10 Interesting Facts About Sand Cats

Don’t you find the cat with big eyes, boasting fluffy ears and fun size nose cute? Just imagine the cat with furry paws having a curious personality…so this article is to grab the attention of the cat lovers.

6 years ago
10 Interesting Facts About Sand Cats

The sand cats are the wild cats, which are sometimes to be mistaken as the adorable kitten. It behaves typically like a wild cat and sometimes behaves friendly towards people.  The sand cats prefer to live in the deserts.  With the furred feet, these cats are adaptable to the desert environment and can tolerate both cold and hot conditions. Here are some facts about sand cats that you might not know.

Here are 10 facts About Sand Cats:

1. Sand Cats Bark Like Dogs

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Do you know that cats can bark too? Sand cats mew just like any other cat but they bark like dogs (Chihuahua)

2. It Is the Only Cat That Lives In Desert

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Sand cats are the only cats that are adaptable to the extreme conditions of the deserts. Their furry feet help them to move and walk along rocky, landscapes.

3. It Can Run As Fast As 25 mph

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Sand cats are great hunters; their sleek bodies and cushioned feet allow them to run at the speed of 25mph.

4. Size And Appearance

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Sand Cats weighs nearly 4-8 pounds and reach 29-36 inches and height 12 inches. It has soft gray color furs, broad head and large ears with a reddish streak from eyes that reaches till cheeks.

5. Diet

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The lesser-known fact about a sand cat is it hunts by digging. Their big ears allow it to locate the prey anywhere on the ground and even underground.  Sand Cats diet includes reptiles and arthropods. They are also good snake hunters.

6. Sand Cats Doesn’t Need Water For Survival

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While every animal on the planet drinks a little water to survive, sand cats don’t drink water at all.  It gets most of its water from the preys that it eats.

7. Sand Cats Are Pregnant For 63 Days

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Sand cats normally deliver 3 kittens at a time. A baby kitten starts living free when it grows one year old.

8. Distribution

Source = Haaretz

The sand cats can be found in areas including Sahara Occidental. The distribution of the sand cats is also extended to the Egyptian rocky deserts. It can be found at Syr Darya River and Kyzylkum desert etc.

9. How Do They Behave?

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Sands cats live in a solitary style. During summer they are nocturnal while in winter they are active by day. They live in burrows, and even most of the mammals they hunt are also burrowers.

10.  They are Cute but Fierce

Sand cats are damn cute cut these little cats are not at all to meat to kept as pets. Few things are really scary about them. Sand cats found snakes as their tasty dinner.


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