11 Facts about the Animal Kingdom Your Teacher Never Told You in School

How many animal species do you know? Maybe 400-500? But over 30 million species exist on earth. Know more fascinating facts about the animal kingdom here.

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11 Facts about the Animal Kingdom Your Teacher Never Told You in School

We love animals. We love the way they walk, eat, and become our companions in hard times. While some people find an animal kingdom to be cute and innocent, others find it dangerous.

Several fascinating details about animal kingdom are shared on the internet. They live underwater, fly effortlessly, change color, and do a lot more things that humans can’t. All animals are heterotrophs; that is, they have to consume other creatures or products for their survival.

The animal kingdom has several animals that share remarkable traits, while some are completely different. With an estimated 30 million species on earth, an animal kingdom is a diverse place.

Based on fossil records, it is recorded that just like plants, animals too originated in the oceans about 500 million years ago. Every single species existing on earth has several features that are unique and impressive.

Do you know newborn pandas don’t have black spots at the time of birth? They appear after a few years. Let us know more amazing and surprising facts about different animals.

Lesser Know Facts About Animal Kingdom

1. Only 800,000 Animal Species are Named Formally

Source = Independent

There’s no exact number of how many species exist on earth. It is estimated that from a few million to 30 million, only 800,000 species are named formally.

How many animal species do you know? I hardly remember 20-25 or maybe less.

2. Polar Bear is the Largest Carnivore That Lives on Land

Source = Foxnews

They are classified as marine mammals because they spend most of their time on the Arctic Ocean. They can swim long distances for many hours continuously.

Polar Bears have large paws which helps them to paddle through the water. They are black and not white but look white, because it reflects visible light. They don’t get gray with age, only their claws do.

Polar Bears have 42 teeth and are the largest carnivore that lives on land. Know more facts about Polar Bear here.

3. Newborn Pandas Don’t have Black Spots from Birth

Source = Confort-durable

Do you know baby pandas are born pink and measure about the size of a pencil? They are born blind and open their eyes after 6-8 weeks. Female pandas give birth to one or two cubs every year. They stay with their family for about 18 months and then roam on their own. Pandas are now considered an endangered species. It is reported that only 1000 of pandas exist on earth.

Chinese philosophers believe that the universe has two opposing forces – Yin and Yang.  And panda is a symbol of the philosophy with having black and white fur. The nature of pandas shows how both Yin and Yang brings peace and harmony if they are balanced together.

4. Cuttlefish Change Color Instantly According to their Surroundings

Source = Blogspot

There are over 120 species of cuttlefish, ranging from tiny flamboyant to the giant cuttlefish. They are one of the most intelligent invertebrates ever known.

Cuttlefish spend their lives in temperate oceans, hunt for small prey, and avoid being eaten by large carnivores. They are color blind but can change their color instantaneously to match their surroundings. Be alert and stay from these animals that can also kill you.

Cuttlefish can even mimic the shape of objects around them to hide. Check some amazing mollusks factsand learn more about them.

5. Bearcat doesn't have anything relating to Bear or Cat

Source = Worldatlas

The Binturong or bearcats smell like buttered popcorn. They make lots of noise to communicate and produce a series of hissing sound by expelling air through its opened lips. They usually eat fruits but also eat small invertebrates and mammals, Strangler fig, and more.

The Bearcats are found in Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and the Philippines. They groom their coats like cats and clean their face with their front paws.

6. Some Porcupines May Have up to 35,000 Quills on Their Body

Source = Nationalzoo

Porcupine body is covered with quills. They can’t shoot out their quills, but it gets easily released when predators touch them. Some porcupines may have up to 35,000 quills on their body and can live for 16-18 years.

They are the second largest rodents in North America and the third largest rodents in the world. Each quill of porcupine has atypical antibiotic; therefore, an attack of quill will not cause a severe infection.

They have warm blood, that means that no matter what the temperature is outside, the internal temperature of porcupine will always be the same. Porcupines are shy animals and prefer to stay hidden in the caves when possible.

The largest porcupine recorded in North African grows up to 90 cms long, while the smallest observed grows up to 38cms long. They are nocturnal in behavior, which means they sleep during the day and are active at night.

Porcupines are herbivores and usually eat seeds, fruits, grass, bark, and stems. They can live for a long time. Porcupine holds the record for being the longest living rodent in the world.

7. Compared to Other Animals, Dolphins are Very Intelligent

Source = Npr

Dolphins are carnivores. Do you know male dolphins are called bulls, females as cows, and young dolphins are called calves? There are around a total of 42 different species of dolphins. Of these, 4 are river dolphins, 6 are porpoises, and 32 are marine dolphins.

