that shows how his body was removed from his home, then the coffin was taken to New York, and how the funeral services were held.

10. Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor or Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a humanitarian and entrepreneur, and a popular British American actress. She was paid $1 million to portray the role in Cleopatra, the most expensive film made during that time. She was the last celeb of classical Hollywood cinema and also the first of modern celebrity. She was also considered as the Gay icon and received recognition for her AIDS activism.

Throughout her life, she was the subject of media attention. She got married eight times to seven men and lived a jet-set lifestyle. She was also the one to have the most expensive collections of jewelry in the world.

She died when she was 79 years old due to congestive heart failure in 2011. She suffered from scoliosis, and also underwent an operation in which her spinal discs were removed and replaced with bone. She also got diagnosed with a brain tumor and got a treatment for skin cancer in 2002. In March 2011, she died at a hospital in Los Angeles.

After her death, an American-non-governmental media monitoring organization GLAAD issued a statement describing her the icon of the LGBT community where she ensured that everyone was treated with respect and dignity. She was survived by ten grandchildren, four children, and four great-grandchildren.

Do you know she was buried next to Michael Jackson, her close friend at Forest Lawn Memorial Park? She would be forever remembered for her work and especially for the efforts that she put for the LGBT community.

Final Words

Celebrities make a strong impact on everyone’s life. People follow their lifestyle, find them as inspiration, and sometimes even buy similar dresses that they wore.

Also, it is interesting to read about their struggles and how they reached the top position. It is not surprising to see that even after the celebs have died, people remember them and pass their learnings to future generations.

Have you ever visited any of the celebrity graves? How was your experience?


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