10 Largest Sharks On The Planet Earth

Shark is considered to be one of the most dangerous species in the marine life. Even if these shark looks pretty or is domesticated still people would not like to mess with these horrifying species.

6 years ago
10 Largest Sharks On The Planet Earth

The oceanic water contains some amazing species which are rare and found only at some native places. You will be amazed to see that the marine life is so huge and vast. The species present in it are unique and have their own specialty. Some of them are dangerous and some are not harmful. But all of them lie under the blue water.

You might have heard in the news that shark engulfed the men near the island or shark blocked the way of the ship. So no doubt these species are dangerous and can even take lives of the innocent people. So better be aware when you visit islands or do scuba diving.

Here are some of the largest species of shark found in the marine life. They are following:

1) Whale Shark

Source = Wikimedia

The whale shark is the largest living sharks in the world. This kind of a shark is 32.5 feet in length and weigh almost 28 tons. The weight of this kind of shark is four times larger than the male elephant. It was recorded in Pakistan in 1947. This is filter feeding carpet shark and is known as extant species. These species resides in temperate and tropical regions. (1.1)

2) Basking Shark

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It is a second largest living shark of the marine lifetime. The largest shark recorded of this kind was about 40 feet long. But this specie is the largest plankton eater so therefore it is little safer for us. They are usually green or brown with mottled skin. This kind of species is found in the temperate regions. It is also known as the slow moving filter feeder shark. These sharks are found deep in the oceans but during the warmer months, it is observed near the surface areas. (1.2)

3) Great White shark

Source = Wikimedia

The great white shark is known as the apex predator thus is dangerous to the human beings. These sharks are found in the coastal surface waters of the major oceans. It has been observed that it is one of the species which has a fatal number of attacks on humans. They have a lifespan of near about 70 years. It is known as the world’s macro predatory fish in the world. It is also known as the primary predators in the marine world. (1.3)

4) Greenland Shark

Source = Wordpress

It is always debated that the Greenland shark is larger than the great white shark because there is no perfect measurement of these species. Greenland shark can live up to 200 years. This shark is found in the North Atlantic and Arctic ocean. It is one of the largest extant species of the marine life. The Greenland sharks are apex predator and mostly eat small fishes which include eels, cod fish, lumpfish wolfish etc. (1.4)

5) Tiger Shark

Source = Thinglink

Tiger shark ever recorded was about 18 feet long and it is considered to be the dangerous shark as it has the ability to see more than what a normal eye can see the things. It is the second most shark after the great white shark to attack the humans. It is found in tropical and subtropical waters of the ocean. It is also known as apex predator who can eat anything.  During the night these species are found at the surface while it is in deep oceanic waters during the day. (1.5)

6) Goblin Shark

Source = Nationalgeographic

Goblin shark is usually measured up to 10-13 feet in length. But the largest recorded Goblin shark was 18 feet long. It is said that goblin shark can grow larger than any other shark. It is rare and found in deep sea Shark. Sometimes it is called living fossils. Goblin fish consumers mainly teleost fishes such as dragon fish and rattails. Goblin shark has long and flat snout which resembles like a blade or sword. (1.6)

7) Common Thresher shark

Source = Weebly

It's all in the tail of the Thresher Shark which makes them distinct. This shark is the largest in the ocean and is known for its caudal fin which counts half of its length. It is the only shark which breaches the water surface just like the dolphin. They reach up to the height of 16 feet and largest recorded size of Thresher shark is 19 feet. They are mainly found in the continental water and open ocean waters. Their diet is composed of bony fish. (1.7)

8) Megamouth Shark

Source = Wikimedia

Around 60 megamouth shark was captured first time in the history in 2015. They were found to be 13 to 16 foot in range. According to some scientist, it may grow up to 17-18 feet in length. It is deep sea shark rarely seen by the humans. These sharks are known as extant filter feeding sharks similar to whale and basking sharks present in the sea waters. (1.8)

9) Great Hammerhead

Source = Thinglink

There are different types of hammerhead shark out of which there is only one great hammerhead. These species can be of 13-14 feet in length. The largest recorded hammerhead shark was about 20 feet long. The most dangerous hammerhead shark can be distinguished by the size and the sharp teeth. They are found in the tropical waters and their diet mainly constitutes of invertebrates such as crab, squid, octopus and bony fishes. They have a lifespan of 20 t0 30 years. (1.9)

10) Pacific Sleeper Shark

Source = Conservation

The Pacific Sleeper shark is generally found to be larger than the Greenland shark and white shark according to the observation. But they are of 13-15 feet in length. The Pacific sleeper shark can feed on a giant and colossal squids. They are found in Arctic and temperate waters in the ocean.. (1.10)

These were some of the species which come under the largest shark category according to the water kingdom.


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