Koufonisia Island: 5 Reasons to Visit This Incredible Place in Greece

Koufonisia is not easy to reach, but once you reach this island, you will never want to come back. Explore more about this incredible place.

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Koufonisia Island: 5 Reasons to Visit This Incredible Place in Greece

Are you looking for a place that has several breathtaking views, glittering sand, and unspoiled natural beauty? If so, then how about planning to travel to a place that might not have luxuries, but all the necessary comforts and most importantly, PEACE? Sounds interesting? Yes.

So, pack your bag and take a break from your busy schedule and book your tickets to Greece. But why Greece when there are other eye-catching places on the earth? Several places that are tourist destinations are known for their beauty, food, and culture. But Koufonisia Island in Greece is known for hosting emerald, sapphire, and other precious gems in the Aegean sea.

Let us find out more about this incredible place and how to reach there.

Koufonisia Island - A Place That’s So Stunning That You Can't-Miss Visiting

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You might be bored with living in a city with a huge population and pollution. So relaxing and spending time at a place that has only 300 residents with only one taxi is the best option. Koufonisia Island in Greece has incredible travel beach destinations, but what attracts most is, it is less crowded with no pollution. Koufonisia is one of the smallest of the Cyclades and with complete solitude.

Can you even imagine a place with only 300 residents? It is so small that if you walk for half an hour,  then you would cross four beaches. The place has no cars, and the locals go by walk or use cycle to reach their destination. It was in 1980 when the island got electricity, it is still fine and not spoiled by tourism.

History of Koufonisia Island

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Koufonisia is a group of Islands - Kato Koufonissi and Ano Koufonissi. According to archaeological findings, the place is existing since prehistoric times. During the Axis Occupation of World War II, the locals here faced difficult times. Initially, the island has over 1000 inhabitants, but then they migrated to Athens to find a job.

Not much is known about its history, but it is believed that the origin of its name has two versions. Firstly, it was believed that Koufonisia was the ancient name of the gulf between Glaronisi and Koufonisia. Secondly, this theory was supported by the Manesis because of several caves without large rocks found on this island.

Today, Koufonisia Island has Turned into a Beautiful Tourist Destination

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Koufonisia or Koufonissi is hidden between the islands of Amorgos and Naxos. The four inhabited islands here Iraklia, Donoussa, Koufonisia, and Schinoussa are so beautiful that they are considered more alluring than the famous beaches in Greece. They are the smallest islands in Greece and are also the top visiting places in Europe.

As you step off the ferry, you will notice the unusual color of the sea. It is so clear that at first, you won’t believe it is real. The two islands Ano Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi are very different.

While Ano Koufonissi has beautiful restaurants, breathtaking sights, Kato Koufonissi, on the other hand, is uninhabited and can be reached by boat from Ano Koufonissi. It features glittering sand, turquoise water, and Cycladic architecture. Earlier, Koufonisia Island was not known to many, but today it has turned into a tourist destination. However, it still needs more recognition.

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Greece, you should visit this place. Also, don’t forget to visit the magical island of Santorini on your trip. But before you book your tickets, know the reasons why Koufonisia Island is worth visiting and what you can do here.

5 Reasons to Add Koufonisia Island on Your Bucket List

What was the last thing you ticked on your bucket list? Maybe it was swimming along with the jellyfish or sharks. But if you haven’t created yet, here are several things that you should add on your bucket list to make your life more happening.

After knowing about the scenery and eye-catching views of Koufonisia Island, you will visit this place soon. Check out the reasons why Koufonisa is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

1. Fewer Luxuries but Necessary Comforts are There

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Not every island you visit has luxurious resorts and top accommodation options. Koufonisia Island might not have top restaurants and beautiful resorts, but it is full of peace and has attracted tourists for the past 20 years.

2. Everything is Within 4 Km

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Have you ever imagined an island to be this small? The island measures around 4 Km. The longest traveling distance is 40 minutes when you walk from Hora to Pori. Several boats offer transport to the beaches from morning to evening.

Also, there is a bus run by municipal that takes you to the beaches for free. You won’t see cars, but a bicycle is a great option to reach the island and to the highest point of it.

3. The White Sand and Clear Water

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The white sand of the Pori beach and clear water continue to fascinate visitors from years. With clear water, the place is an ideal location for snorkeling and to relax in a natural setting. Peaceful and beautiful, the place is good for walking and to capture amazing sightseeing.

Apart from this, it also features cafes, several shops, and Greek restaurants, making it the best spot for holidaying. If you are looking for a place with no crowd and alluring beaches, then Pori beach should be on your list of the best beach travel destinations.

4. The Best Place for Foodies

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While exploring a new place is fun, eating different cuisines, and particularly the specialty of the place gives a unique feel. Koufonisia Island offers several tavernas set up at Cycladic courtyards that serve exotic dishes. The place is small but offers varieties of cuisines, including fish and meat. If you are a foodie, then don’t miss trying souvlaki at Strofi in town.

5. Events and Festivals That Attract Tourists

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Several events and festivals are celebrated annually at the place. Every last Saturday of June, the locals prepare soups and fish for the tourists, followed by traditional dance and music. The festival is known as the Fisherman festival and takes place in Hora.

15th August is celebrated in honor of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and takes place at Kato Koufonissi where the religious ceremony is held followed by music and food.

Best Time to Visit This Island

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If you are planning to travel to Koufonisia Island, then visit the place either in August or September. It has less crowd this time and also has the best weather to explore the area. You can also take the help of this vacation planning guide for your next holidaying.

Final Words

Even today, Koufonisia island is not a big name and doesn’t have as many good staying options. But must say, it is a place with the peace that you won’t find anywhere.

What do you think- does the Koufonisia Island deserves more recognition? If yes, what would you do about that? Also, keep these things in mind if you are traveling to unknown places for a better experience. But if you don’t find Koufonisia Island interesting, you can check more stunning places that you can visit in 2019.

Have you ever been to a place like this? How was your experience - Yay or Nay? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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