9 Most Visited Countries in the World Featuring Historical Sites and Amazing Views

These most visited countries in the world are famous for their eye-catching destinations and historic sites.

3 years ago
9 Most Visited Countries in the World Featuring Historical Sites and Amazing Views

Whether you are traveling to a city nearby or booking tickets for a new country you have not been to, traveling brings a lot of excitement and challenges. While some countries are known for their unique sites, others are mostly visited for offering delicious cuisines and affordable stay. Traveling to different countries lets you know about their rich culture and other historical sites. 

If you are planning to travel to a new country, then here’s a compilation of most countries visited in the world. Before you book a ticket, know these travel hacks that could save you money for your next vacation. 

1. France - Over 80 Million People

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You won’t believe it, but every year France welcomes over 80 million users from around the world. The country is known for offering delectable cuisines, beautiful sceneries, and historic sites. 

Right from masterpieces like Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral reflects the rich heritage of the country and attracts millions of visitors. To see the amazing palaces here, you can take a ride from Paris to Versailles. 

The French Riviera is a beautiful stretch of Mediterranean coastline and is named for its deep azure blue waters. The most visited places in France are the Eiffel Tower, Chamonix, the Palace of Versailles, and more. A beautiful coastal region has a rich maritime heritage. Saint-Malo is surrounded by old ramparts and features sandy beaches and rocky coastline. 

The local cuisine here focuses on seafood and yummy buckwheat crepes. Furthermore, accommodation here is not a problem. You can find several hotels and places to stay for a week under a budget. They offer several amenities like free wifi, pool, meals, and more with safety measures. 

2. The United States - Over 70 Million People

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After France, the United States is the most visited country in the world. It is a diverse place known for its ethics and culture. With several famous places here to visit, it is difficult to choose a few on your trip. 

But if you are planning to head to the USA soon, then you must check these frequently visited places here are Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara falls, and Manhattan. One of the best places to capture Niagara falls is from Queen victoria park, where the falls and fireworks can be clicked at night during the summer. 

If you want to enjoy skiing, then you must visit Aspen, which lies in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains in the state of Colorado. It is surrounded by snowy mountains and has four ski slopes. Next, visit Atlanta, which features impressive arts and cultures with several unique museums and highlights the Southern arts and ancient civilizations. 

Next to the Grand Canyon, you can visit Sedona, which is known for its vibrant art scene and a breathtaking array of red stone formations. Boston is the oldest city in the USA and is famous for its architecture and academic institutions. You can find several places to stay under a budget and easy travel convenience to go from one place to another. 

3. China - Over 60 Million People

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China welcomes over 60 million users annually from across the world. The architecture of the city and the beauty of the countryside lures the visitors most. The Great Wall of China and Chengdu, the city of cute giant pandas, are the most visited places here. 

Besides this, the country features the magical yellow mountains, the Terracotta army, and the Li River, where you can capture the beauty of China. Located in the Southwest of China, Yunnan is the most beautiful and colorful area in China, with tropical rain forests and ancient towns. It features a rich history, spectacular culture, and a soothing climate. 

Tibet is a popular place for Buddhists and highlights the Tibetan culture, vast grasslands, and clear water. Furthermore, you can spend the evening and free time in the old town of Lijiang, where you can capture the beauty of terraced fields and other natural heritage sites. The Li River is the highlight of China. It fascinates tourists and photographers during the spring season. 

But before you plan to visit China, try learning Mandarin Chinese if you want to communicate better with the locals. Recently China made headlines for its double-decker tram that was specially designed while keeping the guidelines of social distancing. 

4. Italy - Over 50 Million People

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A European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, Italy is home to the largest number of world heritage sites. It is one of the most visited countries in the world known for its culture and history. The Duomo is the landmark of world architecture and is topped by its gravity-defying massive dome. 

Venice, in Italy, is a magical city and is the hub of the broad Pizza San Marco, St. Mark’s Square. Here are other attractions that you must visit if you are in Venice. Next, Milan is famous for its architectural destinations and a favorite spot for those interested in design and fashion. The Cinque Terre is a string of old seaside villages on the Italian Riviera coastline. Procida is another mesmerizing place in Italy that features vibrant houses and beaches. 

You can also visit the famous balcony where Romeo had proposed to Juliet and made the iconic love story. Italy also features mesmerizing hotels and beaches for a comfortable stay during your vacation. Grotta Palazzese is a perfect and welcoming restaurant to enjoy cuisines. 

