You Can’t Afford Missing These Amazing Places In The World To Swim

Pristine beaches, enchanting warm waters and the exotic surrounding environment are the things what you all can wish when planning of a vacation.

6 years ago
You Can’t Afford Missing These Amazing Places In The World To Swim

When you think of heading off to an amazing tropical vacation, you plan on sitting on a cold bench and having a sip of coffee or fruit drink. But doing that is not enough in hot weather conditions and definitely, you will need to cool off anyhow. Probably, you would walk into your room and ON the air conditioners  but what if I said there’s a much better option, rather than sitting in a room you could also enjoy the scenic beauty and forget off chilling temperatures? Yes, you guessed it right I am talking about the open waters!

If you are planning to take a dive in the man-made swimming pool, just forget it, diving and dipping into a beautiful natural lake, hidden bay and flooded cave give more happiness than any other man-made pool. Try it yourself! However, how much you adore your local beaches, the one which you travel often, the below swimming spots are beautiful beyond one’s imagination. So, pack on your swimming trunks and watch out these enchanting swimming pools for your next vacancy.

1. Red Beach, Santorini – Greece

Source = Thenationalherald

No doubt, the read beach is one of the most captivating and scenic beaches on Earth. Located near the village and at the site of Akrotiri attracts visitors with its iron-rich sands and multicolored beaches. Yes, you read it right, the Red Beach in Greece showcases the variety of colors including red, white, brown and even black. What could be more interesting than taking a dive in the rust colored hue that too with your loved ones? The water on the beaches here is always cool and even doesn’t bother tourists when the place is crowded. The water is quite crystal clear and undoubtedly you will enjoy the surrounding beauty and swimming in the sea.

2. Pamukkale Pools - Turkey

Source = Misadventuresmag

Who would want to miss both picturesque travertine formations and fun in the pool? Located in Turkey’s region the Pamukkale pool features travertine terraces dotted everywhere around the location. It is a kind of natural pools made up by the deck of carbonate minerals. The place is solely created from the limestone deposited by the hot springs. Very few of the visitors even local there don’t know that the Pamukkale pool has been used by the people as swimming pools and spa for long years. (17.1)

3. Blue Lagoon – Iceland

Source = Theplanetd

Blue Lagoon is a majestic place where the trees seem taller, the leaves extend themselves and not to miss the water as here is always like a bathtub warm. Located in Iceland, the blue lagoon features stunning blue water that even raises up to 98-102F and diving into such a temperature is quite beneficial for your health. It is a location where water seems bluer and the aquatic wonders from seahorses to sharks are simply enchanting.

4. Fairy Pools – Scotland

Source = Staticflickr

A dive in this wonderful pool is actually like a reading book where fairies take bath in the pools. Even in the hot temperatures, the water in the pool is quite cold but crystal clear and the scenic beauty around the pool give location a graceful meaning. For the less adventurous the fairy pool in Scotland makes some wonderful photos. Some of the pools here make great swimming pool but very often get warm water.

5. Maldives Island

Source = Wordpress

When it comes to the best places to swim, how can you forget astonishingly beautiful locations of Maldives? The place is known for the crystal clear water and reef wildlife, making it an awesome place for snorkeling and swimming. So if you are really planning to visit the Maldives this vacay don’t forget to add swimming trunks and camera along with you to capture these unforgettable moments.

6. Long Beach – Tofino

Source = Gotofino

Vancouver Island’s long beach which is covered by temperate rainforest of Pacific Rim National Park and scenic beauty is a gorgeous addition to the list of best swimming pools. The long span of sand is completely lined up with driftwood and tourists here love to swim, surf and spending time at rocky islands. (17.2)

7. Copacabana Beach – Rio de Janeiro

Source = Cloudfront

Copacabana beach is perhaps the most popular for the skimpy bikinis that can be observed on a sunny day. The beach is truly an amazing place to get a dip in South Atlantic. When you plan to go out Rio de Janeiro with your friends, don’t forget to pack swimming costumes and accessories in your bag to make the memories more beguiling and pleasurable.

8. Manly Beach - Sydney

Source = Trvl-media

Swim or surf till the sun reaches next phase. Manly beach is everything you have ever wished for. The lovely water, swimming area, beautiful sunsets and an enchanting view is what makes this place a top-notch choice for the tourists. People rush to the place in hot springs to forget the working blues and to spend quality time with their loved ones.


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