This Tinder Like Dog Borrowing App Will Cure Your Loneliness

Bark’N’Borrow lets people choose from a number of dogs in locality to curb your loneliness temporarily or permanently.

6 years ago
This Tinder Like Dog Borrowing App Will Cure Your Loneliness

Do you feel yourself to be deprived of the unconditional love that Dogs give to their owners?

If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Thousands of millions of people love dogs but are too scared of the fact that they are going to be responsible for this creatures life.

Thankfully, we are not alone in our canine affections, and thanks to a new app, you too could have access to walk all of these Very Good Boys.

‘Bark’N’Borrow’ Lets You Walk/Adopt Dogs

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There is a reason why Bark’N’Borrow, has been dubbed Tinder for dog-borrowing. It allows you to meet up with all kinds of dogs, owners and sitters to fulfil your dreams. Bark’N’Borrow allows dog owners to pair up with reputable dog walkers to procure their doggie services.

It’s Simple, Swipe And Choose

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Users are able to swipe to look after or adopt shelter dogs from a handful of different adoption centres, according to Elite Daily.

It Also Shows If The Dog Is Already Taken Or Not

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The app allows users to see whether a dog is available to borrow or adopt, and you can set up a doggy date to spend some time with the best puppers ever.

Bark’N’Borrow Was Founded By Liam Berkeley To Help Provide Shelter For Homeless Dogs

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“There are nearly 4 million homeless dogs in shelters across the US who are in desperate need of care and a permanent home. We’re excited to work with NKLA to bring more attention to their adoptable dogs and to offer our users the ability to meet these incredible animals with the goal of long-term adoptions. A lot of our users are currently waiting to find the right kind of dog to adopt, and in the meantime are excited to borrow to see which breed suits their lifestyle.” Berkeley said.

He Made The App Because He Wanted To Help The Dogs In Need

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Berkeley came up with the idea when he wanted to rescue a dog, but realised it didn’t work with his living situation.

Only Real Dog Lovers Get To Befriend These Goodboys

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Users are vetted by an ‘experienced and trustworthy team’ who use a criteria to determine who are the most ‘passionate and genuine’ dog lovers.


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