What Is Doppelganger And Its Various Theories?

People who haven’t experienced doppelganger’s theory in reality may not believe in it. But there are some real-life incidents and mythologies which will compel you believe in them.

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What Is Doppelganger And Its Various Theories?

Doppelganger is nothing but a look-alike of a living person. They are considered to be a sinner who bring bad luck for the person. They are portrayed as a ghost involved in paranormal activities. According to some theories and traditions, a doppelganger is an evil twin. It is also known as a twin stranger.

Where Does The Term ‘Doppelganger’ Come From?

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Some people believe that doppelganger can only be seen by the person who is impersonated, while others say that they can be visible to anyone. This phenomenon was not named until the 18th century when Jean-Paul, a German romance novelist used it in his novel ‘Siebenkas’.

Significance Of The Word ‘Doppelganger’

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The word ‘doppel’ means double whereas ‘ganger’ means walker i.e. Double Walker. Sometimes, doppelganger is also considered as the self-ego of a person which makes him or her do anything.

When the spirit of the body separates from the original person, it manifests in the body which looks exactly the same as the original one.


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It is the psychic ability of a person to project one’s own image on the second location. This body is indistinguishable from the real one and has the ability to interact with other people just as the real one.

Doppelgangers Are Evil Twins

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In some incidents, it has been observed that the double of the person appears and does things which a normal person would not even think to do. The activities done are evil in nature. They are considered it to be a demon who appear in one's life either to harm or to destroy the person’s life completely.

Is Doppelganger A Ghost Or A Spirit?

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According to some people, they are certain kind of spirits or ghosts who can make their presence felt by appearing in the form they choose. Although it is difficult to take a human form, some demons and angels have abilities to live in a human body for a short period of time. Some demons have powers to take any human form; therefore, it may be another plausible doppelganger’s theory.

Doppelganger Is An Omen Of Your Own Death

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It is believed that if a person sees his own doppelganger, then it will bring a series of bad events and occurrences and can even take away his life. While others believe that they are a messenger of events that are going to happen in future with or without the sightings of doppelgangers.

Doppelganger Has No Soul

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According to a folklore, it is believed that doppelganger does not have shadow or reflection. Thus, it is said that doppelganger has no soul. Many incidents and occurrences are tied to folklore's belief and thus it is difficult to reach accurate facts regarding supernatural activities.

A Theory From Norse Mythology

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According to Norse mythology, doppelgangers take the place of the original person and try to mimic his voice, footsteps or other things. It is not necessary that these beings are harmful but there is possibility which can create confusion in the minds of a witness when the actual person arrives.

Legends From Orkney Island

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According to Orkney island legends, the small fairy-like creatures ‘trows’ that give birth to sticky babies ‘changelings’ were so notorious they replaced themselves with the human babies and replicated their qualities in themselves. These babies die at young age because of the demonic obsessions.

Cherokee Legends

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According to these legends, there are some spirits known as ‘Nunnehi’ which have the ability to impersonate themselves as living humans. They even take the name of the living creatures. It is said that offending them can take away the lives of the people.

Doppelganger Is Because Of A Delusional Disorder

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In a 2006 research, the scientists from Switzerland found  that patients who left their temporoparietal lobe made them feel and sense their double. According to the scientists, this area of the brain retains the self-image of a person. Any disturbance to the left side of the brain can cause the person to see double of their own. Scientists even think that person see their double because of the delusional disorders or schizophrenia.


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Doppelganger phenomenon is rare and victims do not come to know about it until it is too late.


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