Dolphins can’t chew, their teeth are meant for grasping food. They can’t chew because they don’t have strong jaw muscles for the purpose.

According to a study, an animal with more folds on their brain is intelligent. Humans have folded brain surface, but dolphins have more complex brain surface. Therefore, they are considered as the most intelligent animal.

The most surprising fact about the dolphin is their eyes can move separately. This allows them to look at two directions simultaneously. Dolphins usually use Sonar or echo-location ability to move in the water. Dolphins whistle and use other sounds to communicate with each other.

The killer whale or better known as Orca is a type of dolphin. Dolphins don’t move their tails while swimming; they move their tail in up and down direction.

8. Blue Whale is the Largest Animal to Live on Earth

Source = Tmgrup

Blue whales are amazing swimmers and can reach speeds up to over 35km/h. They are a deep-water hunter but have to come on the surface to breathe. Blue Whale usually swims alone or in small groups.

Do you know blue whales are the loudest animals on the planet? They communicate with other whales through groans and moans. Blue Whales are classified as an endangered species on the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List. It is published that only 15000-25000 blue whales now swim in the oceans. Know about notable whale species and their IUCN conservation status here.

They feed on small marine life, tiny shrimp-like animals, which are called krill. Sometimes a single adult can consume nearly 37,000kg of krill in a day.

The blue whale is huge. Its tongue weighs as much as an elephant and its blood vessels are so huge that you could swim through. Balaenoptera musculus is the largest animal to live on the planet. They have the biggest babies on earth and are considered the largest full-grown animals.

Instead of teeth, blue whales have baleen, a fibrous material that acts as a blood filter. Know more amazing facts about the blue whale here.

Just like the blue whale is a deadly creature, a game #BlueWhaleChallenge is also dangerous and has targeted many teenagers to commit suicide.

9. Only Half of the Tiger Cubs Survive

Source = Thefactsite

Unlike cats who do not like to swim and enjoy spending time in the water, the Tigers can swim up to 30 km in a day. Tiger is generous by nature and is one of the most humble creatures on earth.

Do you know male tigers allow their cubs and female to eat first? The smell that emits from Tigers’ urine is like buttered popcorn. Due to their striped camouflage, they hide behind the tree and then attack their prey.

Tigers are like humans;  they sometimes mimic other animals and trap them. They do not attack humans, but it is still best to stay away from them. It is believed that tigers live for 20-25 years. However, most of the tigers die before the age of 20.

10. Kangaroos can Determine the Sex of their Offspring

Source = Firstcrycdn

This fact might surprise you, but most people in Australia are killed by kangaroos than sharks. They don’t sweat. Kangaroos lick the paws and rub on their chest to normal temperature. They are herbivores and eat leaves, grasses, and flowers. They are amongst the longest living animals in the world.

Kangaroos hop around quickly and walk slowly on four legs. Kangaroos can’t walk backward and are excellent swimmers. They drink water rarely and absorb the water from the food they eat.

Male Kangaroos love to show off, and those having larger biceps are more likely to have more success with mating. They have feet specially designed for the hop and can cover large distances with very little or no food. Australia has more kangaroos than humans and is the national symbol of Australia.

You might not know, but female kangaroos have three vaginas, while the male has a two-pronged penis below the testicles. They can leap the distance of 30feet and 10 feet in height.

11. Hamsters (Pocket Pets) are Nocturnal

Source = Ltmcdn

Hamsters like to hide under a highway and need a clean area to live. So, make sure to keep your home clean before you own a hamster. They can store food in pouches in their cheeks. If cared properly, hamsters can live up to 3 years.

If you are a day person and love sleeping at night, do not own hamster as it is nocturnal and remains active during the night. Keep it outside your bedroom if you want to sleep without disturbance.

They require a lot of work out and enjoy rolling around the floor inside plastic hamster balls that are specially made for that purpose. European Hamster is the largest of hamster species that can grow up to 13 inches long. Campbell’s dwarf, Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamsters, Syrian and Roborovski are commonly hamster species that can be owned as a pet. They are born blind and open their eyes 2-3 weeks after their birth.

Do you know why hamsters like to chew things? It is because their front teeth never stop growing. If they do not chew, then their teeth would grow so long that it would become difficult for them to open their mouth. They usually breed in summer and produce 24-25 babies a year. Hamster is also a criminal pet that is responsible for its owner’s death.

Final Words

Nature surprises us in many ways, so the animals do. Each of the animals living on earth is different in some or the other way. The features and complexities of animals never cease to amaze us.

Do you know any other fascinating fact about the animal kingdom that is not listed here? If so, drop your comments below.


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