10 Most Democratic Countries From Around The World

Very few people are aware that almost more than half proportion of the citizens live in wrong democracy, and they are often noticed in countries like Asia and Eastern Europe.

6 years ago
10 Most Democratic Countries From Around The World

Everyone wishes to live in a democratic country, in a country where people are treated equally and given chance to take part in the government’s decision. Unlike to the communist countries, people surviving in the democratic country are given the right equally to participate in the decision to make them feel valued about their opinions. (17.1)

List of the Democratic Countries so far….

1. Switzerland - 9.09

Source = Pexels

The citizens of Switzerland have more power than in a representative democracy. It is a nation that not only conducts regular polls but also, conducts endless polls on every aspect of life within its 26 cantons.

What’s more interesting is anyone here can call a poll on anything; you just need to be its citizen and should collect nearly 100,000 signatures in 18 months. The score that Switzerland got for its democracy is 9.09.  Wow! Sounds amazing.

2. Australia – 9.22

Source = Wikimedia

The country is democratic in some ways and in some ways, it is not. As the relationship between the electorate, parliament and prime minister here seems to be democratic, but non-democratic features include monarchy, federalism, and others. In political system here, eligible people vote for the candidates to begin the business of governing on their behalf.

The country also helps to safeguard citizens data privacy especially relating health. The score that Australia got for its democracy is 9.22.

3. Denmark – 9.52

Source = Wikimedia

You can never miss country like Denmark when representing the list of the democratic countries in the world. Denmark which is a home of Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen and Carlsberg is considered as the happiest, energetic and the most livable countries in the world.

Not only this, Denmark also scores high on gender equality and in political life. As per the study, the score that Denmark hit for democracy is 9.52.

4. Iceland -9.65

Source = Wikimedia

Well, Iceland should not be considered as a country. It is occupied as a lump of frozen rock that seemingly exists to ignite in volcanic eruptions. The country holds very less number of people, such that the entire population is smaller than Anaheim, California. But the country holds a strong commitment to equality. Women here represents well in the politics. The country scores well in the democracy- 9.65.

5. Norway -9.93

Source = Wikimedia

Norway sounds like the perfect country. No doubt, it is beautiful, a happy country and country full of charming and beautiful people. Wondering is Norway is so perfect why aren’t we locating to Norway?  The answer is the country commitment to democracy is quite serious. Norway also possesses incredibly high rate of political participation that is people would go out and poll rather than spending time in eating food and hanging around. Will you be able to do this? Think twice before you decide to locate to Norway!!

6. Finland – 9.06

Source = Wikimedia

Well, you might be thinking that relating Finland to the history of Russia, Finland would have been suffering sorts of democratic failings, but you never know that despite being the crucial part of Russian Empire up to end of WWI, the country has some common traits with its Nordic neighbors. Adding a surprise to this, Finland conducts democracy like a freedom loving boss. The major proportion of the country including nearly 60% of ministers is women. Not only this, there’s also Helinski’s commitment that involves ordinary people in the business of government. 9.06 is the democracy rate of the country.

7. New Zealand – 9.26

Source = Wikimedia

New Zealand is considered as the freest countries in the world. The country has the highest number of gay people, they gave women the vote when literally no one interests the same. Minorities here are represented, the country is ruled by female leader Jacinda Arden and not to miss the scenery is mesmerizing. The country is committed to freedom in such a way that it even makes Denmark looks like a loser. The score that New Zealand holds for democracy is 9.26.

8. Canada – 9.08

Source = Wikimedia

Canada is the highly committed country when it comes to freedom of religion, expression, and tolerance. It led the charge on gay rights, it also governs some solid rules for the rights of minorities etc. You have never been realized Canada as the country far friendly and place more than the snow and hockey. The country allows each citizen the right to choose representatives at each level of government. Its democracy rate is 9.08.

9. Mauritius - 8.17

Source = Wikimedia

Mauritius has had frequent elections right from the day it has achieved its Republic status in 1992. The country observed a parliamentary democracy and vice president are elected by National Assembly for year terms. Currently, the president of Mauritius is Ameenah Gurib , she is actually one of the few female presidents in Africa. The PM is appointed by the president and is majorly responsible to the National Assembly.

10. Ireland - 8.56

Ireland is the representative democratic republic and a member state of the European Union. The country has improved score for political culture, participation and functioning of the government. According to the sources, the country is the third most democratic country in the EU. Ireland has been unaffected by a democracy recession that took place across the US and Western Europe. (17.3)


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