32 Hair Raising Facts About The Dead Sea

The salt lake or the Dead Sea is a wonder of nature bordered by Jordan to the East and on its west is Israel and Palestine. The...

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32 Hair Raising Facts About The Dead Sea

The salt lake or the Dead Sea is a wonder of nature bordered by Jordan to the East and on its west is Israel and Palestine. The Dead Sea was once world’s health resorts and it has been the supplier of myriads of products ranging from Egyptian mummification to potash for fertilizers. The land near the sea shores is also cultivated, with water brought to those fields.

Here are some interesting yet fascinating facts about the Dead Sea which are rarely known.


It is popularly known as the Dead Sea but the truth is that it is not a sea. It is purely a salt water lake.


It has more salinity than any other sea 9.6 times to be precise, thus no life form can thrive in this water.


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Water never flows out of the sea because it is covered by land on 3 sides. The only open side is the route through which water enters the sea from streams.


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People and objects can easily float in the dead sea because of the natural buoyancy and the unusually high salt concentration.


The Dead Sea is extremely bitter and this bitter salt helps in treating a variety of skin ailments like acne, hives, cellulite etc. The water of the sea also helps in reducing dandruff, aches, stress and pain because of osteoarthritis.


The potassium used for the agricultural process is most of the time taken from the Dead Sea.


You can see Arabian Babbler and other species of birds living around the Dead Sea region throughout the year.


Other than Salt Lake, the Dead Sea has also known by the name ‘Stinky Sea’ many centuries ago.


Have you ever heard about the origin of The Dead Sea? It has its origin which dates back to some 3.7 million years.


The Annual rainfall is very less here as the climate of the Dead Sea remains sunny and dry throughout the year.


The last active ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt, Cleopatra was very fond of the Dead Sea. So she just ordered the resorts and cosmetic factories to be built along the lines of the Dead Sea.


The Dead Sea is completely filled with calcium, iodine, potassium, bromide and other minerals.


An ancient Greek Philosopher Aristotle wrote about the Dead Sea in his writings. (17.1)


Scientists have estimated that the Dead Sea is sinking every year. So better book your tickets asap if you want to visit this place.


There are no fish or any kind of creatures living in or near the water. However, there may be several types of algae and bacteria on the lines of the Dead Sea.


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The sand of the hypersaline is great for your skin.


Some portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls now make the occasional tour at different museums so the tourist can learn about the Dead Sea history.


Biblical writings are closely related to John Baptist and Jesus Christ to the Dead Sea. According to the Bible, the sea will come alive one day and will have a marine life.


The area around the salt lake consists of 618 acres of date palms.


Although there are no photographs but it has been headlined that the first tourist to visit the Dead Sea was Abraham. (17.2)


As you go farther into the water, the landlocked becomes saltier. The mild UV rays from the sun and bromide in the air also provide natural healing.


The Dead Sea lies in the Jordan Rift Valley and its main branch is the Jordan River.


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The sea discharges asphalt. It constantly splits up the black blocks and small pebbles.


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This is the rare known fact about the Dead Sea –the world’s lowest road, highway 990 runs along the West Bank shores and Israeli of the Dead Sea at 1289 ft below the sea level.


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On the shores of the Dead Sea is a clear white crystal of salt covering everything.


It is also estimated that the level of the water in the sea is dropped by 131 feet since the 1950’s.


The sea is split into two parts – The southern part of the sea is mostly based on the industrial usage of salts while the northern part of the sea is geared for health benefits and tourism sector.


Prophets claimed that the Dead Sea would be made fresh one day. The scientific research says that the fresh water at the bottom of the Dead Sea has opened up.  Some even believe that that this could be the beginning of that prophecy.


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Herod the Great called the Dead Sea as his vacationing spot. Ruling over the time in 40 BC, Herod the Great built a fortress on top of Masada right by the Dead Sea. The Herod used it as a vacationing spot to get away when things got dangerous.


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The Dead Sea has extra oxygen and bromine levels which give a cool and relaxing effect.


Though it is called as the Dead Sea but it’s technically an endorheic salt with the river flowing in it. It just absorbs the water and does not allow them to flow into any other sea, lakes or oceans.


How is it beneficial for human health?

Because of the low elevation of the Dead Sea, the quantity of the solar radiation reduces in the area and when it is combined with the lower atmospheric pressure, the region has benefits to human health.


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