These 10 Viral Music Videos of 2018 are the New Choice of Millennials

Artists like Drake and Kali Uchis have given us amazing music videos to groove on. Take a look at the viral music videos of 2018 so far.

5 years ago
These 10 Viral Music Videos of 2018 are the New Choice of Millennials

Music videos are still the most powerful way to make an entry to the entertainment world. Artists are creating music videos to promote themselves and to add valuable content on Youtube. What we see in any video is just a part of the story, but do you know how much time it requires to create any video?

It takes months to create a powerful music video, and also it involves a range of video-making techniques like live action, animation, non-narrative approaches and different styles of music to make any video viral.

While the song like ‘Forever Rain’ has made us understand the meaning of life, PYNK appreciated the vagina. Sometimes when the lyrics of the song describe our broken heart, others make us dance with their blockbuster music.

Be it a prank, eye roll of a beautiful Chinese reporter or a music video, viral videos today are doing the rounds on the internet and encouraging everyone to show their talent to the world. Coming back to the viral music videos right from Drake to Daddy Yankee, several music artists have given us the tracks that deep down touched our soul.

Check out the music videos that went viral in 2018. We might have selected your favorite singer song in our top 10 list.

10 Best Viral Music Videos of 2018

1. The Carters - Apeshit

Source = Ytimg

Release date – 16th June 2018

Apeshit by popular American musical duo the Carters received eight nominations at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and a Grammy nomination for Best Music video. The 6 minutes video features ad-libs by Quavo and offset from the hip-hop trio migos. The choreography and direction by Sidi Larbi, Ricky Saiz, and Cherkaoui attracted the millions in 2018. The carters’ last two projects released were unique in their way, but Apeshit is one-stand-alone music that shows their career-defining statement.

In Apeshit, the Carters present themselves as a royal family – one that’s not ruled by the male head, but by two equal partners.  The video reveals the empty halls at the Louvre (Paris) and the pair posing in front of the masterpiece the Mona Lisa. Throughout the video, American rapper Jay Z and Beyonce take inspiration from the grace of women. Have you watched this viral video? If not, check out the video below.

Source - "Beyoncé"

2. Drakes – God’s Plan

Source = Baeblemusic

Release date – 19th January 2018

God’s Plan recorded by Canadian musician Drake, written by Ronald LaTour, Matthew Samuels, Aubrey Graham, and Noah Shebib received five nominations at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and three nominations at the 61st Grammy Awards for Song of the Year, Best Rap Song and Record of the Year. Drakes – God’s Plan became the 29th song in history to debut at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. He created the music with Fruit Loops and some VSTs. The song won the Best Rap Song at Grammy 2019.

This single topped the charts in several countries including Canada and the UK. What’s amazing is the video went viral and broke first-day streaming records on both Spotify and Apple Music. This viral song was released alongside Diplomatic Immunity and made available for streaming by Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records on 19th January 2018. After the release, Drake gave away $1,000,000 worth of gifts, and memes began to spread on Twitter as random acts of kindness.

Source – "Drake"

3. Janelle Monáe – PYNK

Source = Pitchfork

Release Date - 10th April 2018

PYNK is a popular song recorded by songwriter and an American singer Janelle Monáe for her third studio album ‘Dirty Computer.’ The singer describes the song as self-love, a celebration of love and pink as the color that unites all of humanity. The music video was directed by Emma Westenberg and features actress Tessa Thompson, a collaborator of Monáe's. The video plots Thompson and Monae along with other women partying while expressing appreciation for the vagina. PYNK was nominated for Video with a Message at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

source – "Janelle Monáe"S

4. MGMT – Me and Michael

Source = Projectrevolver

Release Date – 7th February 2018

MGMT – Me and Michael is one of the best music videos released so far. The song by American rock band MGMT has been viewed over 3.8 million times through their official Vevo account on Youtube. The music video was directed by Joey Frank and Randy Lee Maitland and was released in February 2018. The song was an ode to friendship and a reminder that even the strongest bonds can break. The band once revealed that initially, ‘Me and my Girl’ was the title of the song, but they found it boring and later decided to change it into ‘Me and Michael.’

Source – "mgmtmusic"

5. TooTimeTooTimeTooTime

Source = Wp

Release Date – 15th August 2018

TooTimeTooTimeTooTime by the popular rock band ‘The 1975’ debuted on Spotify on 15th August 2018. The music video features singer Matty Healy and fans of the band synchronizing the lyrics against colorful backdrops. Popular journals like DIY magazine and NME gave a positive review for the song calling it as romantic, catchiest chorus ever heard and cocky at the same time. While most of the fans find the lyrics interesting, others find it vague. The song ranked at 26 on the UK Singles chart. The 1975’s “Notes on a Conditional Form” album is all set to release in May 2019.

