Chefchaouen: Morocco's Famous Blue City Has Everything Painted Blue

If you haven’t added Morocco’s Blue City - Chefchaouen in your bucket list, then you are missing the most beautiful “blue” place on the earth.

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Chefchaouen: Morocco's Famous Blue City Has Everything Painted Blue

Which was the last thing you completed from your bucket list? You might have tried skydiving, snorkeling, learned a new language, fell in love, or have traveled to your dream destination.

If you are a traveler, can you suggest a place that could justify the adjectives magnificent and adventurous at the same time? There are several places on the earth which could justify the same but Chefchauen (also called Chaouen), in the northwest of Morocco, is a place that can’t be missed adding in a wish list.

You might have seen Chefchaouen gracing the pages of online publications and being labeled as ‘Morocco’s best-kept secret’ and ‘electric beauty.’

But what do you think- Is this all just a marketing tactic to make the place famous? No, the town is truly as beautiful as it sounds. Let's explore this amazing town and the things which make Chefchaouen a blue city.

History of the Blue City “Chefchaouen”

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Founded in 1471 as a small fortress by Moulay Ali ibn Rashid-al-Alami, Chefchaouen is now one of the most beautiful places existing on the earth. Along with Ghomara tribes, many Moriscos and Jews settled in the city after the Spanish Reconquista in medieval times.

A few people say that the city was painted blue by Jews, others say it was painted to keep the mosquitoes away, while some say that it represents the color of the sea. Whatever the reason may be, there’s no doubt that the city looks amazing in blue.

Top Famous Attractions & Places You Can’t-Miss Visiting in Chefchaouen

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Chaouen is a popular tourist destination and entertains millions of visitors every year. Over 300 hotels cater the tourists from all over the world. It is not only famous for its blue story, but also as a shopping destination.

The place offers native handcrafts like woven blankets and wool garments that couldn’t be found anywhere else. If you are a foodie, then goat cheese native to the area is very popular among tourists.

Kef Toghobeit Cave, one of the deepest caves in Africa, is a nearby attraction and a common topic of interest of tourists. Know about more famous caves from around the world here.

Aside from the popular mosque at Place Uta Hammam in the medina, another mosque is dedicated to the patron saint of northern Morocco’s Jebalah region, Moulay Abdeslam Ben Mchich Alami. There’s also a damaged mosque built by the Spanish that still has towers in it.

Another reason why travelers come to this blue city is because of the easy availability of drugs. The main square in the medina has several cafes with locals and globetrotters socializing with each other.

Reasons Why You Should Plan to Explore Chefchaouen, Morocco’s Blue City

Chefchaouen’s blue walls have different theories. However, according to locals, the city is painted in blue to attract tourists. It is the relaxed and calm environment of Chefchaouen that makes the city attractive to everyone. It is small, but it has given several reasons to go now. Let’s find out interesting things about the city and why it is becoming the first choice of travelers.

1. It is Unique in its Way

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Do you know what Chefchaouen means? It translates to blue pearl. The construction of the city, narrow streets and passageways, have a unique infrastructure.

If you love Santorini that attracts you with cliffs and hillsides, then you will love Chefchaouen too. And it’s BLUE. The Moroccan infrastructure helps make it one of a kind beautiful and mesmerizing.

2. The Best Place for Photography

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The city has several color variations of blue. It is colored in azure, robins-egg, cyan, and other endless shades that make the city alive. The hues change as the sun moves across the sky.

Don't forget to take a camera along with you when you are in Chefchaouen because, through the afternoon, colors shift in ways that can't be missed to capture.

What could be more beautiful than a wonderful view from the top of cliffs, breathtaking hotels, and blue everywhere?

3. Processed Orange Juice Made Here is Probably the Best on Earth

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Do you know Chefchaouen produces the juiciest oranges in the whole world? You can never experience the flavor of orange juice served here.

Enjoy the orange juice at the rooftop terrace with deliciously baked Moroccan breakfast.

4. Enjoy As If You are Sitting in a Real Cat Cafe

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The city's narrow pathways are full of felines. They are cute, chubby, and fairly well fed. They would peek under stools and jump from one stool to another, making their way to roads.

Be careful around undomesticated cats as they may bite you.

5. Small and Large Waterfall

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Travelers can't miss visiting Cascades d' Akchour. It is small and large waterfall nestled in the Rif mountains. Make sure that you carry hiking shoes for this adventurous trip.

On the way, you would also cross a natural bridge called God’s Bridge. It is surrounded by trees and beautiful turquoise pool.

