A Cookie Cutter Shark No Less Than A Nightmare

A shark which looks like a monster and attack with its teeth such that the wounds will make you remember the darkest of nightmare you have ever seen.

6 years ago
A Cookie Cutter Shark No Less Than A Nightmare

The cookie cutter shark is also known as cigar shark. It is the species of the small Dogfish Shark Dalatiidea. This particular shark is mainly found in the warm waters particularly near islands of tropical temperature. The cookie cutter shark is a parasite which feeds on the large animals without killing them.The specimen is found in the depth of the waters.

Physical Appearance

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It has a long thin body, short cone shaped snout with no anal fin. It has two large tiny dorsal fins and a large caudal fin. The skin of the fish is little brown and darker at the throat and gills. The female sharks are bigger than the male ones. It is the most interesting sharks which grow about 19-20 inches.

Reason Behind The Name

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The shark is named so because it leaves cookie shaped wounds on the body of its prey. The bite of this shark is therefore no less than a nightmare. Several species such as the white shark, spinner dolphins, and bluefin tuna are found with scars caused by this fish. It uses its sharp conical teeth to latch on the skin of the marine animal.

Interesting Facts About Cookie Cutter Shark are:

1) Light Organs Present On The Body

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The shark has an organ on its body which it uses for communication with each other. It's strange but the body of the shark is covered with this light organ known as Camouflage.

2) Where They Are Found During Day And Night

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The shark is generally seen deep in oceanic waters during the day time and is seen near the surface water during the night so that it can easily feed on the organisms.

3) Scientific Names

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The shark was discovered in 1984 when it was named Tristius Brasiliensis followed by Scymnus Brasiliensis currently it is known as Isistius Brasiliensis. The genus name is referred to as Isis the “Egyptian God Of Light”.

4) Largest Teeth

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The cookie shark has the largest teeth in comparison to all the sharks. They used this conical shaped teeth for catching the prey.

5) Luminous Shark

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The photophores present at the lower side of their entire body which attracts small fishes towards because the body emits green color. This attracts the potential prey towards it giving the fish another name Luminous Shark.

6) Swallow Their Own Teeth

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The shark looses the teeth present on the lower jaw in 25 to 31 as a unit. They ingest them probably due to a need of calcium.The shark has 30 -37 tiny teeth on the upper jaw.

7) Cookie Cutter Giving Birth To Young Ones

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The cookie cutter gives birth to the live young ones which are developed inside the eggs. The egg is present inside the uterus of the shark which gives birth shortly after the baby hatch out of the egg cases.

8) Large liver

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The cookie cutter shark has large liver in comparison with the species of a similar kind. The shark is said to have an oily liver which helps them to be in the depths of an ocean.

9) Danger to humans

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It is harmless to humans as it is found in the deep waters but during the night when it moves over the surface water to find a prey it had attacked humans.

10) Conservation

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The cookie cutter sharks live in depths so they are hardly caught by the fishermen. The shark is captured accidentally by the fishermen. Therefore is not fished commercially. (1.1)

These were some of the facts about the monstrous cookie cutter.


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