Source – "The 1975"

6. Daddy Yankee – Dura

Source = Telemundo

Release Date – 18th January 2018

A single by Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee was one of the most viewed youtube videos of 2018. Directed by Carlos Perez and filmed in Los Angeles, the video was described as an uptempo reggaeton with a mix of reggae genre. Millions of people, from children to models and old people found the song refreshing and soothing. Daddy Yankee received his first Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song at the 19th Latin Grammy Awards.

According to him, the track is an amusing song which includes old school sounds that flow with the musical influence. He also stated that the song “harks back to the rhythm and nostalgia for music of the late 1980s and early 1990s, that essence of reggae that inspired reggaeton.”

Soon after the song release, he initiated a campaign on Instagram as #DuraChallenge promoting and encouraging his fans to dance on the track. His challenge inspired over 80,000 Instagram videos starred by children, models, and aspiring dancers.

source – "Daddy Yankee"

7. Reik – Me Niego

Source = Clubbermedia

Release Date – 16th February 2018

Popular Mexican pop-rock trio Reik single Me Niego proves that true love never dies. This popular track featured urban Latin sensation Wisin and Ozuna and was shot throughout the locations in Miami. The plot of the video tells the story of unrequited love and the determination of not giving up. The lyrics of the song describes how blindly in love these guys are.

It's difficult to open my eyes and no longer see you

Your scent on the bed is still intact

I've looked for you in my dreams, desiring to have you

And I don't find your face despite my efforts.

As soon as the video was released, it attracted the millions of people of all ages and topped the charts in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. The lead singer Jesus Navarro stated that as "as Pop artists, we should learn from Urban singers, they're always helping each other, without envy or anything like that." His fellow member Gilberto Marin also stated-

“Sometimes, experimenting with different things and styles will take us away from what people would expect from us, what Reik usually does, but at the same time it defines that our sound is more universal."

source – "Reik"

8. RM – Forever Pain

Source = Twimg

Released Date – 22nd October 2018

Forever Pain is listed as one of the top viewed youtube videos in 2018. The lyrics are penned beautifully and describes that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning how to enjoy the rain. Everyone has a different perception about life, but one should understand that the sun also appears after the rain. Similarly, life has ups and downs and the time is not still. If there are good days, there will be bad days too, both light and dark walk hand in hand. So be determined towards your goal and work harder.

This four-and-a-half minute video explains life beautifully and encourages everyone to stay positive in any situation. If you are also struggling in your life, you must watch this popular track Forever Pain.

Source –"ibighit"

9. After the Storm

Source = Vox-cdn

Release Date -12th January 2018

“After the Storm” by Colombian-American singer “Kali Uchis” features a guest verse from American rapper Tyler, and an American singer Bootsy Collins. Since 2010, Kali Uchis has been a popular name alongside Snoop Dogg and Miguel. The track ‘After the Storm’ was released in January 2018, and the singer indicated that she would be coming with more songs in 2018.

The track was written by Kali Uchis, Leland Whitty and was produced by BadBadNotGood (instrumental music group from Ontario). She once stated in an interview in 2015, how eagerly she is waiting to collaborate with Bootsy Collins. She even followed him on Twitter, but he didn’t follow her back.

Finally, the two collaborated in 2018 and came up with the track ‘After the Storm’ which went viral in a few days after the release.

Source – "Kali Uchis"

10. Tyler, The Creator - Okra

Source = Amazonaws

Release Date – 29th March 2018

The list of viral music videos of 2018 couldn’t be complete without mentioning the track ‘Okra’ by American hip-hop artist Tyler, the Creator. Written and produced by Tyler, the Creator, the song garnered everyone attention for its sudden release and a lyrical reference to Timothée Chalamet.

In lyrics, he talked about the several pop culture figures and also mentioned the separation of Odd Future. The song was released with no promotion and gave surprise to the audience. Tyler referred the track as ‘throwaway song’ and also said that he would promote the song only for five days and then continue to live a normal life. The song lasts for only 2:31 minutes and has been described as a ‘mostly bass and snare with flashes of piano and strings’ by Pitchfork’s (American Online Magazine).

The song became a hit and even described as one of the best music videos of 2018. Okra charted on Billboards Digital Songs at number 48 and debuted at number 70 in the issue dated 14th April 2018.

source – "Tyler, the Creator"

Concluding Thoughts 

There are still several music videos missing in the list which went viral in 2018. Kudos to the team who put so much effort into making a video for us and accepts the negative comments. If you don’t find these viral music videos of 2018 interesting, here are some best Taylor Swift's songs to make you recall your school days.

Tell us out of these viral music videos, which one is your favorite. Drop your comments below and let us know if we missed out your favorite artists’ song which received a positive response from the audience.


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