5. United Kingdom - Over 40 Million People

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Right from mesmerizing castles to world-class art galleries, The United Kingdom is the favorite destination of globetrotters. Edinburg highlights shops and several festivals every year. Whether you are looking for wildlife or traditional culture, the country has got you covered. 

If you are interested in learning the history of the country, then you must visit the Tower of London. The Tower Bridge on the River Thames is the highlight of the country. Next, Buckingham Palace has been a royal home since Queen Victoria’s reign. It is also home to the city’s best museums and famous Harrods department store. 

Bath is a smaller city in the UK but is attracting visitors to its healing waters for a long time. It is also famous for its beautiful Georgian architecture. The world’s heritage site, Stonehenge, is a place of pilgrimage for over 4500 years. It consists of a ring of standing stones that weighs around 25 tons. It is a famous landmark in the country and is regarded as a British cultural icon. 

The historic town of Windsor is located at the west of London and features tons of attractions for tourists. England’s other popular destination is Medieval York and its Minster. The highlights of the tour include the 14th-century stained-glass windows and decorated interiors. 

The country is known for its universities and is highly recommended as a tourist destination. Each location offers several attractions to make them worth visiting and adding to the bucket list. Manchester is another one of the most sorted tourist destinations around the world. Its highlights include Castlefield, Roman ruins, Victorian houses, and other beautiful sites. 

6. Spain - Over 83 Million People

Spain is one of the common destinations preferred by tourists during a summer break. It is more diverse than anyone could believe. Step into Spain, and you will experience different cultures here. 

Found back in 25 AD by the Romans, Merida features historical sites and archaeological ruins. Next, Bilbao was best known as an industrial city in northern Spain until the 1990s. Since then, the place has experienced economic growth and a boom in tourism. 

Salamanca, situated on the banks of the Tormes River on Spain’s Northern Plateau, is considered to be the most beautiful Renaissance city in Europe. Cuenca is popular for the cathedral, castle, and the amazing streets of its old town. 

It is also popular for its hanging houses, which can be noticed over the side of the clifftop. Ibiza is surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. Segovia is known for its historical sites and is set in a scenic spot with the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains. 

7. Turkey - Over 46 Million People

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Turkey is another most visited country in the world that welcomes over 46 million people every year. Aya Sofya, which is considered to be the most beautiful buildings in the world, can be captured here. 

Not to be missed, a sightseeing trip in Turkey covers the major highlight of the country and features places that can be rarely seen. Basilica Cistern is an underground reservoir that stores and supplies filtered water. The cistern was constructed to filter water for the Palace of Constantinople and other nearby places. 

Next, you can head to the Topkapi palace that gives a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle and the Ottoman sultans. If you love a cruise ride, then plan for a Bosphorus cruise that takes you to the end of the Black sea to capture beautiful sunsets and the mesmerizing view of Istanbul and the sea merger. Furthermore, the ride is made worth remembering for tourists by offering lunch and dinner options. 

8. Mexico - Over 40 Million People

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The local community here is an amazing host. Beyond the city, the place is known for its rich culture, volcanoes, deserts, and adventurous places. Mexico is a favorite destination for North Americans and is equally popular amongst Europeans. 

Mexico’s ancient Mayan sites and historical sites have been considered as the UNESCO world heritage sites. Other places like Uxmal, Guanajuato, are popular traditional beaches known for a mix of native people. 

The city also highlights several locations for shopping and adventures like skiing and paragliding. Besides this, the place features outstanding natural beauty and amazing rail trips. 

If you want to know about the country’s history, then you can find the major attractions like Constitution Square, National Palace, The Templo Mayor, and more. 

9. Thailand - Over 48 Million People

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Thailand is one of the favorite tourist spots from around the world. It highlights the intricate shrines, glorifying temples, and ancient banyan trees, and other floral offerings. 

You can capture majestic waterfalls, oscillating hills, and other splendid places on your visit to Thailand. Sand trips invite tourists to stay and play, whereas Ko Phi-Phi highlights tropical cuisines. 

Thailand's capital is a buzzing city and is known for its vibrant street life. It is an amazing gateway to the country’s temple and palaces. It is also an interesting place for shopaholics and has several markets where you can buy unique art pieces, apparel, and other things. 

Lumpini Park is an ideal place to experience sea local life and features other places for everyone. With all these places, Thailand is another most visited country in the world, welcoming over 48 million people every year. 

Final Words 

If you do not travel, then here is the guide that describes different types of tourism to make you understand travel better. Next time, when you plan for the vacation, ensure that you check-in these countries on your list and visit the beautiful places here. 

Have you ever visited these countries before? How was your experience? Drop your comments. 


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