10 Wonderful Amusement Parks You Should Visit Once In Your Life

Who wouldn’t fall in love with thrills and chills of amusement parks? Here are some of them which will give you an adrenaline rush and a whole lot of new experience.

6 years ago
10 Wonderful Amusement Parks You Should Visit Once In Your Life

It's time to live your life to the fullest by experiencing some thrill and adventure in an amusement park. Amusement parks are something which are full of awesomeness. Screaming wow, shouting on rides, playing and enjoying in parks are some fun-filled activities which you would love doing here. It will make you feel as if you have entered a new place where you can have unlimited fun, forgetting all your worries.

Here is a list of amusement parks which you must visit atleast once in your lifetime.

1) Disney Sea, Japan

Source = Onozomi

Disney Sea is a bit different from other Disneyland parks. Here you will get a chance to explore nautical adventures, sea creatures, characters, myths and legends.

The park showcases some of the beautiful harbors and seas including Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Post Discovery, American Waterfront, Lost River Delta and Arabian coast. The two biggest attractions of the park are ‘Toy Story Mania’ and ‘The Journey To The Center Of The Earth’.

So if you want to see each and everything out there, then go and purchase the passes fast so that you do not waste time standing in a long queue.

2) Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore

Source = Travelagency

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the most popular parks in Sentosa Island. It is a family-oriented park with a festive walk, marine life, Hollywood studios, museum, aquarium and much more.

If you are looking for a fun-filled park, then this is the right place to enjoy with your family. Your kids will love to act like some cartoon characters and superheroes. It is the perfect place to click as many photographs as you feel like.

3) Legoland, Malaysia

Source = Icosmosenterprise

Everything is marvelous at Legoland. The park will let you see some great depictions of world landmarks including Taj Mahal, Forbidden City of China, Petronas Tower, Singapore Flyer and Angkor Wat.

From rides to water activities, from shows to interactive games, Legoland has everything to keep you entertained throughout the day. So, if you are planning a tour to Malaysia, then do not forget to visit this park.

4) Wonderla, India

Source = Newindianexpress

Wonderla amusement park started in 2000 in two cities of the country India: Kochi & Bangalore. Since its establishment, it has gained a lot of popularity. You can enjoy a lot as the park provides everything on land and in water. It amuses everyone and thrills its guests with dry, water rides for kids.

It has 4D movie attractions, wave pool, pendulum, water splashes, glides, gliders and much more. The most famous and adventures attraction is Dungeon ride, so do not forget to enjoy that.

5) Knoebels, USA

Source = Pinimg

This amusement park is for nostalgic people and who are budget conscious. You can enjoy with your family at a lower price in comparison to other parks. Parking and entry are free of cost here.

The park has some classic roller coaster rides including some new rides as well. The park’s wooden roller coaster and the dark house give a historic feeling to people who visit the place. If you want to have fun in less budget, then this park is just for you.

6) Cedar Point, Ohio

Source = Mysonslist

Cedar point calls itself as the roller coaster capital. It has 17 roller coaster rides to enjoy all day. People describe the park as adrenaline Junkie paradise or park for grown-ups.

Although the park is famous for rides it also has certain areas including water parks for kids to enjoy. If you are an adventure lover, then do not miss the thrill of the tallest Gatekeeper ride on the Earth.

7) Lotte World, South Korea

Source = Funtastickorea

Lotte World is one of the world’s best indoor theme parks. The park was opened on 12th July 1989 and since then, it became the heart of the capital. Seven million people visit this park every year.

It has got everything: shopping, entertainment, food, themed lands, interactive games and much more. You will be amazed and overwhelmed once you step into this world. It holds the record of the largest indoor theme park in Guinness World Book.

8) Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Source = Asiawebdirect

Some of the best attractions of this park are car rides, 20-floor freefall drops, panda adventures and raging rivers. This is an all-in-one park with a marine as well as animal-themed amusement.

It even showcases some themes such as Adventures in Australia, Polar Adventure, Shark Mystique, Old Hong Hong, Trilling Mountain, Rain Forest, Aqua City and Amazing Asian Animals.

9) Happy Valley, China

Source = Staticflickr

Happy Valley is located in Beijing, China. This themed land includes Fiord Forest, Lost Maya, Atlantis, Shangri La, Aegean harbor and the Ant Kingdom. Golden mask dynasty is an epic drama and main attraction of the park which is performed by 200 artists.

It dazzles the audience with great pomp and show of acrobatic performances and outstanding historic costumes. Happy Valley will definitely make you ecstatic with its rides. So, do not forget to visit this themed park when in China.

10) Magic Kingdom, USA

Source = Photoshelter

The Magic Kingdom will take you to the world of storybooks, enchanted forest, liberty square. This park is a very popular tourist attraction with 18 million visitors every year.

This kingdom is the most magical place on the Earth. It is located in the Walt Disney's resort in the bay lake of Florida. You can enjoy your dream world in real life here.

These are some theme parks which are famous in the whole world for the adventure, thrill, and amusements. Do visit them to have a thrilling vacation!


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