10 Adorable Cats Falling Asleep GIFs Which Will Make You Go Aww!

Solution to everything which makes you stress is cat gifs. Just sit back on your couch and forget about everything else that bothers you with these supremely cute cat gifs.

6 years ago
10 Adorable Cats Falling Asleep GIFs Which Will Make You Go Aww!

The internet is a vast place which has almost everything, from a tiny atom to cats soaring in the distant galaxies. No matter how informative and resourceful the internet can be, but people will always find themselves to be hooked on animal videos and gifs for hours. Cats are among the most favourite animals of the internet.

These 15 cats falling asleep gifs is a tribute to the cutest cats which saves the humanity one guf at a time.

1) This Gymnast Cat Falling Asleep

Cute would be an understatement for our feline friend right here.

2) Did You Hear Something Fall Asleep Hooman? I Didn’t

Source = Tumblr

The maneuver this little fella showed us here is just the cutest thing in the whole wide universe. Am I right or am I right?

3) Please Let Me Sleep You Inhuman Hooman

Source = Tumblr

When boss makes you work overtime but you have a habit of sleeping 18 hours a day.

4) Catallity

Source = Giphy

If Mortal Kombat had Cat characters this one would be the most skilled at catalities.

5) Blubb Blubb! I Am A Fish

Source = Wordpress

Falling asleep is not a crime, but in water it’s suicide.

6) Say What? Never Mind

Source = Giphy

Going in hibernation state in 10..9...8...7...6...5...3...2...prrrrr

7) That’s The Spot

Source = Giphy

If the roles were reversed the world would be a purrfect place governed by the feline presidents and kings.

8) It’s Posing And Not Literally Falling Asleep

Source = Giphy

I bet none of us would mind having a Kitty like this sleeping beauty.

9) You Keep Playing While I Doze My Business

Source = Gif-finder

The second kitty is all of us trying to do physical activities.

10) Big Kitty Gotta Rest The Hunt Can Wait

Source = Giphy

Lions can be cute too. This one here looks like it’s going in a food coma.


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