Laguna Roja: The Enigmatic Red Lagoon In Chile

In the far-flung highlands of northern Chile, Laguna Roja is a lagoon of blood red color. Go visit this beauty and experience one of the most striking natural marvel on Earth.

3 years ago
Laguna Roja: The Enigmatic Red Lagoon In Chile

Located at 3,700 m above sea level in the distant uplands of Camarones (Arica and Parinacota regions), there’s a blood-red lagoon called Laguna Roja. This drop-dead gorgeous water wonder of northern Chile has such a mysterious aura around it that the official maps do not feature it. And Sernatur didn’t register it until 2009 despite its close connection with Caritaya Reservoir.

Around 200 kms north of Iquique, the mystery around its intense blood-red colored water, its depth, and absence from most of the maps make Laguna Roja a quite strange yet fascinating tourist attraction. Accessible from the Camiña commune, these lagoons are hot water lagoons (nearly 40-50 degrees Celsius).

Laguna Roja Has A Bizarre Legend Associated With It

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Since ages, when something can’t be explained rationally, legends and myths are created. So is the case with the eerie Laguna Roja. The inhabitants of the region tell a legend according to which a devil who owned the lagoon turned the water’s color red as a warning. So when the Aymara community settlers came to drink water from it, they all died and  made the water more red.

However, there haven’t been any convincing studies but it is believed that the red color is not due to the devilish reasons but because of the sediments and algae.

It Has Two “Sister Lagoons” Too That Have Interesting Local Folklores

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Green and yellow colored lagoons called “sister lagoons” are also present there. The folklores behind their pigment are a significant part of the culture and they are also attributed to the algae. Camarones and Camiña natives tell a legend that when people with bad intent approach it, it starts bubbling with violence.

According to the popular traditions, the green lake is attributed with masculinity. And, the red lagoon and the yellow lagoon are attributed with femininity.

You Can Even Catch A Sight Of Flamingos & Llama’s Wild Relative Vicunas

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The vast red lagoon Laguna Roja may get you a chance to catch a glimpse of flamingos and vicunas. Quite like Llamas and Alpacas, Vicunas have softer hair and the clothes & souvenirs made out of its fur is costly. The sun above the mountains and contrasting colors of mountains and deep-hued lakes make it a scenic beauty. This lagoon is situated inside the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve.

Some Handy Travel Tips

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  • Pack your clothes carefully as the red algae can get on your skin and clothes and is hard to remove.
  • Don’t forget to bring water shoes as you’ll have to cross a creek on foot in order to reach the lagoons.
  • And not to mention, do bring extra camera batteries and memory cards to click pictures hassle-free.

How To Get There?

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The best place via which one can reach Laguna Roja is Camina. After reaching Camina, you can travel by car or take a local guide’s help. A public transport is not available to reach this destination. The hike length is 3-4 hours for the first half and 1-2 hours for the second one.


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