10 Of The Most Short-Tempered Celebrities Around The World

News & Celebrities is not a rare combination but when they combine in terms of violent and bad attitude then, it became an unforgettable headline. Check out the name of some celebrities who got so notorious because of their ill-tempered issues.

5 years ago
10 Of The Most Short-Tempered Celebrities Around The World

Glam Industry is a huge brand and the unique amalgamation of your favorite celebs and lots of gossip columns. But, it is not merely about healthy talks all the time, as popularity is not an indication of quality always.

The industry and these stars seem so beautiful on screen and off screen until you do not reveal their angriest side. However, we understand that being a celebrity is not an easy job, they too have many accountabilities like maintaining a professional attitude and hectic schedule and lot more. But, we cannot deny that constant chasing, paparazzi and weird questions of media can be annoying at times. However, there are some celebs who know how to handle these infuriating question of media and they handle it quite gracefully, but what about the rest!

Whether they’re getting arrested or talking badly with the fans or media, there is no limit of pesky incidents of celebs. This is a list comprised of 10 celebrities with outrageous anger issues, check out their story here:

1) Kelly Osbourne

Source = Thehairstyler

A famous singer, actress, and a fashion designer -Kelly Osbourne needs no lines to embellish her introduction. But, there is one more reason for her popularity, well not a good reason but it’s anger issues. We cannot neglect that Kelly often popped up in the news headlines for losing her temper. She has become really ill-famed for the cruel things and also how can we forget the ugliest catfight when she said about Christina Aguilera: “She called me fat for so many f**king years, so you know what? F**k you! You’re fat too. Seems like verbally attacks on celebrity are like her favorite hobby.

2) Alec Baldwin

Source = Wikimedia

A great combination of famous actor, writer, producer and comedian Alec Baldwin has acquired so much popularity. Well, he seems like the coolest guy and a nice dude on screen because of his great comedic work. But, he had a lot of anger issues, even in front of the public that reflect an absolutely different tale about his behavior. He just hates paparazzi and being surrounded by media. In fact, it seems like he just doesn’t like journalist yes, he is one of those celebs who does not want to be bothered by media and paparazzi. There are a couple of examples of his anger issues with media like once he assaulted two photographers who were just trying to click his picture. This is insane!

3) Mel Gibson

Source = Timeincuk

An American actor and the filmmaker pretty famous for his action hero roles. He is one of those actors who used to portray the heroic character on screen. He has played a bunch of courageous and doughty roles and that is probably the reason a lot of people are surprised to see his angriest side. No wonder, Mel Gibson has serious anger issues; along with ill humor, he is a homophobic as well. From being arrested for a drive under influence to domestic abuse, there are so many darkest moment allied to his life which showcased his anger issues.

4) Naomi Campbell

Source = Allure

Naomi Campbell is a great British model and actress and gets so much popularity for her good works. But, it would be great if she integrates some good work in her personal life too. Naomi is really notorious for her anger issues.

There are a couple of examples allied to her anger tales like between 1998 to 2008, she was accused of lashing her own workforce. Even in one incident, she actually threw her mobile phone at her housekeeper, this is really shocking!

After these incidents, she decided to join anger management classes, which she says have really helped her handle the situations, well only time will say the truth.

5) Michelle Rodriguez

Source = Media-imdb

Michelle Rodriguez is all set to hold a place in the list of angriest celebrities. She is quite prominent for having an extremely hot temper. There are many worst stories linked to her anger issues like once she was accused of apparently hitting her roommate and pulling her hairs. We can’t even imagine how a famous personality like her assaulted someone that badly. Also, she was arrested for the DUI (drive under influence) in 2004 and at that time she was yelling loudly to the officer that “I don’t belong here! Why don’t you just put a gun to my head and shoot me”.Like Seriously “So-called Celebs”.

6) Chris Brown

Source = Scdn

Who can even think that this famous American singer and actor has some serious anger issues, well it is really hard to believe especially for his fans but, sadly the tales are true. Even some people called it psychopath because of his abnormal anger issues and violent behavior.

Some people thought that there might be some other problem with him. From badly yelling at people to the worst fight in Washington there are plenty of cases which proved that he has some serious anger problem. Once the situation became that bad that he then sent to rehab in order to manage his ill temper.

7) Shannen Doherty

Source = S-nbcnews

An American actress, producer, and a famous director Shannen Doherty is known for her bad attitude and anger issues. She once got fired from Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed” obviously for throwing tantrums and because of dissonance, she created on-set. She also has been accused of behaving violently on a several of occasions even in 1996, Doherty was ordered to attend anger management counseling after she smashed a beer bottle on a car window during an argument.

8) Charlie Sheen

Source = Firstpost

God knows! What this American actor thinks about himself. He was part of many funny film but when it comes to real life things are really different, He has some serious drug problems but that should not be an excuse for his outbursts and his anger in public. Right? But, he openly use drugs and misbehaves with everyone.

He was part of the famous show Two and A Half Men, which was his last job in Hollywood and after that he was fired from the show obviously because of his abusive behavior.

9) Courtney Love

Source = Timeincuk

Violent is a small word for Courtney Love she is more than that, she is such an unforeseeable character which is really a horrifying combination. She is known as a tantrum queen and even accused of several violent cases. In 2004, she was accused after she allegedly attacked her boyfriend Kristin King with a bottle and a metal flashlight.

10) Lindsay Lohan

Source = Imgix

The famous actress, businesswoman and singer Lindsay Lohan are really popular for showing bad attitude. There are few actors who are known for throwing tantrums and we can say that she is one of them. Whether it is about her co-actor, crew members or media she has something about her attitude which is not good of course.

Well, the reality of these celebs and their anger issues are really dreadful. We hope that they may do something to get rid this kind of behavior.


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