10 Most Famous Instagrammer, Flaunting Their Stardom More Than Hollywood Celebrities

If you are always trying to be normal you will never realize how amazing you can be. Seems like some people took this statement pretty seriously and they are now successfully flaunting their talent on Instagram.

6 years ago
10 Most Famous Instagrammer, Flaunting Their Stardom More Than Hollywood Celebrities

No wonder, these days power of fame is just incredible. Deep inside everyone wants to be famous, right? Being chased by crazy fans and paparazzi is something everyone enjoys. Well, in the new age era, you no longer have to be a big screen star, as you can simply become social media or Instagram star.

These days, it seems that Instagram is flooded with young stars who are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons, even they are giving tough competition to the Hollywood stars in terms of popularity, isn’t it wow?

Some are models, some are singers, some dance and some have made their debuts on TV and movie screens but, they are actually shining on the industry like a big star. Here are 10 personalities who became famous through Instagram.

1) Kim Kardashian

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The famous American Television personality Kim Kardashian needs no introduction. She always managed to create buzz with her talent and controversies.

Everybody loves the fine model, television personality and a socialite Kim, certainly everybody.  Well, she is one of the popular names on the list because in recent years Kim has secured an incredible position in social media platform too.

She has grown an influential and social media presence that includes millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. It is like really magical but yes her contribution to Instagram and counts of followers puts her on this list. (4.1)

2) Jamie Genevieve

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You might have seen the videos of the famous YouTuber Jamie Genevieve, she was just a normal girl who loved to flaunt her makeup. Initially, she was only a YouTuber where she used to post her makeup tutorials and then she moved on to Instagram. These days girls are really obsessed with beauty and lifestyle tips and that is one reason made Jamie a famous Instagram star. Her colorful hair, perfect selfies, and hilarious makeup memes continue to make Genevieve one of the most visited personality. She is now a famous makeup artist and her Instagram page is flooding with a bunch of followers. (4.2)

3) Tana Ashlee

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If you are a fitness lover then, you will surely adore Tana Ashlee, a self-described “Instagram trainer”. She is a great model but got so much fame and exposure through Instagram. She keeps on sharing her workouts snaps and videos with her followers. Her dedication and passion towards fitness made her Instagram star. She is now an established personal trainer with her own business in Las Vegas, Nevada. Go on girl! (4.3)

4) Dan Bilzerian

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Dan Bilzerian! An American internet personality, a professional poker player, actor, and internet social media personality who is mostly known for his lavish lifestyle. He is one of the most famous Instagram personality and got so much buzz on social media due to his lavish lifestyle and amazing poker skills. Don’t be surprised if you see Bilzerian with private jets, doing lots of parties, women, money, race cars and full on lavish life because this is what describes him. (4.4)

5) Amalia Ulman

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Amalia Ulman! An Argentinian artist based in Los Angeles. What’s truly describes Amalia is her performance, installation, video and net-art works. She is one of the most famous Instagram personality who set an example that talent always speaks. Her Instagram page seems like an art project, Excellences & Perfections is the soul of her artwork and that is the strongest reason she is holding the position on this list. Along with her artwork Amalia also share her lavish and superficial life on Instagram, now that’s really cool. (4.5)

6) Julia Jimenez

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Hey crazy people, this one is for you. Get ready to Laugh Out Loud because the hilarious Mexican girl Julia Jimenez is all set to hold the position in the list. No wonder, she is one of the most famous Instagram personality. Julia started her Instagram journey by making fun videos on women insecurities. The title itself creates so buzz among the audience and there is no limit of crazy and hilarious video based on women insecurities, even she never afraid to make fun of herself also. Now that’ rare! (4.6)

7) Brittany Furlan

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Brittany Furlan is a famous comedian and flaunting her hilarity on Instagram. We can surely understand why she has gained so much popularity and followers, as her comedian skills are pretty enough. With more than 5,000 posts and millions of followers, the brilliant comedian and attractive Brittany Furlan never get failed to impressed her followers. (4.7)

8) Amra Olevic

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Amra Olevic was just another girl from Brooklyn who loved to paint her face. Hold on! Not regular on obviously we are talking about the makeup glam.

Once she worked for MAC and gained so much fame and followers on Instagram. She loves to post selfies of herself which defines her makeup look. Girls started going crazy over her makeup techniques, stunning beauty and amazing clicks which is the reason she is known as famous Instagram personality. Now she is an established makeup artist. Her fans call her Rezy. (4.8)

9) Andrew Bachelor

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A Canadian-American actor, comedian, and a internet personality- Andrew Bachelor is mainly known for being the most followed person on the video sharing. He is one of the most famous internet personality. He loves to film funny videos with his friends and this is the reason Andrew Bachelor became a sensation on Instagram. No wonder why he got an opportunity in Wayans Brother film, the reason is in front of everyone. But, we can’t deny that hilarious videos, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram accounts are the main reason behind his success. (4.9)

10) Violet Benson

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A Russian-born a television personality, entertainer, blogger, host and an American internet personality successfully running a popular Instagram account called "Daddy Issues". If you want to experience real laughter then you must visit her Instagram page. Her Instagram page is flooding with crazy and hilarious videos. She is really happy with her Instagram page even her fans never forget thanks to her for making them laugh.

Surprisingly enough, there are plenty of people who got their first break on social media and become a sensation on the internet. Instagram is one such name never failed to surprise people with lots of talent and famous personalities. And the list is clearly indicating that social media has the power to put the spotlight on talent. (4.10)


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