People Come Up With Brilliant Alternatives as Plastic Bags Get Banned in Thailand

With the beginning of 2020, Thailand has decided to ban the single-use plastics in their stores. People have come up with alternative ideas and are supporting the Government of Thailand.

4 years ago
People Come Up With Brilliant Alternatives as Plastic Bags Get Banned in Thailand

You might have heard or read everywhere that we should not use PLASTICS. But do you know- why is this so? The use of plastic has increased significantly in the recent past. It is easy to use and also cheaper than other products. They do not corrode or rust, but using plastics has certain drawbacks. When plastic is burned, it produces smoke and toxic gas. Also, the dumping of plastics in the ground hinders the growth of plants as they do not get an adequate amount of soil and water.

Everyone knows that using plastic is not good for the environment. Still, people use it. But the government of Thailand at the beginning of 2020 has decided to fight against environmental problems and to banned the use of single plastic bags. Several stores and malls in Thailand have banned the use of plastic bags.

The campaign by the government and retailers have brought Thailand closer in an attempt to reduce waste and to ban plastic completely by 2021. What’s interesting is how the shoppers are adapting to this change.

Earlier Every Individual in Thailand Used Around 7-8 Plastic Bags Everyday

Source = Papermart

Before the ban, it was recorded that individuals in Thailand used 7-8 plastic bags every day. The government aimed to reduce over 13 billion plastic bags that are given to shoppers. This number is about 30% of plastic bags used in Thailand annually.

Although re-usable plastics are still available in the market at a fair price, people are going creative and using buckets, ceramic pots, and a suitcase to carry things.

Several Animals Were Found Dead With Plastic in Their Digestive System

Source = Gstatic

People are supporting this cause, as several animals were found dead after they ate plastic products. Last year, deer and baby dugong died. It was reported that plastic was found in their digestive system.

You would be shocked to know that earlier, Thailand was ranked sixth among the world’s top countries that dump waste into the sea. The surprising news is people are supporting the ban, and the country has come in 10th place. According to reports, the country has reduced the use of plastic products and especially bags by 2 billion. This is motivating people to refuse plastic bags.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, the country is responsible for half of all plastics that are found in oceans in Southeast Aisa.

It Started With One Tweet Which Soon Went Viral

It was noted that when people went to the supermarket, they carried suitcases, food storage nets, and other things to carry groceries. On 5th Jan 2020, one tweet that showcased this major plastic ban went viral. Since then, people have stopped the use of plastic bags.

Several photos were captured and were posted on the internet to show how people find creative ideas to reduce plastic pollution. After the ban, Thai shoppers also put suggestions as alternatives to plastic bags. From baskets to vases, everything was suggested to bring when you are going out for shopping.

Source = Boredpanda

Source = Thebestsocial

Source = Thebestsocial

And the innovation continues!

This is epic!

How are People in Other Parts of the World Restricting the Use of Plastics?

Plastic pollution sucks! Plastics are harmful to the environment and a great threat to animal life. Therefore, everyone is putting his/her efforts in reducing the consumption of plastics. Besides Thailand, people around the world are promoting this cause in several ways.

Two students, Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang, have developed a bacterium that would convert plastics into useful compounds. A school in India accepts plastic as the school fee from students.

Final Words

What do you think this ban is necessary? I think plastic bags are gone for good reasons. Also, if you have plastic bottles at home, do not trash them; instead, use them to create useful things at home.

So, if you are planning to travel to Thailand, make sure that you carry a suitcase and other objects to buy things from the supermarket. Everyone should take a cue from these people to stop plastic bags and to use other objects. Cloth bags are the best alternative and are available everywhere around the city. I think it is an excellent New Year Gift to Thailand.

While most people are supporting the plastic ban, small and medium-sized companies are finding this initiative not good for them. They couldn’t adjust to this campaign and also couldn’t afford to buy new machines to produce environment-friendly products.

Do you like their concept? Do you have other alternatives that could be used and shared? If so, then drop your comments below.


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