Top 10 Most Inspiring Travel Bloggers From India

Travel is not about visiting new places and forgetting about them it is rather something which can heal one’s heart and touch their souls by mesmerizing beauty.

6 years ago
Top 10 Most Inspiring Travel Bloggers From India

A never-ending, unforgettable journey to some miraculous places of the world are put in incredible words by some of the travelers of India. Travelling is a passion for them.

Wandering new places putting their whole lot soul into their tales and making uncountable memories for themselves, meeting new people, exploring different cultures, food, lifestyle is what these travel bloggers loves to do by visiting destination places which you might have only dreamt of.

Here is a list of famous travel bloggers who share their ultimate experience with the world:

1) IndiTales, Anuradha Goyal

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Famous travel blog ‘IndiTales’ is owned by Anuradha Goyal who is writing blogs for more than a decade. She has turned her love for travel into space, where she shares her travel stories.

She has covered almost every state of India including Meghalaya and Odisha, the one less traveled by.

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She easily connects with her readers and their experiences. Anuradha, after working in IT industry for over 12 years, is now a consultant in Business Innovation. She also runs two blogs of her own.

2) Shooting Star, Shivya Nath

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Shivya Nath quit her corporate job in 2011, after experiencing a life-changing sabbatical to Western Europe and  Himalayas. Since then, ‘Shooting Star’ has become one of the most famous travel blogs. She describes herself as “just a girl who travels” around the world.

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She is an avid traveler who accepts roads as her home. Her blog contains experiences of a female traveler and some published works for a platform such as BBC travel, The Hindu, National Geographic and many others.

3) Kunzum, Ajay Jain

Source = Yourstory

His journey in travel world started in 2007 when he was at kunzum la (pass) in Himachal Pradesh. He had never imagined a  traveler’s life but Himachal’s scenic beauty led to a love affair with travel. Since then, Ajay wrote for various national publications.

Source = Yourstory

He has crossed milestones in his literary works. He has covered 80,000 kilometers on road, visited innumerable countries, has written five travel books and near about 40,000 ebooks for travel enthusiasts.

Kunzum Travel Cafe in Delhi is a place where people come together as a community, share their tales and experiences. ‘’ has become one of the famous places to have a look at all travel related information.

4) A Travel Blog Of An Indian Backpacker, Laxmi Sharath

Source = Manoramaonline

Laxmi Sharath has won the best travel award for her blog. She is known in the media for her outstanding work in blogging, printing and media spheres. Her ‘A Travel Blog Of An Indian Backpacker’ contains the information about various beautiful destinations with enchanting photographs and personal experiences.

Source = Holidify

She started traveling in 2005 and began writing her blog in 2008. Since then, her blog has achieved heights in the travel world. She has visited 25 countries in 5 continents and has even explored some intricate part of India. So, if you are planning a vacation than, she will be a great inspiration to you.

5) AnkiOnTheMove, Ankita Sinha

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An award-winning blog ‘AnkiOnTheMove’ has everything in it from travel destinations to fashion journalism with 20,000 blog views a month. She is an adventurist who do not fear to take challenges be it a skydiving or bubble soccer. She has traveled 18 countries and has written 300+ travel stories with 80+ vlogs.

Source = Digitalvidya

She conveys her feelings about the place in a very attractive and pleasant manner. She has covered about travel and culture in her blogs beautifully. She has even conducted a Pan India meet to bring like-minded people together.

6) India Backpack Motorbike, Venkat Ganesh

Source = Indiabackpackmotorbike

His solo bike trip in 2011, made him quit his job. If you are among the people who want to travel everyplace of the Earth on a bike then, Venkat Ganesh will leave your eye open. He had a curiosity to meet new people and learn about them, thus he started traveling on the roads.

Source = Indiabackpackmotorbike

He shares his ultimate experiences on this blog. He has traveled four countries of the world. His tales describe unplanned stories which turned out to be a thrilling one later on.

He was mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the mother India and thus decided to put it in words on his blog.

7) Desi Traveler, Prasad Np

Source = Theindiadiaries

He is the man who quit his job to travel parts of the world. If you are planning to go for a trip with family then the blog of Prasad Np is the best choice to get knowledge about destinations, you want to visit.

Source = Cloudfront

His blog will tell you about the most pristine places in India. His blog covers everything from holy temples to religious places. He is an inspiration for all those who love to travel.

His blog ‘Desi Traveler’ also contain stories about wildlife, conservation, and nature. He has also written some interesting tales about some countries which he has visited.

8) Travel Tales From India And Abroad, Mridula Dwivedi

Source = Traveltalesfromindia

A travel writer who goes everywhere with a sweet smile and some untold stories in her pocket. She was a professor by profession but her traveling instincts made her quit the job and she began traveling to the world.

Source = Theindiadiaries

She has visited 18 countries till now including India. Her blog ‘Travel Tales From India And Abroad’ is a place where she shares her experience with the world.

9) The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales, Neelima Vallangi

Source = Blogspot

She is a travel addict who is crazy for mountains and the mother nature. She is a wonderful travel blogger who chased her dreams. She even quit her job of software developer just to travel around at some of the most heavenly places.

Source = Betterphotography

Her blog ‘Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales’ is full of some most beautiful tales which she has experienced on trips. She is an exceptional blogger for whom how many countries visited is not important rather she believes in collecting stories while travelling to exotic places.

10) SandeepaChetan's, Sandeepa and Chetan

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Travelling is lot more fun for and it enhances when you travel with loved ones. With such a desire these travel bloggers have traveled to some numerous destinations in the world.

Source = Smugmug

Their blog ‘SandeepaChentan’s’ covers the stories of some amazing beauties of mother nature. They have captured each and every journey of their life in the blogs. Their blogs will take you to an unforgettable journey.

These are some of the best travel bloggers in India who has gained a lot of popularity with their incredible writings and experiences about some beautiful destinations in the world.


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