10 Amazing Pools From Around the World You Wish You Could Dive In!

Need to cool off? Take a dive in swimming pools with private cabanas, awesome rooftop views and more. Scroll below and know the amazing swimming pools from around the world here.

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10 Amazing Pools From Around the World You Wish You Could Dive In!

When the heat gets unbearable, diving into the swimming pool is what everyone wants. With a cluster of pools popping up everywhere, the only thing we can do is wearing our swimming costumes and relaxing in the warm waters of the best pools around.

It may not be summer at the place where you are but taking a dip in the swimming pool always sounds FUN. While some travelers prefer to spend time on the beach, others have a soft corner for the swimming pool. But everyone wants an astonishing view.

Blending the natural and man-made feel, the pools seem to melt everyone’s hearts with their pristine color and stunning views of towering mountains and greenery. Luxury resorts know how the stretch of water with an incredible view attracts the guests looking for a vacation.

From Bali to Singapore and Australia to Chile, we have some spectacular and the most amazing swimming pools for the vacation. Go and take a plunge!

1. Gold Energy Pool – St. Regis in Lhasa Tibet

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If you love diving in the swimming pool, you will surely be amazed after knowing that you have a chance to dive into the glittering gold-tiled pool. Do you know that in 1983 when Spandau Ballet (English band) declared ‘You are GOLD,’ they were referring to the 5-star St. Regis Lhasa Resort Gold Energy Pool in Tibet?

For a $300 per night, the resort offers breathtaking views of the lake and the Himalaya Palace with access to Gold Energy Pool that has gold plated tiles surrounding the pool. The water is warmed up to a comforting temperature at 28-32 degrees Celsius.

Sounds interesting! So when are you planning to visit this incredible place?

2. The Cambrian Hotel Pool, Adelboden

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Nestled deep in the valley in the Adelboden, the hotel offers one of the most spectacular landscapes of the world. An outdoor thermal pool of Cambrian Hotel appears as if it is flowing straight into the soaring mountains. It offers modern design with innovative use of local materials, some of Switzerland’s best ski slopes, hiking trails and more. If you are ready to splurge $216 per night and want to dive into this beautiful top pool, then head to the Adelboden.

3. The San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool, Algarrobo

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San Alfonso del Mar, a private resort in Algarrobo, Chile holds the Guinness Book Of World Records for the largest pool in the world by area. The pool in the resort covers 1013 m, 20 acres and 66 million US gallons of seawater with a depth of 3.5 m.

Just imagine one km of seawater stretched along the white sand beach and you are in the middle capturing exotic views of the city. It is so large that you can easily sail down it in a boat. If you would choose to stay in the resort, then you would surely ask yourself – should I relax and enjoy in this world’s largest swimming pool or should I hit the ocean waves?

4. Nemo 33 Pool, Belgium

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You might have swum in the pools with a maximum depth of 25-30 ft. But what if I say there is a swimming pool in the Belgium which is 113 ft deep? Sounds interesting right!

Nemo 33 pool in Brussels, Belgium is considered the deepest swimming pool in the world. It contains nearly 2,500,000 liters of non-chlorinated and filtered spring water and holds underwater caves at the 33ft depth level. The water here is maintained at 86 degree Fahrenheit by a solar heater. Due to the warm temperature, the divers can dive for longer periods without a dry suit.

If this world’s deepest pool excites you a bit, take your first diving lesson at 61$ euros. Just dive into it and later enjoy some delicious Thai food at the restaurant. It also offers swimwear store, restaurant, and rooms for several water activities. Popular Mechanics (magazine of popular science and technology) rates Nemo 33 as one of the strangest pools in the world.

5. The Red Pool at Library Resort, Thailand

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This incredible swimming pool at Koh Samui in Thailand tiled with yellow, orange and red creates a breathtaking spectacle of dazzling colors and unique style. If you are bored of swimming in the regular blue pool, spend only $320 per night and splash in the vibrant red pool.

When you are done with the swimming, taste some delicious fusion of international dishes and premium wine. Not only this, but the beautiful resort also offers 1400 books to borrow, a spa center and choice of pool villas with premium amenities and several technologies.

6. The Beautiful Pool at Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas

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If you are a true adrenaline junkie, then you will love diving in this pool next to the sharks. The Golden Nugget Hotel offers one of the most beautiful pools in the world. The swimming pool features a three-story water slide that takes riders through a huge shark tank. Known as The Tank, the pool is home to over 300 marine animals including shark and other deadliest creatures.

If you are scared and don’t want to spend time with sharks, you can enjoy watching these sea creatures from the hotel’s restaurant. It also offers BTS (behind the scenes) of the aquarium where the staff shows how these animals are fed and cared.

Watch the View of the Tank Here

Source – "8-Bit Bryan"

7. The Lit Pool at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore

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Located in the heart of the Orchard Road, the swimming pool at the fifth level of the hotel excites you to wear on bikinis and bliss out. Dive into this one of the best Singapore pools after shopping. If you are a night person, take a dip amongst the lights cast by the nearby beautiful ION Orchard Mall.

8. Ubud Hanging Gardens Pools, Bali

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The magnificent infinity pool at this award-winning resort appears as if it is floating above the rainforest. Overlooking the Ayung River, this luxurious Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel and Spa offers a large balcony with exotic views of the pool and the jungle.

This contemporary piece with an undulating shape was recently awarded as the best swimming pool in the world. Decks also offer a poolside gazebo where you can relax after a swim. In addition to an outdoor pool, it also features a full-service spa and semi-alfresco bars and lounge.

Ubud Hanging Garden is one of the most romantic resorts in Thailand with the choices ranging from a beautiful set up in a green forest or with a floating ceremony at the tiered pool.

9. Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, Singapore

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Imagine yourself swimming in the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool and gazing the stunning view of the city from 57 levels above. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is famous for its infinity pool that stretches 500 feet and provides astonishing views of Singapore’s skyline.

Towering over the bay, the hotel also offers a world-class casino and direct access to the Art Science Museum and premier shopping mall. Sip on champagne and experience the mesmerizing beauty of the sunset from this incredible rooftop swimming pool.

10. The Stunning Pool at Belmond Hotel Caruso, Amalfi Coast

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Belmond Hotel in Caruso is located above the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea. This refurbished 11th-century palace offers you the breathtaking views of the mountains and sea, from the ellipse-shaped infinity pool.

The pristine blue water of the swimming pool acts like a clay pot on the stone tile. But what makes this infinity pool stand out from the crowd is not its stunning views but its 24*7 excellent service. The attendants of the hotel pamper the guest to the max and can be called anytime for fancy drinks or for changing the music.

Concluding Thoughts

So these were the most amazing places from around the world you could plan for your next vacay. Whether you are looking to escape from the buzzing crowd or simply searching for the next getaway, these beautiful pools are the perfect solution to your every pain.

The only thing better than spending quality time with family is a vacation at the places with beautiful swimming pools. Hidden in a cave or extending into the mountains, these spectacular swimming pools are what every traveler dreams are made of.

Which one is your favorite swimming pool? Drop your comments below.


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