13 Donald Trump Moments That Are Funnier Than The Word Funny Itself

An assortment of Donald Trump funny moments and trolls, which is beyond funny. You should not miss it for anything in this world.

6 years ago
13 Donald Trump Moments That Are Funnier Than The Word Funny Itself

Donald Trump has been a hot subject for trolls and memes since he was elected as the President of the United States and these witty people on the net are not to blame. Trump has been saying a lot of ridiculous things that a person should not say let alone The President of the United States, he has been taking a lot of fire for making racist, sexist and all kind “ist” remarks on people of color, women, and other sexes.

So, what do we do with a President like that running our country that has its influence known all over the world? 

We just make miserably funny moments of a dim of a person our laugh stock and laugh it off, for we already have a lot going with our lives.

Get ready to hop on Roller Coaster laughter with these 13 Funniest Donald Trump Moment:

1) This Hilarious Vine Compilation Of Trump Will Make Your Day

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2) On High Tides

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3) Unlike Other Presidents Trump Can Invent New Words

Source = Wordpress

4) Her Majesty Demands A Bigass Wall That Is Already Paid For

Source = Boredpanda

5) Trump Is Piece Of Art, From His Hair To Chin

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6) For The Next Act Trump Will Pull Out Mexicans From US’ Nose

Source = Dumpaday

7) Or Maybe He Is Just Cheating

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8) A US Exclusive Netflix Series

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9) He Is Effortlessly Hillaryous

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10) Using Your Trump To Win A Hand

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11) Watchout! We Got A Badass Over Here

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12) An Unhealthy Raw Sushi

Source = Theawesomedaily

13) Donald Trump's Rendition Of The Queen's Classic

Source = "Dmytro Morykit Music"


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