10 Amazing Art Pieces That Are Crafted Simply By Piling Logs

Obviously, you have seen the breathtaking art pieces designed by some master of arts. Art and beauty are everywhere; the only t...

7 years ago
10 Amazing Art Pieces That Are Crafted Simply By Piling Logs

Obviously, you have seen the breathtaking art pieces designed by some master of arts. Art and beauty are everywhere; the only thing we need is to discover them. Decorating the space by broken glass piece, metals and paintings have now become a common norm. But have you seen any art piece in the form of log?  

Yes, piling logs can be a form of art. It sounds absurd but when the design by the logs come into a final stage, it gives a stunning look to space. There are even some art galleries that have showcased the varieties of the logs in different colors and have showcased the amazing log arts. 

The final touch of the art totally depends on the size and color of the log and the type of the wood that we use. 

Turning a trash into treasure is quite common, but it carries a great message. The contemporary art may aware about recycling.  So, why not to turn something into an art that have been left useless. 

It is incredible to think turning anything into an art, but arranging huge piles of logs into a beautiful picture is a serious artwork. Unfortunately, these beautiful arts gradually disappear in the winter months. Here is the work created by artists that have been ranked at the top 10 list of Stillunfold. Drop your comments below if these works have inspired you to create your own log masterpiece? 

These artists have brought thrown away wood back to nature, by piling logs together using different shades, textures and shades. 

Amazing Log Pieces that are Turned into Massive Sculptures

1. The Leaf Like Tree

Source = Netdna-ssl

Wow! What an incredible piece of art it is. The logs are cleverly collected and designed back into a tree form.  It is such an appealing way to reconstruct the thing they came from!

2. The Scene with an owl

Source = Netdna-ssl

Well, it seems that this piece took a long time to plan and put together. The different types of wood are cut in different shapes and then crafted with minute details. The moon in the right seems glowing. The different shapes of wood are clinged together in a beautiful way.

3. And the Wood Igloo!!

Source = Netdna-ssl

Sounds strange? While this design is more basic than any innovation but it is sure that it is no less interesting than the other ones. It might be practical to use in the winter, but unfortunately it will be vanish in winter days. Wondering how did they get this woodpile so accurately round? A great accumulation of logs strung together to form an igloo looks amazing anywhere. What you think?

4. The Log Spiral

Source = Netdna-ssl

Wow! That’s look so interesting! Seeing so many logs arrange to create a spiral is really amazing. The flow of the water travelling along the wood and that ripple of the water sounds cool at night.

5. Cute Pig

Source = Mlv-cdn

Have you ever thought that the log piles have enough potential to become something so artistic and eye watching? That cute piggy can be crafted anywhere to grace the area.

6. Abstract Stack

Source = Mlv-cdn

Can you imagine how much time and the amount of work did the artists utilized to create this masterpiece? Although each pile is temporary but this is worth capturing. Sadly, each pile would be disassembled when there is need of logs for fireplaces.

7. A Beautiful Lane of the Colored Logs

Source = Netdna-cdn

Beautiful it is! The base of the log is colored with myriads of shades, and is arranged in a way to form a road. Don’t know how this type of creativity comes into the mind. But absolutely it is a masterpiece.

8. A Gleaming Firewood Tower

Source = Boredomtherapy

It is really impressive! See how beautifully the logs are piled together to create a firewood tower, and the lightings from inside is adding another charm to the design. Obviously, it needs an unbelievable amount of skill and time to create such masterpiece.

9. Wood Stack

Source = Netdna-ssl

This fascinating masterpiece must have taken a long time and deep creativity. Who could think of using the logs into decorative manner while creating a wood house and wheels with the shaded logs?

10. The Exact Depiction of King and Queen of Norway

Source = Boredomtherapy

Now, that is called as a masterpiece – that’s a frightening and accurate depiction of the Norway King and Queen. Although, this will also be demolished in the winters till then you can enjoy clicking pictures over here.


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