6. You Can Also Visit Other Parts of Northern Morocco

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Chefchaouen does not have an airport. So to reach the city, you have to take a road trip. If you are planning to visit this city anytime soon, make sure that you have gone through the roadways and the nearby cities that can take you to the blue city.

Most flights land in Casablanca, from there, you can take 3-4 hrs drive to enter Chefchaouen. The incredibly narrow streets, amazing Moroccan hallmarks, and affordable hotels are the reasons to visit the city at least once in your lifetime.

7. The Locals are Very Friendly

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The locals here are very good-natured and would offer the fresh sweet mint tea multiple times a day. So, you have got one more reason to visit this blue city (if you are a tea lover).

They are kind-hearted and never mind having a conversation with you, plus, you can also learn Berber words or Moroccan proverbs from the locals.

Things to Do in the Blue City, Chefchaouen

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Beautifully covered beneath the raw peaks of mountains, the city has taken hold on several magnificent sightings. The city has several things to offer alongside the majestic photo opportunities of blue walls, streets, and mountains. Surrounded by cool blue walls, you will feel relaxed and peaceful as you walk through the streets.

1. Walls of Kasbah

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Walls of Kasbah is another incredible thing to visit in Chefchaouen. The buildings here show the unique little town painted on the walls. Small art gallery and modest garden describe the incredible work of local artists.

2. Foodie Corner

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The city welcomes the foodie from every corner. Order a plate of mouth-watering meals from several restaurants and enjoy the best Moroccan cuisine in the dinner.

You can go to Auberge Dardara, where chefs use only the fresh ingredients to prepare salads and use homemade goat cheese and olive oil.

3. Grand Mosque

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The Grand Mosque is popular with tourists for its unique octagonal minaret. The stunning architecture of the wall dates back to the 15th century and is one of the most astonishing buildings in which only Muslims can enter.

Climbing up to the Spanish mosque is one of the best viewpoints in the city as you pass through the waterfall.

4. Get Involved with the Blue Medina

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If you don’t mind getting lost in the streets painted in blue, then blue medina is a kind of thing you can’t miss. The blue streets all covered with antique boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and blue plant pots would make you feel not to leave this place forever.

So, get lost in this blue medina and click some amazing pictures to post on your Instagram account.

5. Enjoy Awesome Music in the Evening

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The city is not only for foodies or travelers, but it also invites people who are in love with music. At night, several musicians gather around the square and play music every night.

Sing along with the crowd and dance with the music. All this soothes your soul and would never make you feel the time is running.

6. La Botica De La Abuela Aladdin Shop That Sells Everything from Soaps to Oils

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The shop is a favorite of tourists. It is a centrally located shop that sells everything ranges from soap to oils and gifts to solid perfumes.

The owner and the staff here are very friendly and let you try several perfumes and oils and other products they have.

7. Chaouen Rural Gives a Chance to See the Countryside

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When you are traveling to a new place, you have to keep several things in mind. Chaouen Rural’s day tours take you on tour to Chefchaouen sightseeing.

It has three packages. First gives you a quick excursion to the city’s province. Second is nearly 2-4 days tours that take you to the small villages around the city. And the last package allows you to customize the tour. For instance, you can explore the province without visiting the villages.

To treat yourself right in the city, do not forget to take advantage of the luxurious spas in Chefchaouen. Several spas and massage centers offer services like full body massage and pedicures.

If you are an adventure freak, go trekking in the Talassemtane National Park. The small villages here are well known for trekking experiences. The city satisfies you with all the things you wanted while traveling - comfort, relaxing, peace, and the hues of blue mesmerize to the core. If you do not want to travel Chefchaouen right now, these are more places that you can visit in 2019.

Start saving and make a trip to Chefchaouen. If you are failing in budget, check these creative ideas to follow for inexpensive vacations.

Final Words

The world is overloaded with beautiful spots and bizarre things. This surreal place goes beyond our imagination and holds the incredible beauty that one could ever expect. If there’s one word I would suggest for Chefchaouen is MAGICAL.

If you were planning to take a break from your busy schedule and wanted to explore a new city, why not make a plan to visit this blue pearl. The city is full of energy and has a vibrant feel to make you relaxed and energetic.

Traveling is fun, so make a plan to visit Chefchaouen or check out these incredible places which would make you think that do these exist on our earth for real? Book your tickets NOW!

Go solo, or with partner and family, the city has places to entertain people of all ages. Overall, Chefchaouen is full of enthusiasm, a place for adventure freaks, and a not to be missed location.

Do you know any other colorful places that can instantly make one fall in love with them? If not, here are colorful places that are worth visiting and are loved for their striking appearances.

Have you visited any of these? If yes, how was it different from Chefchaouen? Share your views below.


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