10 Amazing and Quirky Facts About Japan You Probably Don’t Know

Japan has a population of 125 million and is full of breathtaking mountains, royal palaces, and thousands of temples. Let’s know some rare facts about Japan here.

5 years ago
10 Amazing and Quirky Facts About Japan You Probably Don’t Know

Japan, as is believed, is the first country to see the sunrise in the morning. It is a land full of surprises at every corner. Be it a man-made disaster or a natural calamity, Japan has it all. Its amazing culture, scrumptious food and technological edge have inspired the world. However, some of the country’s customs and rituals have been misunderstood by many.

Japan is truly beautiful and unique in its own way. And if you are planning to travel to Japan, make a plan of at least 3-4 weeks to experience the Japanese culture to the fullest. While you might be aware that Japan is a high-tech country, you might not know that there are 4 types of writing systems in Japan. Check out more facts about Japan here.

1. Raw Horse Meat is the Most Common Food in Japan

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Raw horse meat or basashi is the most served food in Japanese restaurants. It is not a recent trend. In fact, eating basashi has been practiced by Japanese people since many decades. Raw horse meat is healthier than beef and is less prone to E.coli contamination. It is also said that eating basashi may extend your life. A shocking fact about Ancient Japan is that it was banned around mid 17the century.

2. World’s Craziest Vending Machines

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On your way to Japan locals and streets, you can easily notice vending machines at every corner. Over the years, these vending machines have been evolved greatly from convenient to weird. It is common to see vending machines selling bags of rice or flowers. If this didn’t amuse you, they also see porn magazines and condoms.

3. Japan Has A Colorful Culture With Highest Number of Suicides

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When Japan is considered as the country with successful people all over but you might not know that it also has the highest suicide rates. More than 40000 Japanese kill themselves every year. The sad news is that many people commit suicide due to unemployment. Also called Suicide Forest,  Aokigahara forest of Japan happens to be the second most popular suicide destination in the world.

4. All The Family Members Use Same Water For Bathing

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If the above facts about Japan didn’t surprise you, then this surely will. Japanese people believe that bathing is not only about cleaning the body, it is rather a great way to relax the spirit and mind. Japanese families use the same water for bathing and the rule is followed. First, the father takes bath then it is followed by mother and children. They clean their bodies outside the bathtub, rinse it thoroughly and then enter the tub to enjoy the relaxation that water brings.

5. Not Kids But Male Adult Adoption is Common

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While couple adopt babies for different reasons such as companionship or infertility is common in western countries, Japan’s case is quite different. Japanese people prefer adopting fully grown men. They are adopted so they can inherit the family’s business. What’s more surprising is that even a family has male candidates for inheritance and father sees that they are not suitable for running his business, then he might consider adopting one of the highly competent executives.

6. Japanese Are Very Open Minded In Talking About Sex

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Talking openly about sex is considered as taboo in many countries but Japan treats sex as an ordinary part of life. For instance, hentai mangas and animes demonstrate intercourse between human and even tentacles. Hentai can easily be purchased from bookstores throughout the country.

Besides this, they have also invented other stuff like Nyotaimori in which sushi is served on top of woman’s body (naked).

7. Japan Experiences More than 1500 Earthquakes Every Year

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Japan is beautiful but also deadly in many ways. It not only has the highest suicide rate but it is also the favorite country of earthquakes. According to the stats, Japan experiences more than 1500 earthquakes every year. The geographic location of the country is the primary reason for this natural calamity. Japan is located on the top of massive tectonic plates. Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 with the magnitude of 7.9 killed over 140,000 Japanese residents.

8. Japan Has Capsule Hotels

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And when you plan to book hotels with spacious bedroom, beautiful bathrooms and eye-catching views, Japan offers the rooms of size 1.20 meters high and 2 square meters for tourists who don’t want to spend more on lavish hotels. It is basically intended to provide a basic accommodation overnight at cheap prices. If you are really wondering how one could stay in just 2 square meters, why not give a try?

9. They Celebrate Both Penis and Female Fertility

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When different parts of the world celebrate Christmas, Independence Day and other festivals, Japanese citizens organize a festival called ‘The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri’ to celebrate both female and male fertility. The festival is held each spring in Kawasaki Japan. The festival initially started in 1969. Today, it has become a tourist attraction and is used to make money for HIV research.

10. Japanese Girls Love Crooked Teeth

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We usually feel terrible having crooked teeth and go to the dentist to make our teeth look normal to get that beautiful smile back on face. But this bizarre thing is considered beautiful in Japan. Girls with crooked teeth are considered beautiful in Japan. The most interesting fact is that many girls ruin their original smile and visit the dentist to get crooked teeth just to hear ‘beautiful’. it is one of the most ludicrous ways to spend your money in Japan.


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