Rare And Beautiful Sunstone Which Can Change Your Life

The Sunstone belongs to the feldspar family which produces bright metallic flashes making it attractive and most beautiful sparkling gemstones though it is extremely rare.

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Rare And Beautiful Sunstone Which Can Change Your Life

Sunstone is a gem which is formed by the tectosilicate minerals known as plagioclase feldspar. The gemstone when is viewed from certain directions it exhibits an optical reflection in all the directions. The sparkling light which is emitted from the stone makes it an attractive piece. Sunstones are present in a variety of colors which includes red, orange and golden.

Here are a list of energies which make these stones a beneficial for everyone :

1) Magical Stone

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Sunstone is a powerful stone which has the ability to bring joy and positive vibes in life. As the name applies, this stone has a strong solar energy and they encompass strength, warmth, and openness of the sun within itself. It is used in crystal energy works so as to remove the phobias of all kind.

2) Leadership Stone

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It is also known as the leadership stone which inculcates leadership qualities in the person who wears it. This stone also helps to reduce stress and depression.

3) Good Luck Stone

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Sunstone is said to bring an abundance of good luck to the person wears it. As it has the potential to convert the negative energies and thoughts into positive ones. It gives an enthusiasm to the person and gives them a positive way to look at life.

4) Healing Stone

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The sunstone is said to be a healing stone as its energy helps in healing depression, phobias, stress related illness, physical energy, general health, sexual dysfunction and many more diseases.

5) Truth Detector Stone

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The stone is also known for having the ability to find out the truth of the person. Usually, it is used in the business where people detect whether the person whom you're dealing with is speaking the truth or is saying a lie.

Where is it found?

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The sunstone is mainly found in Sweden, Norway, Greece, Russia India, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China, Sri Lanka Southern Norway and many other localities of United States.

Physical Properties

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The optical effect appears due to a presence of red copper inside it in the form of hexagonal or rhombic shape.The stone gives an appearance of aventurine, therefore, it is sometimes known as aventurine feldspar. The middle part of the crystal is the darkest and the color reduces and becomes light towards the outer edges.

Different types of Sunstone which are available in the world and is known for its magnificent beauty and rare lattices. Here are some of them:

1. Oregon Sunstone

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A variety known as Oregon sunstone is found in Harney County and eastern lake county. The Oregon crystals embody copper crystals in it. They are generally seen to be three inches wide. It is observed that the more proportion of copper inside the stone, the darker is the complexion otherwise the color will be light.

2. Golden Sunstone

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The golden sunstone brings enthusiasm, power, success, and happiness to the people who are born in mid summer months between 22 July to 21 August. The golden sunstone is unique and the most beautiful gemstone unlike any other in the world. Despite it is rarely found still it can be surprisingly affordable. It has a deep yellow golden straw having a yellow hue.

3. Rainbow Sunstone

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It was first discovered by Darren Arthur in 1985. It is a unique type of feldspar which is predominantly known as moonstone as it contains 75% of Orthoclase and 25% Albite. The crystal has different color lattice which shows rainbow hues in it. The stone has a combination of some constituents such as copper, hematite, ilmenite in it.

Sunstone Jewellery In Fashion

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With an exposure of the Oregon sunstone, the market the popularity of sunstones have increased many folds. The people are preferring to wear these stones in bracelets, pendant, rings and much more.

People purchase these stones as it fulfills the desire of the person as well as help in the spiritual and emotional growth. On the other hand, some have a habit of collecting different precious stones to look more attractive and beautiful. Thus it has created its own path in the challenging market of the gemstones. The people are searching and purchasing these stones for their betterment.

It is one of the most special fashion accessories used by the people all over the world. (18.1)

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After reading the benefits of Sunstones you might be thinking of purchasing a precious sunstone for filling your life with a new desire as well as enhancing the beauty of oneself by wearing them. Thus go and purchase a sunstone of your own choice.


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