Is Your Loved One Suffering from Depression? Find That Out Based on These 8 Signs!

Be alert! Maybe your loved one is facing some serious isolation issues. Well, most of us don’t even realize the signs of isolation, sadness and hopelessness. In order to create awareness, we have shared 8 signs of “DEPRESSION” in this article.

6 years ago
Is Your Loved One Suffering from Depression? Find That Out Based on These 8 Signs!

No wonder, life is a blend of some sweet moments and some downhearted events.  It's all about few ups and downs All days are not same, you might feel low at times and sometimes you’ll feel really good about yourself.

Well, this scenario is based on conventional people. But for those who are suffering from depression, it’s more than just feelings of temporary sadness. For few people, some memories are unforgettable and some bonds are unbreakable even if they are not worth.

Do you ever feel like that your closed one is feeling extremely low? Or is there is something that is constantly haunting them? Are they just trying to escape from everyone and ending up playing silly tricks like hide and seek games?

Sadly, that feeling is depression. Yes, depression is neither imagination nor just a feeling, it is an awful event and a real disease that can affect any individual.

Depression is when someone feels intense sadness and isolation which may last for days, weeks, or maybe years. Please don’t ever avoid this as it is one of the worst diseases in the world that can cause emotional harm to your loved ones.

Here’s a list of some signs that indicate that a person might be suffering from depression.

1) Losing Interests from Their Hobbies

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There is an intense connection between the hobby and a person. When you notice that your closed one is suddenly turning away from their hobbies and is avoiding all the pleasurable things they used to love, then you should be concerned about this situation. They will not say a single word to anyone and it is you who has to understand their silence and push them in their hobbies again in order to help them get out of all the worries and pain.

2) Sleeping Issues

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Sleeping issue is another important factor that can help you determine if a person is going through depression. Depression, stress and overthinking can cause a serious sleep disorder. A person who is facing intense depression actually fights with their deep thoughts and feelings especially during bedtime, which is really very painful. In some cases, the person can even face the problem of insomnia.

3) Anger & Frustration Issues

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People hardly know that annoyance and frequent anger issues are the indications of intense depression. Yes, constant frustration is also a symptom of depression often noticed in children and teenagers. A person who is suffering from depression is not able to control his/her thoughts. If you notice your closed one getting angry over small things, then you should do something about it.

4) Taking Long Shower

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Restroom or shower room is probably one of the best places for a depressed person to outburst their emotions and cry. Yes! If your loved one is taking a long time in the shower room and comes out of it with red and swollen eyes, then it is a matter of concern. Talk to them, hug them and make them feel that they are not alone, maybe their pain will lessen.

5) Change In Appetite

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It is really bad if your loved ones start avoiding food. But sadly, in most of the casesm people change their eating habits. Some people either gain or lose weight if they encounter depression issues. They keep thinking about a person or situation (which makes them upset) while eating which results in change of eating patterns. It is quite tough for you to recognize their eating pattern. But if you have some clues that your closed one is upset, do check out their eating habits.

6) Physically Present But Not Mentally

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They are sitting next to you, maybe you thought that they are listening to you and concentrating on your conversation. But are you sure that they are? Well, lack of concentration is a crucial sign that your loved one is facing depression issue. In that situation, a depressed person keeps sailing in his/her thoughts. Only you can help them by just talking to them and taking them in the fresh air.

7) Sluggish Behavior

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It is quite shocking to know that depression can lead to sluggish behavior. Yes, an ocean of thoughts, sleepless night, change in eating patterns and losing interest in the most pleasurable stuff often leads to sluggish attitude.

8) Not Caring About Grooming

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Neglecting self-grooming, appearance or physical well-being is an indication that a person is suffering from depression. Well, makeup and all is a completely different thing but daily grooming is very important that you can’t ignore. When your loved one ignores all these things, then it is might be a sign that they are suffering from depression.

Don’t panic! Don’t be upset! Instead, fight with depression by showering all the love to your closed ones.


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